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Anon 01/21/2023 (Sat) 13:25:07 ID:0e7be9 No. 2546
Do you guys have pajeeta frens with whom you discuss animu?
>>2546 Pajeetas don't talk to us, all they talk about is to suck a big white cock and leave lundia for foreign citizenship (mostly America and Europe)
>>2547 I see thanks for letting me know But I think it has been shifted towards Korea with korean boys
(70.77 KB 640x609 1661645351777565.jpg)
>>2546 Some politician organized a mela near my house in which all kinds of shops were there and among those shops there were 2 weebshit shops. From anime key rings to anime stickers, chinese anime figures to imported bandai matchmaker DBZ figures costing 2000 inr. It was like cultural shock to me. Those shops had decent crowd and i could tell there were legit weebs in there aside from 1 or 2 normies who just came there to see cool keychains. I saw many cuties wearing anime shirts, some of telling their bfs the names of those characters. I always stood far from those shops to see what kind of guys and girls are gathering. There was even a book stall which had basically every volume of Onepiece and chainsaw man, single volume costed 150rs. And i don't like in a big city.
>>2546 No.
One but he is a shounentard
>>2551 Oh wait you meant girls then no
Oh and i forgot to mention some streetside guy was selling branded Pokemon cards. Singlepacks costing 20rs, a deck was 160 and the box was 250.
(33.90 KB 553x555 images-2.jpeg)
>>2546 my gf isnt into anime but I do tell her about my interests which also includes chink cartoons. Recently told her about touhou and introduced to Cirno. Now she wants a Cirno fumo as a gift.
>>2554 Larping madarchod
>>2546 >Do you guys have pajeeta frens no
Yeah but she only talks about shit anime with hot daddy characters. I straight up use that opportunity to talk about degenrate stuff to her in the name of le Japanese funny porn >>2547 Back to /b/ chamar
>>2546 Yes
>>2557 Brutal pajeetas only watch anime for cooming they don't care about plot and story telling
(903.72 KB 1127x1600 1674307431120455.jpg)
>>2546 Yes, my sister loves SpyXFamily and talks about it. But I try to hide my power level and pretend like I don't even know what these Japanese cartoons because I fear she'll be extremely disappointed with me if she knows what type of animu I consoome.
>>2561 Suggest her more normie anime like assassination classroom, demon slater etc.
>>2561 Suggest redo of healer majority of women loved that anime show she will love it too
>>2563 0/10 bait
(56.05 KB 543x539 jaju.jpg)
>>2564 What bait yaar women loved that animu I'm suggesting a fren what to show his sister why wouldn't she like it?
>>2546 I don't know any girl who watches anime. However, it doesnt matter i hate weebs.
>>2565 >In spite Not in spite but because of it lmao
>>2549 >regional fair organized by neta >weeb shop Never could have imagined this 10 years ago
>>2549 >There was even a book stall which had basically every volume of Onepiece and chainsaw man, single volume costed 150rs. And i don't like in a big city. I refuse to believe this
>>2571 One can understand one piss or death note shit but chainsoy man?? that mfker must be deep into the mango scene
>>2572 What rock you're living under? There's literal manga cafes in my tier 4 city. And in cities like delhi, selling counterfeit mangas is very common.
>>2572 Also chainsoy man is way too fucking mainstream among the zoomies, more so than one piss
>>2573 chainsoy is mainstream now but OP is talking about that incident from 10 years ago, I doubt that many knew what chainsoy man was even back then in lundia.
>>2572 Chinasoyman is pretty mainstream now nigha.
>>2574 Yeah, there was a book fair at my wagie cagie and the chinasoyman mangos sold faster than any other mango.
>>2567 Yeah lol the media is too bluepilled for this shit
(257.27 KB 386x500 8v8ex5x.png)
>>2580 Kek troo, many girls I know love this book. It's about a guy trying to turn a girl in his class in to his sex slave.
>>2581 Reality of women
>>2575 Where did he mention that is from 10years ago? You are fucking retarded.
>>2546 I don't even have pajeet frens to discuss animu with