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(96.55 KB 720x1280 20221103_125234.jpg)
Anon 01/13/2023 (Fri) 15:11:08 ID:73b169 No. 2416
Koi funny anime/tv show batao, bohot sadness hori hai aaj.
>>2416 Uncle from Another World Daily Lives of High School Boys Prison School Cromartie High School Highschool of Dead
>>2416 Karishma ka karishma
>>2418 Kino Kek.
(185.91 KB 1080x684 Screenshot_20230113-202315.jpg)
(246.84 KB 1080x854 Screenshot_20230113-202331.jpg)
>>2420 Hmmm, does cold approaching work in lundia?
>>2416 Ping pong the anime
>>2421 Are you goodlooking and tall enough?
>>2423 Nope and nope
(137.07 KB 1000x1316 barakamon.jpg)
(46.94 KB 736x433 mandom.jpg)
>>2416 barakamon dekh le.
>>2416 Shinchan unironically
>>2416 2 years expirience and 30k. Thats sad
>>2417 Cromartie high is too good.
(105.57 KB 536x440 1641817119545.gif)
>>2426 How is barakamon funny ? Slice of life yes. But its a good show about identity. Nichijou and pop team epic
>>2428 +1. Also kochikame
>>2416 mallu? watch konosuba
>>2417 >Cromartie High School anime with one of the best dubs out there
>>2432 Pop team epic is just schizo not funny
>>2416 >Asobi asobase >aho girl >grand blue >nichijou >disastrous life of saiki >gto >haven't you head I'm sakomoto >hinamatsuri >Detroit metal city