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>>/b/327486 >>327067 >Tere baap ki Vicky uth gayi
>>/b/327485 >>327472 I for one find it very hard to believe that this guy is a KHHV. Jaat Saab Aaj aap apna poora chehra post kar hi do.
>>/rta/2515 >>2291 >What does the shiva lingam represent? It's represents ==BIG BLACK COCK== of Shiv Ji
>>/b/327484 >>327151 BROOOOOOTAL
>>/b/327483 >>327472 pajeetas don't like pajeets anymore after getting to know about white men
>>/b/327482 >>327473 I deleted it, I understood what that smellu aunty meant
>>/b/327481 >>327451 The only schools that may allow these are private ones and the average pajeet who goes there def isn't of the rapey ki
>>/b/327480 >>327477 Picrel
>>/b/327479 >>327472 I know you yourself are making these threads faggot
>>/b/327478 >>327320 They are probably better in Maths or Finance Then most Tier-2/3 Fags
>>/b/327477 >>327474 Tu hoga newfag plebbit bhangi
>>/b/327476 Bhai byjus ka owner tier 4 se ha. Aaj iit kgp / kanpur / Guwahati ka Technology partner ha. 🔥
>>/b/327475 >>327417 >>327417 bullshit! No "serious" aerospace company think or will remotely think that "lets go hire some indian enginee
>>/b/327474 >>327473 Coomer Bait Threads are still not allowed NuFag Niqqer
>>/b/327473 Harrijanny suar ke pille tune mallu randi wala. Thread delete kyu kiya
>>/b/327472 If this guy is a Kissless Virgin then there's something wrong with Lundia or him
>>/b/327471 >>327467 I have ₹200 in my Pocket I will eat Chole Bhature Today
>>/b/327470 Here is the aukaat of Core and Meme Branch Engineers.
>>/pol/64661 >>64614 GujjewJetha update the drive and add videos memes too
>>/pol/64660 >>64638 Are muddslimes chinless bastards