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>>/b/506286 >>506281 You can easy find lot of material if you google search "keto India" but I will have to warn you that keto is not for e
>>/b/506285 >>506282 Boomer hu yaar creepshot toh bachpan mein leta tha ab motivation nahi rahi ek do aur creepshotters hai yaha hopefully
>>/b/506284 >>505053 I see thanks
>>/b/506283 >>506279 Only lungoot is. Rusty was a unabomber fanboy and Pooranvid is a vedbhangi indrafagger.
>>/b/506282 >>506278 Kabhi creepshot bhi post karte Jaa pyaare
>>/pol/81141 >>81104 Nuke East UP and Bihar and also Haryana and Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Indian SMV will grow automatically.
>>/b/506281 >>506264 Can you recommend poorfag keto? Currently >1 litre milk different intervals of time >2 eggs in the noon >2 chappat
>>/b/506280 >>506279 Maa chodo sab ki
>>/b/506279 Reminder: All three are progressive liberal southies
>>/pol/81140 >>81113 gib an estimate. 10k? 10m? Just tell me which multiple of 10 is it closest too. A kanglu on 4chan keeps saying Indi
>>/b/506278 >>504884 Bhangilore mein toh aisihi ghoomti pajeetas roadside
>>/pol/81139 >>81134 We are taking the entirety of your Shithole slit eyed monkey uptill Dharchula then going for Mansarovar and Lhasa. Hind
>>/b/506277 >>506270 Coz she's not 🚫🚫🚫
>>/b/506276 >>506224 None
>>/b/506275 >>506271 >>506271 What did they do better?
>>/b/506274 >>505136 Imagine there black and dirty pussy
>>/b/506273 >>506268 Wdym by avatars?
>>/b/506272 Pyaaaaari bumppppp
>>/b/506271 >>506268 Even the namefags were better
>>/b/506270 >>504482 Why does she looks like she's not Indian?