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>>/b/338339 >>337280 what did they say to each other
>>/rta/2555 >>2554 main gair angrejee nahin bol sakata
>>/pol/65790 Accha.
>>/b/338338 >>338336 Choot dikha rundi.
>>/rta/2554 Apni maa se puch chamar
>>/b/338337 >>338336 t.rabies infected bhangi Niiger kabhi rabies hogya na kutte ke kaatne se phir to tujhe bhagwaan bhi nhi bacha sakta
>>/b/338336 prevention is bette rthan cure. somebody shouldve given your father some condoms
>>/rta/2553 What would people think of a white guy going to a shik/hindi/buddhist place of worship? I have studied them and know a decent a
>>/ent/13740 >>13419 why do you guys always do this? just visit a porn site or get a girlfriend... why share with us this? Why?
>>/b/338335 >>338320 +1
>>/pol/65789 >>65742 Insane subhumans on the side of our border.
>>/b/338334 >>338328 same but i want to kill all dogs in my area and then from my whole state
>>/b/338333 >>338232 >>338232 Related
>>/pol/65788 Other castes are invaders who came into India and ruined it. This theory makes the most perfect sense. Bharat was a spirit
>>/pol/65787 >>65739 >socialism is based l will work hard for 10 hours everyday, only for the government to redistribute myy hard earned we
>>/b/338332 >>338232 😔
>>/b/338331 >>337553 Let all pajeetas being bred by BWC.
>>/b/338330 >>337696 Fair point
>>/b/338329 Have Indian IT bodyshops started layoffs?
>>/b/338328 What are some cheap ways to kill dogs? Don't say kcl I don't know where to buy it.