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[ /b//r//rta//pol//yoga//dhan//stem//sa//ent//a//man//meta/ ]

>>/b/506340 >>506288 Kitni pyaari h
>>/b/506339 >>506336 But even within a simulation it has to have a shape even if it is made just by a computer program.
>>/b/506338 How do I get rid of my cuck mindset?
>>/b/506337 >>506336 Explains why everyone around is an Npc>>506329
>>/b/506336 Earth is not real You are living in a video game There no such thing as flat or round
>>/b/506335 >>505004 I only drink water 🌊💦 🌊💦
>>/b/506334 >>506329 0%
>>/b/506333 >>506323 Brootal yaar same happened to me 1 month ago. That mofugga screamed aur anon kitna bhagega bey then had a long convo l
>>/b/506332 >>506325 मेरी माँ
>>/b/506331 >>506323 I would rather have beaten them
>>/b/506330 >>506323 Idiot, if you will keep running away problem will just get bigger and bigger.
>>/b/506329 How likely is the possibility of the Earth being flat with a dome above it?
>>/b/506328 Just drived to my office which is 9kms away in heavy city traffic on my activa in 10 minutes exactly. I almost slipped off a bu
>>/b/506327 >>505657 Based and redpill.
>>/b/506326 >>506323 Extrapolate what happened at school
>>/b/506325 >>504157 Saurce please?
>>/b/506324 >>504418 Koi saurce dega
>>/b/506323 Raste me school ka classmate dikh Gaya when I was returning from college Usko dekh ke maine ignore kar Diya aur gadi bohut tezh
>>/b/506322 >>506301 Pajeetas would rather become lesbians than having to fuck a disgusting pajeet
>>/b/506321 >>506314 He was smart enough to not give out personal info unlike other jannies but I do vaguely remember him ranting about some