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goodmorning sir Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 07:23:30 ID:34f762 No. 205298 [Reply]
join the epic scribbl room NOW!!! https://skribbl.io/?OxNpZgmp9U3i
>>205298 is it still active?

(149.34 KB 640x482 biolog65ical_clock.png)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 06:52:43 ID:1f815f No. 205240 [Reply]
Best time to work!
(68.44 KB 505x413 imrg_803.jpg)
Reply to my thread

(29.06 KB 800x702 1613080911088.jpg)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 05:46:24 ID:30e97e No. 205090 [Reply]
Anyone else feel like getting sex is pretty easy nowadays than a proper relationship? Like you can get to know a girl, be friends with her first, start subtle flirting (see if she is interested or not) then you can talk about if you wanna make out/sex or not. If she says yes, then done and if no then new girl. I say this cuz girls are horny like men as well, they are just more scared i think. And if we agree on mutual terms, then it's a win. Where for relationship, you need to impress her, take care of her, security, going out with her, doing different activities with each. you do all this, then people still don't do sex or make out, just hangout with each other and call it a relationship.
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>>205204 Bc pehle phone pe baat krte hai log. Aur bete tu richfag cuck toh hai hi. Lekin ab confirk hota jaa rha hi ku tu koi femanon randii hai. Boobs post kr randi.
>>205238 >Bc pehle phone pe baat krte hai log. Lol you stupid retarded pajeet faggot, you are supposed to establish frandship with the girl, take the girl out on a few dates and eventually make her your gf. You must be one of those faggots who 'proposes' (lmao @ pajeetspeaks) the girl without even knowing her.
>>205245 Abe randi ke pille. Young girls dont go on date this easily in rural areas. Madarchod tab tak ke liye pehle woh insta wagera pe baat hi krte hai. Aur jab milne ka mann hota hai tab woh mil lete hai. Aur directly proppse nhi hota. Simple si baat hai kisi ladki se jaan pehchaan hai . Insta id maang. de diyo toh woh khud bta degi use bss friendship rakhni hai aage badhna hai. Aur boobs dikha randi.
>>205189 >Aur oyo lejake chod de underage hai yaar
>>205355 >>205355 Behnkelode. Fir toh bhai kisi dost ko bol jaan pehchaan me ho toh. Nhi toh oyo pe baat kr. Woh thoda paise maangege lekin maan jayenge. Yeh mat boliyo ki underage hai. Unse kahiyo ki "bus meri id se kaam chala lo." Baaki baat waat krke mana liyo. Unhe aisa bhi nhi lagna chahiye ki ladki bilkul 12-13 saal ki hai. Kaam hota gai aise bhi

Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 07:10:52 ID:2c2b57 No. 205277 [Reply]
>be me
(46.64 KB 640x480 stump.jpg)
>>205277 literally me
>>205277 Doomer anon jiske ghar koi randi ka pilla sousin aane wala tha BCA ke liye. Contact here for https://Groomcord.gg/2vkjTBjX

Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 07:21:08 ID:d42cfe No. 205288 [Reply]
​😂 😂 😂
>>205288 Imagine saving this degen shit
>>205297 See the file name. "bally dance" kek

69 shades of period blood Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 07:29:34 ID:d0d00f No. 205305 [Reply]
lund chut sex boob lund chut wich thappad patt patt urraaah paaji tussi sacha pussy cat ma di lun me 100 lund oyeeeeeeeeeee

(16.07 KB 645x770 29a.png)
Lunditya Pettersson field Intelligence Report Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 06:49:44 ID:04a0dd No. 205234 [Reply]
Security Level: Classified. He was born in Kolkata, West Bengal but currently resides in Bangalore, Karnataka. He attended Dayananda Sagar University. He is known to be in trouble with the law for raping street cats occasionally. He as occasionally been spotted posting on a site known as "indiachan".
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>>205244 Abe chodu anyone will say their college is the best. I want to know real anecdotal review. Are there more girls like Agatha and that other girl idk Sparta?
>>205241 Tier 4 garbage college
>>205255 They all working in BPO companies like Accenture and Infosys.
>>205241 >Dayananda sagar university
>>205264 Idc yaar they were hot tho. Agar waise ladki are still there then I'm ready to go

Someone caught me talking to myself. Suicidal Incel #+jM9hH 09/25/2022 (Sun) 20:34:42 ID:f48adc No. 204723 [Reply]
Alright boys, just 20 mins ago, I was talking to myself somewhere in my hostel. Well, actually I was talking to an imaginary enemy, I was walking in circles and I was running my mouth (& not saying anything), and I was pointing at something angrily. And after 30 seconds when I was about to leave, I saw a guy who was sitting there before I came seeing me, and then when I was leaving his face was terrified and he gave me a thumbs up. Embarassed me was trying to go away and he asked if I am alright, I said that I was fine and apologises that I couldn't see in the dark. God.... I can't imagine what he was/will think of me now, he must've thought that I ran away from a mental institution. Good night Bros, today was a bad day. Fuck how embarassing it would be if I were to see him again.
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>>204787 Doxx this chamaar please. 5'5"ish dark ugly mf Brahmin.
>>204787 Tum bhi vahin se ho kya? Kek
>>204723 Tales from Psych ward
>>204726 Just say you were practicing for a role
>>205214 Honestly, this is a perfectly valid excuse but dumb me was so embarassed to have thought up anything as of that moment.

(3.06 MB 640x352 UXbdwJ7pttaGWWiT.mp4)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 02:30:50 ID:b87d6c No. 204836 [Reply]
gurjar ST cutie chahiye yaaro. mujhe isse apna brahmin semen dene se mat roko yaaro.
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>>204841 >>204844 just search jammu ST on twitter and coom with it.
>>204836 proof that burjars are jangalis
>>204841 dogra is a linguistic group chamar, there are dogra brahkikes too not just rajpoos.
>>205177 Dogra=rajput only Noone can tell me otherwise, fuck off lindu.
>>205184 dogra brahmins is a thing randi ke bacche

(162.19 KB 576x1280 IMG-20211211-WA0000~2.jpg)
Hello InChtards Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 17:31:09 ID:96eed1 No. 204483 [Reply]
6'2" bamman here. Do you mog my skin color? Post hand pics for datamining.
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>>205033 ->>>204958 true yaar isi bhngi ko dekhle mst middle finger dikha ra hume
>>204483 Chamar saala, showing inner side of palm and 2 inch of lower foot. Did you migrate from poopee bimaru faggot ?
>>205029 Fucking retard, the pic is from south rajasthan
>>205042 No, I have pahadi and haryanvi genes. Is calling everyone a bimaru the best cope you got? Post your own hand btw.
>>204977 Every part of my body except the region b/w the elbow and the wrist is lighter than my palms.