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Anon 10/10/2022 (Mon) 18:31:46 ID:05b7d7 No. 89
This page always breaks my heart
>>89 Wojaks are drawn better than this garbage
>>89 This is straight up embarassing. The art is so terrible. How do you all even take this seriously. Looks worse than a shitty 4koma.
>>90 >>91 You gaffits remind of kids who don't play classics because muh graphic not good. I guess you prefer the repetitive formulaic garbage from the manga industry.
>>92 >classics Kek it's certainly not a classic if it has garbage art. A manga is about two things, story and art (they both don't have to be the best but should go hand in hand). If it lacks in one part no way I'm forcing myself to read through dogshit just to experience a "classic". No way anyone genuinely enjoys bad art in manga. You'd kill to have ashita no joe drawn by someone good. >onetpiece Another garbage glorified by absolute manchildren. Anyone who pretends to love it is either fully retarded or just coping with the pain of having to read through 1000 chapters of what looks like used adult diapers.
>>89 you again joebhanghi nobody wants to read your shitty newspaper scribbles, we have the superior anime adaptation ehich is now remastered in blu ray
(2.32 MB 854x480 Stop laughing like that!.mp4)
also my reaction to OP's gay ass thread
>>89 >>94 Can you give a quick summary of what ANJ is about. I really wanna try but it is so offputting. Mainly because I'm not a huge sports manga fan. I don't mind spoilers.
>>93 >it's certainly not a classic Imagine saying that unironically. Go watch flavor of the season moeshit. >>96 It's from 1960s. Before the manga industry went consumerist crap factory. It is a genuine story. The MC is unlikeable piece of shit I won't praise it just try to go through the prison arc which is just 30 chapters
>>97 >watch flavor of the season moeshit. "I watch garbage so I'll cope by assuming others watch garbage too" No wonder you shill this trashy manga. >It's from 1960s >It is a genuine story That might explain the newspaper gag like artstyle. But that style for a genuine story just looks goofy. Even if the panelling was decent it would've been much bearable.
>>98 The art gradually improves by a LOT. It has a great story, i would call it archaic art rather than bad art. You can't call it bad, look at the other manhas from that period. It would be bad if the other mangas had top notch art and shading and shit. Even being from a distant era it mogs otherbmagas in terms of story telling and characterization.
>>99 Screentone indeed was a huge pain. You had to manually slice it and iron it on. Each kanji/kana also had to be manually sealed. Margin for error was too thin. Small mistakes could be fixed with white ink but anything big had to be redrawn. I probably didn't read anything from the 60s so I can't compare it with its time.
(75.22 KB 455x674 images.jpeg)
>>93 >Ashita no Joe >not a classic Absolute state of zoomer newfags, the sheer amount of reference and callbacks in everything from Naruto,
>>101 Ragetype karte waqt saans bhi liya kar. Haan ab continue kar.
>>102 My bad, your whore mom couldn't wait any longer and pulled me back to bed
>>103 >whore mom Can't expect nothing original from a shit on joe enjoyer. What's next? You use soyjaks to depict someone who doesn't agree with you!? Shocker.
(36.18 KB 798x644 EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jfif)
>>103 >whore mom
>>104 >>105 >Noooo you have to respond to my shitpost seriously Do you think I'm going to actual bother arguing in good faith to some shitty bait vpnfag
>>89 What is this page about?
>>89 Nice
Nice art