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suggestion pls 03/13/2023 (Mon) 16:14:50 ID:83442e No. 3602
I recently started watching anime. I don't like to waste my time so i just watch high rated stuff but I've only watched few mainstream but good scores like AOT, death note, gintama, cowboy bebop, FMAB and few more. Any suggestions? It should be >8/10 and not really long. I like thrillers and consistent, good written Plot and characters.
>>3602 anime is waste of time. use your time to skillmaxx and moneymaxx. >t.NEETbhangi who watched a lot anime in past
>>3603 Any ways to moneymaxx?
>>3603 this yaar not a animebhangi but skillmaxx and moneymaxx pyaaro t. neetbhangi
>>3602 Anime and episodic stuff is a waste of time you should go into movies but if you really don't mind i suggest 91 days + OVA (OVA is the best part)
>>3603 >>3606 Ok >>3607 I've heard about it but it is really good enough?
Welcome to the NHK
Berserk, Darker than Black,
>>3603 >>3607 >Anime is a waste of time but posting on a dead board isn't
>>3614 Berserk is a sunken ship. I know enough bout it. >darker tha black.good enough? Like 8/10 >>3613 8/10?
>>3620 1st season is great, second season not so much. Also check out Ghost in the shell standalone complex (both season) if you like sci-fi or cyberpunk it's a must watch.
>>3620 Also, I'll answer for that anon NHK is also a must watch.
>>3622 It has 2 seasons? If true then its not worth it. >>3623 I guess i gotta give it a try. But pls tell me its not like monster. I watched that garbage for the hype and wanted to kys. It was golden shit.
>>3626 Kms*
Berserk manga pad lo pyaree
>>3636 I would but i want some animes rn and i just realised that there are no many 8/10 animes at all.
>>3648 Terror in resonance Boki dake ga inaimachi Mousou dairinin
>>3648 Anime worthless ha bhaya manga true medium ha artist ne banyi ha instead of some underpaid japonice
>>3626 nhk is the best and you will relate to it very much
>>3602 mat dekh bhai, i had wasted a lot of time watching this shit. pregnancy ke liye drop lena padha