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Anon 01/20/2023 (Fri) 07:18:13 ID:b95e61 No. 2528
If your fav manga doesn't have a documentary on it's author, you are gay and you suck cock
>>2528 Bump
>>2528 Kinoest manga pf all time
>>2530 Of*
>>2532 Keep seething narutard
>>2532 Or whatever flavour of the season moe loving faggot
>>2528 Stop shilling this shitty manga You guys shill the worst anime and manga I fall for the Neon Genesis Evangelion meme but not any more
(121.05 KB 586x952 Screenshot_2023_0113_170551.png)
>>2541 Maybe the problem is you Pic related a lifeless A.I can see but you can't
>>2542 > Taking AI's opinions seriously NGMI it's not even self aware
(42.73 KB 640x480 20230119_105953.jpg)
>>2543 but can't argue if it says sky is blue, water is wet
>>2542 Based AI
>>2528 shit overated chamar tier anime hai ye ewww
>>2607 Yeah right weeaboos will shill the worst possible show in existence just because it's le underated according to them
>>2607 >3 buzzword in one post >>2609 >1 Make it 4 in total And this thread is about manga, incase you couldn't read