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Anon 11/24/2022 (Thu) 12:24:22 ID:7151e8 No. 638
So glad i didn't watch chainsoy khan
>>638 im unsure if this is a spoiler but i dont think power is a girl and i believe its ok for power to kill a cow bc she is a blood devil in the body of a fiend
>>639 No killing of cow can be justified. Seek help brainwashed little anime watcher.
>>638 Back to your contamination board >>>/pol/
>>638 Back to Reddit libRAAND
>>638 kek
>>639 Shes prolly asexual
>>665 It'll be decided once she hits puberty
>>669 Puberty? She's had not till now?
>>638 She'll get brootally murdered later on so it's okay.
>>638 This would of been based if they didn't declare their trollishness like a /s Then again it's impossible to say anything in India without a disclaimer saying that you are not responsible for whatever happens etc etc even if it is just a video telling you how to change your kaccha
(20.76 KB 396x382 go back.jpeg)
>>746 >/s
>>638 i wish to torture the man who put these captions on this image
>>755 >>758 you dropped this: /s
>>783 back to reddit faggot