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>>/b/233099 >>232700 name batao name batao नाम? source? (BTW I am a coomer)? kuch to dedo 😭😭😭😭
>>/pol/53637 I think that most of the accounts are cumskins pretending to be pajeets, judging from the vocabulary they use, like jigaboo etc.
>>/ent/10707 >>10704 why do inthi people keep pointing that they're "contributing to economy" as a defence when anyone cites their behaviour
>>/b/233098 >>232831 teri maa ke gand pe bindi laga ke chodunga usse
>>/ent/10706 >>10050 RRR and Bahubali was famous because of MEMES. LOL.
>>/ent/10705 >>10704 That greentext doesn't even make sense nufag kys
>>/ent/10704 >>10696 >be bangalorian >area made shit by his own kanadigas >still find a way to shit on "hindi peoples" who contribute to t
>>/b/233097 >>232831 tujhse kisi ne pucha ? chamar nikal yaha se
>>/pol/53636 Get ready for more tamizh, marathi , kannad pride etc and secession demands.
>>/pol/53635 Suspect in deaths of California family spent almost a decade in prison .
>>/pol/53634 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The suspect in the kidnapping and killing of an 8-month-old baby, as well as her parents and uncle, had onc
>>/ent/10703 >>10689 this. maine apni aankhon se dekha hai donon ko
>>/ent/10702 >>10651 kamal hasan is a fucking bhangi convert. will never watch this movie i don't care how good it is.
>>/pol/53633 >>53596 I love my gypsy brother and sisters All indic people are my brothers and sisters
>>/pol/53632 >>53599 Share that tweet
>>/ent/10701 >>10673 Kek
>>/ent/10700 >>10354 Gods didn't even exist
>>/pol/53631 >>53623 We are kshatriyas coz we fought real and significant ppl in history no made up shit The most leftist of historians hav
>>/ent/10698 Ratings are dumb as shit and all your crappy art house shit hipsters care for are boring as hell
>>/b/233096 >>232058 sup glow(BTW I am a nigger)?