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Anon 01/22/2023 (Sun) 14:50:40 ID:79434c No. 2568
How is learning moon runes working out for you?
>>2568 dropped when the kanjis attacked yaar. too brootal
>>2569 What order did you study in? Just learned Hiragana, Katakana and reached Kanji before stopped?
>>2576 exactly
>>2576 Hiragana katakana is way too easy. Grade 1 kanji is easy too. I kinda got distracted with other responsibilities while I was learning grade 2 level. I should get back into it.
>>2568 I only want to learn Japanese enough to read untranslated Hentai manga. Upaay?
>>2586 Impossible. Not even primary school Japanese kids would be able to read it.
>>2585 Yaar learning is easy but it's reaching fluency it's hard, i am just starting less than a week ago i try reading hiragana but i am too slow
>>2594 You'll get a grip pretty easily. I used to follow origami books written in Japanese and that's the main reason i learnt nihongo. (Even before i even knew what anime was). But i could only read foreign words and some hiragana but it was enough to get a decent practice. Kids origami books are much simpler to read but hard to understand.