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INCEL RETALIATION Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 10:14:22 ID:b03c14 No. 205622 [Reply] [Last]
Maulaanaa Modi sahab, if you are reading this, kindly look at the picrel first. This is what happens when you don't provide young pussies to incels for free. You really thought socially inept people like us would spend our precious time in talking to a girl, taking her to expensive restaurants, giving her gifts, listening to her emotional chutiyaap, only to bag that 0.001% chance that she'd agree for having sex with us? Hell no. You played a big gamble. Additionally, you even shilled women rights to the maximum level possible, which has made even the strongest rapist scared nowadays to even think about raping a woman. Guess what maulaanaa ji? We don't care now. We just need a hole nothing else. If you won't legalise rape oe gift us free virgin dehaati cunnies, then we are okay with satisfying our sexual needs by a little boy's gaand. This is just the beginning though. Get ready to regret for not following our demands. Jai Hind.
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>>205816 Get out of mukherjee nagar. Delhi is still ran by upper caste North Indians who hate bimarus.
>>205834 Kal behnkilodi reddit pe page banayaeg. "Omg i chan ek rapist hivemind hai""waha pe sab incel rape discuss aur plan krte hai" mai wah gyi thi mujhe toh laga online hinmera rape kr denge" india is so misoghsijsgst mann" they dont let my fuck 100 guys" they call me slut for being a a money whore""btw i hate sexualistaion of women""yes mai randiibaazi full support krti hu""loda lassan loda lassan loda lassan" Fir saare milke eke dusre ki chaatenge comment section me aur uske kuch der baad chalejayenge hookup pe.
>>205852 Itna mehnat koi nahi karega
>>205816 I've seen delhites abusing Biharis though
>>205869 You underestimate redditfemfags.

(877.08 KB 576x840 JB7Xw0x.mp4)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 11:36:12 ID:160efd No. 205871 [Reply]
How do i increase my chest size yaaron
>>205871 Femanon hai ya sirf anon? Pehle yeh bata. Aur femanon hai toh timestamp ke saath boob pic bhejiyo randi.

(258.15 KB 640x491 4puczh7h24q91.png)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 11:22:18 ID:f227a0 No. 205842 [Reply]
(79.51 KB 1080x1349 jumana khan tik tok.jpeg)
>>205842 This is very funny anon

(37.05 KB 337x337 FKgFDXgUYBc9zPI.jpg)
How to regain masculine energy losed through masturbation during my teenage Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 09:30:34 ID:09750a No. 205510 [Reply]
I lost all my masculine energy in my teenage
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>>205510 Stop cooming Start excercising Eat good. DItch stupid packaged "processed" foods Get sunlight - Go out more often Be useful to yourself and for your family Can't do anything big - ok then - read further Start with going to market by yourself and buy groceries I am sure you don't know about most of vegetable names and shit learn cooking Learn some vocational skills - Youtube pada hai Start gardening inb4 space nai hai plant pot atleast go to nursery and enquire about plants and flowers Repair some shit in your home Get you hands dirty

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Your age ? & You should not think about muh no fap meme at your current age Let's suppose you are 21 It is age to marry & breed
>>205510 practise shirshasana dumbass
>>205542 Facts >>205568 >Let's suppose you are 21 It is age to marry & breed THIS!
>>205542 >>205542 >DItch stupid packaged "processed" foods Yaar how to do this? i dont wonna eat processed food too. But its become too common nowadays. Its hard to avoid it.

(694.50 KB 1080x1756 IMG_20220926_144455.jpg)
It's over kekda 09/26/2022 (Mon) 09:17:46 ID:813937 No. 205484 [Reply] [Last]
She's a HE
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>>205807 Malayali Chad Arya
>>205733 Then tell your fellow Tamils to stop harrassing our women.
>>205807 Mogs every subhuman tamil actor keep coping plumber setupati lovers
>>205807 and he is a muslim chad
(44.54 KB 400x600 Sendhil_Ramamurthy.webp)

(3.27 MB 334x251 1663988244346994.gif)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 08:34:58 ID:250915 No. 205405 [Reply]
I haven't and won't take but my company is asking vaccine certificates should i make a fake one? Any suggestions
>>205405 Behnkelode laga le vaccine. Mar nhi jayega .
>>205405 a. indian vaccines are safu b. use pdf editor websites c. if you are doing all this for some measly 900rs. fuck you.
>>205405 >should i make a fake one? Haven't you already? >inb4 no make one asap and if it's just for your company(which I presume wouldn't validate) then make one at home or else contact someone.

