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>>/b/421121 >>421072 Coomed
>>/b/421120 >>421040 Hello notkayf faggot piece of shit gangbanging cock sucker, how did you like it, getting your beeeeg account banned li
>>/b/421119 >>420984 BDC
>>/pol/74257 >>74239 That's cia owned
>>/b/421118 >>421094 I hope this arrogant ganja die of stage 4 cancer and no one will be by his side and he die slowly and rotting
>>/b/421117 >>421115 Matrix buck broke him
>>/b/421116 >>421082 >Peoples actually just cuddle and sleep after orgasm. They don't even wash themselves after spraying fluids all over?
>>/b/421115 >>421094
>>/b/421114 >>421023 But he is rich
>>/b/421113 >>421105 It's good that IITs are world renowned, but meanwhile the state is absolute when it comes to other infrastructure like
>>/b/421112 Happy Married life to मेरा बाप & Sandhya Roy ****
>>/b/421111 sheep larping and calling himself based
>>/b/421110 >>421094 Bottom G moment
>>/b/421109 >>421100 We give four rooms for rent 3bhk which we give for 12kpm 1bhk which we give for 7-8kpm and a single room with attac
>>/b/421107 >>421103 Pepe lakhan ki jai
>>/b/421106 >>421040 >>421040 Lunn choos modi ka
>>/b/421105 >>421086 IIT's are great because they are owned by government, socialist education system is the only way forward to annihilate
>>/b/421104 >>421098 Cuck spotted
>>/b/421103 good morning sirs!
>>/b/421102 >>421100 Btw im that strengthanon who posted about how he had to stop gym.