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(120.02 KB 1284x951 media_FoAWXhJXoAEsE3C.jpg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 14:00:32 ID:a2e927 No. 432200 [Reply]
Another Vishwaguru Masterstroke. After all 80cr braindead lundians won't feed themselves.
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>>432200 Doesn't matter.
Poorfag copers. Die you shitskins.
>>432221 That means, I live on 4.5 dollars a day. Fucking brilliant.

As if suicide wasn't enough students are now dying like this in Kota Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 14:34:23 ID:76c203 No. 432256 [Reply]
OVER for jeecels
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>>432422 To be fair no one will expect a window grill to pop out just like that.
>>432427 >That legs At least learn bhanglish properly chamar
>>432434 I can loterally see her leg hairs
>>432432 >>432435 he was trying to wear his chappals then went backwards hard to react that quickly >>432435 this but he lives in Lundia >>432438 She is a rich stacyjeeta if she has visible leg hair then probably every pajeeta will have some
>>432440 Look closely. When he fell he tried to grab the floor with his hand.

(131.87 KB 1023x734 1675430593693126.jpg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 15:15:49 ID:3b9085 No. 432324 [Reply]
Wes he right?
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(76.50 KB 1200x1200 3-Tom-Cruise.jpg.webp)
>>432419 What you said again?
>>432428 Tom cruise is 5'10. Look at his pictures next to a 6'2 Arnold. He just gets memed as a manlet because of his Scientology views
>>432421 Historical sources describe him as tall. Kek manlets btfo again with a self own
>>432442 Arnold is 6 in his oldage. If cruise wasnt 5'7 his pr wouldve specified it.
>>432445 >tall Yeah buddy, a poor mongolian boy would be 6ft.sure

Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 16:08:53 ID:bcd2ee No. 432400 [Reply]
>>432418 BABU

(5.79 KB 200x249 download (10).jpeg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 15:55:56 ID:028405 No. 432374 [Reply]
How to speedrun getting out of depression? (Seriously asking)
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>>432374 There's no solution yaar, I hate studying, but I have to do it nonetheless to earn to continue to live my miserable life and the fact that I'll never be loved and protected and feel the physical protection from someone who exists in my head. I have literally become effeminate and low t, and because of being low t, I finally understand what women mean when they say they need a man to "protect" them. It's tragic that I find myself in such a state. It truly is, given the fact that I am straight I still require assistance, perhaps, I am looking for a supportive father and nurturing mother I never had, who'd love me regardless of grades and stop comparing me with everyone else. But, I am pursuing a worthless degree from tier 99 kalej, don't even know if I'd get internship or some shit.
>>432401 whyre you sucking my cock
>>432396 > I am looking for a supportive father and nurturing mother I never had, who'd love me regardless of grades and stop comparing me with everyone else. Relatable. Ironically, if they "pampered" me instead I'd have been a normalfag. But it's fine I'll get somewhere I like. People like me. It's really unfathomable they do.
Whats your situation rn? Then I can tell you whats right for you?

(16.96 KB 534x534 IMG-20230202-WA0005.jpg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 16:00:33 ID:d1dc1d No. 432383 [Reply]
Indiachan I really am like none of you. I'm not a loser, I will live out my college years, I do have a life, I unironically look good. I've genuinely a fine mind, and I will succeed with everything I want to. I do not fuck up. t: went on a bumble date and kissed her twice. I still need a lot of social exposure I've missed out on to not be like the losers here though. I've just an affinity towards isolation but I must share myself. I don't know what's wrong with others here that fail to do anything. Who do you all identify with?

(20.91 KB 715x429 images (58).jpeg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 15:57:57 ID:12ac79 No. 432378 [Reply]
How to overcome forced feminization kink? Please help kijiye

(465.18 KB 2048x1150 chrome_screenshot_1675430855508.png)
(969.68 KB 2048x2022 chrome_screenshot_1675430923037.png)
Hopium Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 13:31:04 ID:80863b No. 432124 [Reply]
MENSA did IQ exams on the kids of 4000 poor labourer families. Of the 4000, 102 were selected by MENSA (so iq of 130+). This means 2.55% of India’s poor are geniuses. If middle class+ children were included, I am guessing this number would go to maybe 3.5-4% for all of India So india probably has around 45-50 million people with a IQ over 130. https://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/mensa-india-aptitude-test-reveals-bright-minds-amid-poverty/story-de9CjsfFPqBk1iAUfji4GM.html
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(1.88 MB 2598x3062 Exgymfag anon.jpg)
>>432163 >>432124 Yeah, right. Thats what i always used to say. How many geniuses must be among us who never had the chance.
Average IQ of India is 75
>>432151 Imagine if it had 0 reservations like a normal country and the people who got admissions were based off of their skills and ability to understand the concept at hand as well as their work ethic, wouldn't that make a lot more sense than IQ/Caste Kangery?
>>432124 Bait article

(2.80 MB 1080x1920 VID_20230203_171259_694.mp4)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 13:30:59 ID:76f597 No. 432123 [Reply]
Mujhe ghar ke baahar jaane mein darr lagta hai yaaro
>>432123 Toh Matt ja
>>432123 Don't go then anon
(27.42 KB 1009x1280 E1bbQa2VoAAMkhS.jpeg)
>>432123 kaam karo bsdk.. ek baar ghar se baahar to niklo, sab darr khatam ho jaayega.
>>432123 Same.

I'm just shitting my pants right now Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 02:28:13 ID:56f270 No. 431219 [Reply] [Last]
Some kid nearby is in coma because of jaundice, not exactly because of jaundice but because of his extremely narcissistic mother who didn't give a fuck about what others were telling her. Kid got jaundice 4 days ago and instead of taking to a proper hospital she took him to some local ayurvedic garbage that just gave them leaves and shit. Liver got extremely damaged as a result, but the main problem was that this woman completely refused to let her in-laws check in with the child, and she kept forcing the kid to sleep everytime experienced a small epileptic attack. She was in complete denial that she was fucking things up instead of taking the kid to a proper hospital, and now they need to find a liver donor and also need a whole fucking fortune to perform this operation, and that too it's extremely uncertain if he would survive. - Why do these AYUSH hospitals even exist? Why do these women even get called as mothers?
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>>431547 >wikipedia Absolute state.
>>431897 His maa has sex with local baniya to fund his neet ass and he has the audacity to shout at his baap
(100.32 KB 900x1600 84502048.webp)
>lindu vs chooslim thread I just heard more backstory. This was a love marriage btw. Mom left with her kid and went away for 5 or so years, and the Dad's family did whatever they could to get them back together. Now they just live in a room upstairs and looks like the Mom pretty much stonewalls her in-laws. This is just messed up.
>>431219 sach bol that woman is your relative na?
>>432289 Very distant relative.