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>>/b/139833 >>139829 > > XXL – 46 I need 60
>>/b/139832 >>139829 I need Indian 6XL and American 2XL
>>/b/139831 >>139830 थोड़ी देर में मैं एक देवनागरी की थ्रेड बनाऊंगा
>>/pol/40298 >>40292 Even putin himself is in wef .You cannot work internationally without holding hands with these kikemutts .its like hala
>>/b/139830 >>139823 मैं प्रत्येक साहित्यकार से अनुरोध करता हूं कि वह देवनागरी का प्रयोग बढ़ाएं और दूसरों को भी ऐसा करने के लिए प्रोत्साहित
>>/sa/13 >>12 I am reading tamil literature and tamil history btw so that i can be good friends with puranavid.
>>/pol/40297 >>40257 >>40263 Elaborate
>>/b/139829 >>139826 बन्दर
>>/sa/12 >>2 I am reading how to become a Jannie. So far I have read the main section of toilet cleaning tech. Next chapter is taking 22
>>/sa/11 >>2 based admin boss doing the needful, it's night time so I won't post kuch भारी शिटपोस्टिंग कल जारी रहेगी
>>/b/139828 >>139736 Jee ka padhle lodu
>>/pol/40296 >>40294 Swarajya is quite RW, also I find no record or media mention where it says TATA funds IPSMF, what I did find though, on
>>/b/139827 >>139823 DOA
>>/b/139826 >>139816 they don't have XL stop spamming
>>/pol/40295 >>40291 The deal was that setalvad gets convicted, Ford Foundation apologises and shuts up, exactly this happened, some other N
>>/b/139823 /lit/fags, we finally got our board. >>>/sa/ see you all there
>>/b/139822 stop shitting up the board with your le ebin e-war fantasies and kys already fucking underage faggot
>>/b/139821 >>139815 Go to CP or Palika Bazaar
>>/b/139820 >>139817 Kek. If riot ever happens anon will the first one to Leave his area cuz "sir, mahaol kharab ho raha hai chalte hai yah