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Anon 02/19/2023 (Sun) 17:38:39 ID:d94ce9 No. 3274
We are going to track allthe AnJ referencs in various anime and manga. Since the board got wiped out and since it was a ongoing thread it's time to make it again Baki Author is a big fan
(474.33 KB 2255x1235 IMG_1095.png.jpg)
Ghost in the shell Stand alone complex
(72.52 KB 388x273 Capture.PNG)
(323.47 KB 300x444 joe_reference_7.png)
(634.08 KB 400x580 joe_reference_8.png)
YuGiOh Takahashi included many refrences from AnJ. He was a big fan.
(233.63 KB 400x485 Jaden_(Yubel's_Eyes).png)
Also Judai Yuki is very much yabuki joe. He enters the scene with a big confidence boasting then finds his arch nemesis. Also the attitude he carries is spirit to joe.
(75.37 KB 253x199 unknown-14.png)
Metal gear solid
Pokemon Imagine watching this scene as a kid and not realising AnJ was right the and there
(853.15 KB 1062x799 unknown-35.png)
Blackjack Rikishi's famous scene
(1.79 MB 1125x1600 unknown-29.png)
F Refrence aside it's a comic about racing. Heavily inspired from AnJ.
(512.16 KB 1280x720 Fl0PkL9WIBIM21H-1.png)
New Lupin movie
(88.86 KB 1200x675 D8byuCrXUAEBoLz-2.jpg)
Naoki urasawa A man of taste... Big fan of Ashita no joe
(332.87 KB 910x1280 image0.jpg)
Kengen A very intelligent refrence
(4.11 MB 1920x1080 image-5.png)
(4.76 MB 1920x1080 image-3.png)
Maid wars
Panty and stockings.
(1.34 MB 1041x842 imagen-2.png)
JoJo's bizzare adventure: Diamond is unbreakable
(34.43 KB 151x228 unknown-10.png)
(935.15 KB 960x960 y3pjkyttodq71.png)
Vinland saga
(36.04 KB 739x415 images_24-1.jpg)
Ping Pong the animation The whole show is a spiritual successor of Ashita no joe. Highly recommended.
Rokudenashi blues
(1.35 MB 1410x1080 FkNpRgVXwAINdtY.png)
Blazing transfer student That whole manga is ashita no joe
>>3274 Some please end both rakulcel and ASJtrannie
>>3293 Nice bhanglish chamaar
>>3293 You stupid niigger. I am making an educational and cultural thread to educate folks and to preach about AnJ. I am not a waifufag or a shitposter.
>>3295 BTFO kek
Ashita no joe refrence?
>>3314 Kek
Now this is big refrence. From The creed movie which is tied to Rocky movies. American ignorant fans often think anj is a rocky ripoff since they don't know anj ended 3 years before 1st rocky movie came. This refrence is a big deal because the rocky-verse accepts ashita no Joe's legacy
(535.92 KB 720x1280 unknown.jpeg)
Spy x family
>>3577 >Aeedubya sign Kek pretty sure it attracts a certain type
(31.80 KB 550x312 sayikki.jpg)
>>3578 AnJ's co-author was a pro wrestling fan and was a prominent figure during that time in the whole scene. https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2020/12/04/a-wrestling-with-sin-special-the-tragedies-of-ikki-kajiwara/
>>3578 Where'd the aew sign?
(256.16 KB 810x582 kunnyOmega.jpg)
>>3661 Kinnikuman is the only good proresu manga. Nips can't book a story but can produce kings road kino. >>3662 Picrel
>>3663 I mean where is it in the spy x pic you quoted
>>3663 Tiger mask mogs em all. Kinnikuman is faggy take on pro wressale.