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Anon 12/28/2022 (Wed) 09:15:46 ID:0640b6 No. 1963
Post your favourite cinematic manga panels. Im new to mangas
>>1963 2nd best manga of all time.
>>1964 Based gantz enjoyer
>>1964 Looks really cool
>>1967 Will still do
(274.25 KB 1200x841 44.jpg)
(443.52 KB 1600x1131 1593706528559.png)
Read Homunculus
>>1970 Post the cumeating panel paki
(214.43 KB 763x1100 Homunculus - Volume 5 - 39.jpg)
(164.30 KB 767x1100 Homunculus - Volume 5 - 42.jpg)
(186.54 KB 767x1100 Homunculus - Volume 5 - 43.jpg)
(1.05 MB 659x1516 Nagraj aur Visarpi.png)
> But its not manga, waahh wahhh Chup deshdrohi.
(228.16 KB 1080x1408 Screenshot_20221227-000614.jpg)
(478.19 KB 1079x1661 Screenshot_20221227-000622.jpg)
Support Indian comics you anti national faggot.
>>1963 Is this the cuck thread?
(549.06 KB 1280x1808 03.jpg)
>>1963 they put cinema into my mango
>>1963 Horikoshi draws too good. Wasted himself on bnha.
>>2018 both anime and manga are waste of great animation and drawing budget.
>>2018 Me too when i somtimes look at mha panels and realise drawing is really good man but still, its mha
>>2024 grimmer and that cafe/restuarant owner are my favouritte characters
(162.67 KB 600x453 Aku-no-Hana.jpg)
>>1963 Best panel ever mainly because of how it was built up.
>>2028 Which manga?
>>2007 Based savita bhabhi fan
(297.81 KB 727x1062 img.spoilerhat.jpg)
(631.14 KB 1455x1062 img.spoilerhat.jpg)
>>1963 this panel killed me. sorry this is a spoiler (From dandadan chapter 16)
>>2045 Ive heard dandan is the best and most chaotic manga in recent times. True hai kya?
>>2046 Absolutely. Much much better than chainsoy man or jjk combined. It should've been the anime of the year but I i don't see it getting anime adaptation anytime soon.
>>2042 Sosu please rakulfag
>>2056 Houseki no Cunny. Although I'm cheating a bit by posting colored edits from tumblr.
(170.14 KB 360x346 pepe-laugh.gif)
>>2061 >cunny
>>2062 Rock hard.
>>2061 I personally prefer black and white over colored.
(255.15 KB 890x1276 201.jpg)
(48.35 KB 640x465 FJgn0Nm_d.webp)
(105.56 KB 640x467 jgiUZfk_d.webp)
>>1963 Despite the shitshow naruto is, we can understand why its so popular
(35.65 KB 640x323 oct6kQ6_d.webp)
(46.12 KB 640x412 NukhDiL_d.webp)
(192.43 KB 908x1300 011-554.png)
>>2213 >Despite the shitshow naruto Eh original naruto was good enough. Shippuden is trash though.
>>1963 I just completed the golden age arc of berserk, is the series coming to an end now ?. I don't wait left hanging for new chapters
>>2593 >completed the golden age arc Would be better if you just drop it right here. Story can stretch a lot after this arc and it's just average story but with exceptional art. And since miura is dead the new chapters will take forever to release.