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Anon 11/24/2022 (Thu) 16:25:29 ID:d3a586 No. 645
Aaj ye Dekhu ga
>>645 Which app bro ?
>>647 zoro.to >Bro KYS
>>645 Bhot hi kino hai pyaare. Watch kokoro connect, kiznaiver, orange, for similar feels
>>645 Last night I finished 10 episodes Now I'm gonna watch the last 3 episodes Too kino yaaro >>649 Thax
>>653 >10eps How you even do that? My ADHD ass can't watch more than 3eps
Watch on AniMixplay. Zoro site has shitty subs
>>654 Because I have Phone Addiction :) >>645 Just finished the whole Series Now im gonna watch the OVA, but first i need to charge my Phone and TWS :/ >>655 I'm watching it dub. Kek
>>654 beta ek zamana tha jab hum bhi poora season weekend pe lapet lete hai the, jab se wagecuckery shuru ki hai tab se 1 episode bhi bina break ke nahi dekha jaata.
>>659 >dub ewwww >>660 You are telling like it's achievement
>>660 >Son i was a miserable loser an now I'm more of a miserable loser!
>>663 Keked. >>661 It's OVER!
>>645 Completed the 4 eps of OVA Nice satisfactory ending :)