(37.93 KB 198x170 asur (2).jpg)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 10:11:35 ID:bceb2a No. 205609 [Reply]
Tell me this. How many of you can look in the mirror and unironically say "Yeah, I have a good facial structure". Or how many of you can say that you have enough charisma to manipulate and use people around you for you own gain. Do you unironically think you would get served what you want in a gold platter. Have you ever thought that you are no more than an ordinary peasant who serves the king with his money and soul. And when the time comes you would be sacrificed for someone who never cared to look at you twice. Tell me what do you stand for? What reward do you possibly get? What are your objectives? Or are you just a living sacrifice for someone. Do you think anyone would think about you 200 years after your death. What impact do you make? What would change if you stop existing? Does your opinion even matter, and if it doesn't should you let others dictate what political ideology you should follow? IF YOU CAN'T READ ALL THIS THEN JUST TELL ME Who do you think you are working for yourself or others. Are your opinions your own or are they of someone else's?
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>>205625 Alexander is still remembered today.
>>205609 Apni maa she puch gaandu
Teri maa randi
>>205625 Teri mummy vashiya hai
>>205625 Sorry. Teri mummy ko sheeshe ke saamne chod raha thaa.

(3.22 MB 3120x4160 1598820253796.jpg)
(2.62 MB 576x1024 Brampton-Canada.webm)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 07:23:03 ID:a18591 No. 205292 [Reply]
>Europe is overrun with blacks and Muslims >USA is overrun with blacks and Mexicans >Canada is overrun with Chinese and Sikhs >Australia is overrun with Chinese and Australians >India is overrun with uncivilised subhumans, self loathing cucks and Muslims >India will also never get better it's literally over for us. No place left to emigrate to.
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>>205379 Baarvi toh pass karle pehle
(31.68 KB 408x612 images (2).jpeg)
>>205389 Noo, indian education so sucks yrr. Yaha koi future hi nhi hai. Sab boht backward mind ke hai. Indan education system so wrong yrr. Kaash mai foreign me paida hua hota. Meri gori gori gfs hoti. Mai acchi si job kr rha hota. Lekin bhagwan ne mujhe yaha is shuthole me paida kr diya.mann. im so unlucky...(he is from top 5%)
>>205644 Should have greentexted nufag
>>205655 Bhul gya tha.
>>205702 >>205644 >>205379 chutiya retard

Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 04:24:42 ID:ce4898 No. 204984 [Reply]
How to get a North-Easternqt3.14
Move to Guwhati
>>204984 >NE qt with a smellu disgusting
(161.38 KB 1920x1920 Ee9id_7UEAEZM89.jpg)

(53.29 KB 354x286 pepe-listening-to-music.gif)
Indo-Aryan music Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 10:11:59 ID:d42b98 No. 205610 [Reply]
Mera Sarmaya Hai Tu Tera Sarmaya Hoon Main Aaja Mujhe Seench De Murjhaya Hoon Main Jaise Mera Daaman Hai Tu Aur Teri Chhayan Hoon Main Tabhi Tera Baawla Kehlaya Hoon Main Teri Baahon Mein Ho Ke Lagta Hai Ke Zameen Pe Jannat Sach Mein Agar Kahin Hai Yahin Hai… Ban Kar Tera Yaara Rasiya Soche Naa Dobara Rasiya

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(53.29 KB 354x286 pepe-listening-to-music.gif)
>>205610 Dahak Raha Hai Banke Sharara Dekh Mera Badan Sab Kuchh Mera Karke Fanaa Karta Hoon Main Hawan Om Deva Deva Om Deva Deva Namah Namho Namah Om Deva Deva Om Deva Deva Namah Namho Namah Om
(15.56 KB 300x250 KOUROSH.jpg)
>>205610 >Indo-Aryan music *hears it everyday* I've got an entire Indo-Aryan playlist in my mind.
>>205634 Chup be parsi chamar,Teri maa ki chut mei sarriya daal doonga bhangi parsi
>>205653 > parsi I'm 99% sure he is larping. parsis are too rich to visit this subhuman imageboard
>>205669 He is a larper Claim to be half pakistani and that he stayed in pakistan