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[ /b//r//rta//pol//yoga//dhan//stem//sa//ent//a//man//meta/ ]

>>/b/520985 >>520970 >low iq anons here >continues with his low iq take
>>/b/520984 >>520969 I coomed to a tranny yaaro
>>/b/520983 >>520967 Big heart and personality unironically
>>/b/520982 >>520969 >brat army officer ka beta hai gay to hoga hi
>>/b/520981 Western nations have chosen the route of western MNCs to go with pajeet heads, basically easiest to control.
>>/b/520980 This is why I'll never be understood. You're all just like my mom. Calling me a bitch and a leech. I'm just extremely emotiona
>>/b/520979 >>520676 yes
>>/b/520978 >>520960 Chad
>>/b/520977 >>520964 Kayki hasi aari teko?
>>/b/520976 >>520973 No, Sumire is a badass unlike Hinata
>>/b/520975 >>520969 Ik some pajeetas with that chest
>>/b/520974 >>520798 Literally biharis look better than blacks but everyone shit on our Biharis. I feel bad for our bihari brothers
>>/b/520973 >>520914 Isn't this just NaruHina rerun? Idk, I don't watch/read Boruto
>>/b/520972 >>520956 I live in pune yaar idk who that is found a random pic online so posted it as coombait for clicks
>>/b/520971 >>520917 5'9 is still good height in lundia. I am 5'5 it is brutal for me
>>/b/520970 >>520908 Kek. Low IQ anons all over here. Height isn't entirely genetic, probably 40% height is determined by genetics, 40% ext
>>/b/520969 >>520950 Saale chutiya mat bana. You can see his flat chest and hrtitties
>>/b/520968 >>520878 Teach me your ways muzz chad anon
>>/b/520967 >>520945 HOW?!?!?!
>>/b/520966 >>520903 I checked on google. Arjun tendulkar is 6'3 . his father is 5'5 how tf he became so tall. I don't think good nutriti