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Anon 02/13/2023 (Mon) 07:37:13 ID:d51a13 No. 3166
I think mumbai comiccon is going on. Are any of you there? Post pics.
>>3166 I live in slumbai. I don’t know about it as I don’t have any frens in kaalej.
>>3167 Lose weight and stop shoving kheera up your ass
>>3167 Same yaro but I'd rather rope than befriending them
>>3167 >>3169 True. Anime fans in real life are absolutely cringe inducing. Also it hurts to see indians cosplaying unrelaistically beautiful fictional character.
>>3170 there are many non-obnoxious animefaggots but they tend not to blow their cover. the ones we think of as stereotypical anime fans make anime their entire personality and are absolutely insufferable.
>>3176 >make anime their entire personality They're also mostly the fags who've only started watching anime recently (jjk, demon slayer etc) but i did have collegemates who've been watching anime from a long time and were the same insufferable assholes. There was only 1 guy who was decent but even he would make anime references in conversations that don't even have many anime watchers.
Beware comic-con is actually a pedo convention in disguise
>>3166 typical pajeet
>>3166 comiccon is a cringe shitfest
>>3660 Kek I would love to go to indian comic con to witness the ultimate retardation
Comic con isn't just weebshit, when I went to the Pune comic con there were lot of actually good cosplay and even a few foreigners. Anyway you can buy a lot of manga, anime and other merchandise you don't elsewhere so it's still worth visiting for that alone
>>3667 bunch of richfag pajeets speaking what they dont understand
>>3667 >Randi saar manga online bhi milta ha same price me >Aur good cosplay loda mera >Its worthit bhi mera loda, 1000₹ deke me pedo convention kyu jao
>>3687 Pedogiri kar aram se. Maza ayega.
>>3687 >same price me Not even close, i just checked and the price was almost twice online. >Cosplay Cope and see the you ugly ass incel >Worth it It was, but then again I am not a shut in NEET with no friends or money.