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Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 13:22:45 ID:4a41c8 No. 432103 [Reply]
My friend's brother works at TCS, he is graduated from one of the Top 5 CS college from DU University. His salary after 1.5yrs is ₹15K and before that he worked at some web Design company for 1yr for ₹10K
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>>432178 The salary gets a lot better within 2 year. Will momo thela earning increase? No.
>>432219 Yeah, I personally saw one momo wala and one chaat-pani puri wala grow in last 4 years, they both own shops now.
>>432219 The guy OP is talking about is stuck at 15k for last 2 years.
>>432225 Probably because of bond or maybe waiting for 2 year experience. 2 + year experience is in demand rn
(116.23 KB 1200x1200 rakulpreet_main_0.jpg)
What happened to lot of replies ITT? I replied. I was busy complaining to a friend about how people bully me online and call me boring unkil.

Suifuel for JayEE bhangis south delhi anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 13:59:53 ID:143a22 No. 432199 [Reply]
>be me >joins fiitjee after 10th >literally wasted two years, studied nothing >muh pregnancy mains arrives >first attempt in january >panik.jpg >only one month left for prep >think "its over" >literally wasted whole month in depression and anxiety >24th January, 2023 arrives >arrived at the centre thinking i could have changed the fate if worked hard >exam starts >studied nothing so thinks to cheat >a nerdy dropper pajeeta sitting next to me >copying.jpg >exam ends and i check the answers on jewtube >1st shift paper discussion.mp4

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>>432199 kek I remember a guy now in Tier 2 kalej who brought a small calculator and used it in pregnancy
>>432199 Kisi pe wo melontrusk ka deepfake hai kya?
>>432199 Giga based
>>432199 Based sir i kneel
>>432274 Please someone post it yaar i need to coom

(23.65 KB 566x541 images (3).jpeg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 14:19:56 ID:838a8d No. 432244 [Reply]
All code in Lundia is written by pregnancy failures from tier 3 and tier 4. IITians become managers and tech leads who don't write any code themselves and are in charge of bullshitting clients and investors to keep their business.
>>432244 Im commerce fag
>>432244 Tujhe ab pata chala? No engineering happens in Lundia, only management happenes
>>432244 bad bait
>>432246 Coding is a blue collar job India. Even in my company I am treated like a majdoor.

(324.97 KB 1000x1033 Chad.png)
An open ended question Mr bheem 02/03/2023 (Fri) 14:18:42 ID:bc4894 No. 432242 [Reply]
How to be a Chad? (hindustani/Indian/bhartiya/aryavarti/godu version please)
>>432242 >be white Done

(663.14 KB 800x722 image_2023-02-02_234210796.png)
(852.89 KB 1109x642 image_2023-02-02_234237338.png)
(975.32 KB 1080x904 image_2023-02-02_234252266.png)
The Brahmeme Stacyjeeta Lifecycle Character Study Anon 02/02/2023 (Thu) 18:13:15 ID:7ee2b7 No. 430800 [Reply]
Picrel 1: In kalej with her muslim bull Picrel 2: Shows her supreme genetics to everyone(well she doesnt have ass tbh but still mogs other pajeetas) Picrel 3: Old and now after 34 facial surgeries adopts the Sanatan dharam and cucks the chinlet who thought growing a beard would save him
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>>430800 She’s on her randi grind, like almost all women. I can show an exact case where a Hindu bvll cut the ribbon, and later on the woman embraced Islam after marrying some sheikh from Dubai. Average randi things. Watch sex/life for more information.
>>431204 show some muslim cases too pyaare
>>430800 BOOMP
>>431204 >picrel btfo

(255.71 KB 1179x1686 media_Fn-EuuEaUAcP4Hf.jpg)
Trade Workers Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 13:24:50 ID:60e1ac No. 432107 [Reply]
WorldSkills is the Olympics in vocational skills such as carpentry, masonry, construction, electrical installation. Indian team ranks 11, with 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.
>>432107 Only majdoori happens in india.
I unironically now understand why All Industry got Outsourced to East Asia.
>>432107 Sale majdoori mein bhi peeche ho bhosdiwalo
>>432187 Mera baap kheti, ballon bechne tak se leke bhangi snachar (BTW I am a nigga)m limited DGM ka kaam kiya hai fuck off majdoori mein sharam nahi hai humlog ko kek nice try

(6.47 KB 200x200 Z.jpg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 12:08:16 ID:175cb0 No. 431974 [Reply]
Any sites where can i get code for program questions which works chatgpt just doesn't happens to help
>>431974 Apna homework khud kar chamar
Bumping for answers
>>432080 Shoot yourself on the face for answers also >>431976
Anons help
>>431974 stack overflow, reddit and google

(63.50 KB 659x680 Fn0Qbc-agAAns0k.png)
Solution to Bhangali Heendu trad Inchcel with trad roommate 02/03/2023 (Fri) 13:18:14 ID:d4a3ea No. 432089 [Reply]
>bhangali trad roommate has now become vegeterian and chimps out if i bring a fish fry in room What is the final solution to the heendu trad problem? This lodu singh chamar has even got a print out of those heendu aesthetics posters and pasted them in his side of the room is untolerable PS: Aritra madarchod i know you are browsing indiachan, tera rape hoga heendu chamar randike, teri devtao ki chut saale lindu tujhe beef khila dunga mak
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Based bhangali tradchad
>>432089 Continue seething
>>432089 Eat beef in front of the chamar
>>432089 Sale gaand me machl8 daalde phir roj kahega tere se machhi mangwane ko
>>432089 Sanjeev saale agli baar aisa pitai karunga ki haath kya pair bhi nahi chalenge

(2.81 MB 3456x3456 20230203_141758.jpg)
Life is good bros Hyderabadi Miya Bhai#kEPYJN 02/03/2023 (Fri) 08:58:44 ID:47b031 No. 431846 [Reply]
Life at amazon is good bros >stay comfortably at home >still gets relocation allowance because job description is hybrid >uses company transport to travel 1 hour away from office >aesthetic office, good cafeteria, lots of well thought emenities in office >prayer room to not miss Friday prayer Only con is women don't cover themselves here. Has you guys life turned for good too?
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>>431942 Mission accomplished
>>431927 Based. >t. Infosys 3.6
>>431927 >>431973 Primarily software company with less than 10 lpa is asking for trouble. t. working in consulting company as a in house IT developer
(30.22 KB 650x400 pubg.jpeg)
>>431972 ye cp wala hai kya?
>>431871 Astaghfurullah just looking or touching is a big sin. Why would I target my phone camera on their body? . It is better for one of you to pierce his head with an iron needle than to touch a woman for whom she is not halal. Al-Tabarani

Tamil Lund 02/03/2023 (Fri) 12:35:22 ID:0b9d35 No. 432008 [Reply]
Failed in Maks, But passed in Pesixs 19/50 in maks 25/50 in peesix
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>>432011 So true capgemini IT coolie here but at least the job is work from home and copy pasta code
>>432066 Why do you copypaste code? Do you not know how to code by yourself?
>>432073 I do anon but who cares if it works properly with the copy pasta pajeet code
>>432066 Wtf, i Thought IT coolies are Supposed to Memorize all the Codes
Meme college