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>>/b/36319 >>36312 This. Truer words have not been uttered
>>/b/36318 >>36285 > Assuces others of pseudo sceience > Doesnt check his accusation Globally avg height is going down. Big reason is se
>>/b/36317 >>36245 This
>>/pol/13572 >>13465 Faggot thread.
>>/b/36316 >>36313 cringe pajeet also she is backward caste muslim,go for higher caste atleast.
>>/b/36315 Kash permanently ban krne ka koi option hota Under 18 walo sabko ban kro
>>/pol/13571 >>13567 Because it warms my heart. I use a bidet everyday, but I'd readily use the pages of the Holy Qur'an to wipe, if one was
>>/pol/13570 >>13563 >>13569 Thanks for informing us. We will take notes from the Jews and learn.
>>/b/36314 >>36226 Aj spicy chicken party
>>/b/36313 I want to make her the mother of my 5 Brahmin children
>>/pol/13569 >>13564 Jews know how to operate muslims hindus dont know hoe to do that. hindus failed k.p pandits and tamil tigers was a pail
>>/pol/13568 >>13559 Baaed. Also nice taste in waymen.
>>/pol/13567 >>13560 Why do you keep muslimfying the names ? How come your not giving sanskrit suffixes to those names everytime you use n
>>/b/36312 >>36310 just be born baniya
>>/b/36311 >>36303 Tradini sexts on timeline from her alt
>>/b/36310 >How to socialmaxx skillmaxx and moneymaxx
>>/b/36308 >>36274 Mere class me kuch thi. They are super chhapri, but i think that is a selling point for you. The process to get such a
>>/b/36307 >How to get out of this? You realize how pointless these bullshit is compared to problems in your life to worry about it. Bonus
>>/b/36305 >>36304 Since 2 months every other day there's a thread abt her
>>/b/36304 >>36303 she isn't, only twttertards know her