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Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 12:49:30 ID:688e02 No. 432048 [Reply]
Started with Trad. Now won't stop showing off her half ass cleavage
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>>432048 Everybody shouldve commented booba 😍😍😍 in that post comment section. This is the only way. These randis know what they are doing they still do it because they know there is q horse of feminists and "trad" who will defend them.
>>432063 >>432048 >seething at women showing tits Absolute faggots in thus board. Get raped by bimaru labourers.
>>432065 >trad Iski maa sleeveless backless pehn ke bazaar jaati hai
>>432067 >>trad Kek that's a fancy way to say faggot
>>432048 >>432048 Trad? What is her ig @?

(68.92 KB 952x743 1657944474695.jpg)
(35.06 KB 343x361 1659260043203326.jpg)
This website is dead as fuck! ObjBetterThanU #szsmnr 02/03/2023 (Fri) 13:03:35 ID:4032fd No. 432071 [Reply]
Pic unrelated. What the fuck happened to the previous website, anyway? I think it was 2020 the last time I was here. Anyway, what's up with all the unironic pregnancy bacchas? What the fuck? Stop jerking off you coons. Get a fucking life, get off chans. Fuck me, this place is immature as fuck now. Unironic retards shitting up the place. This website used to be half decent in 2018. Pity it's just another le coomer website now. Also, the janny does it for free. I hope it's not the same janny, he was a good guy. Fuck all newfags btw. 2016: Originalfag 2016-2018: Cancer 2018-2020: Cringelord 2021-present: Newfag >32 character limit gay

(335.28 KB 1229x820 wtf.jpeg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 12:41:38 ID:9abf0f No. 432023 [Reply]
plz gib indiachan apk bitbucket link? want to reverse engineer some stuff.
>>432023 Damn yrr this photo brings back nostalgia of going to your relatives and seeing posters and calendars with this type of pictures in 4k. ☺️☺️☺️

(36.73 KB 467x656 images.jpeg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 12:29:50 ID:15f690 No. 431995 [Reply]
Why is there so much craze about IITs and Joint Entrance Exam in India? There is an entire subculture revolving around these colleges and exams? We don't see such a thing in USA and Europe? Is it because India is a tech giant of the world?
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>>431999 yes life fucks indians the hardest
>>431999 Engineering
>>432004 Engineer
>>432006 No engineering happens in India
no (I am a sexless virgin)ing happens in india

Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 10:34:33 ID:75d412 No. 431921 [Reply]
Inchbros, what's the most degenerate stuff you've ever done in private?
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>>431921 Fapped to Tranny porn
>>431921 r/askredditafterdark
>>431921 fk the lame replies here, ill spill some beans > be 13, visit temple with older cousin. > its fucking packed with a huge line. > Cousin in front, I stand behind her in line. > she has a phat ass and the line behind me pushed hard. > the throbbing dick just rubbed her ass all way for at least 30 minutes. years later, we're still normal friends.
(64.90 KB 600x848 sai2.jpg)
>>431921 literally nothing yaar I've always been a goodie two shoes stayed away from fights in school, respected wahmen, and was a secular goy. My political views were very moderate and left leaning and I was a big fan of sarva dharm vadapao.
(19.60 KB 800x800 pepe_disgust.jpeg)

(51.26 KB 554x554 IMG-20230201-WA0005.jpg)
Mujhe Muslim Banane Se Mat Roko... Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 10:13:40 ID:398907 No. 431917 [Reply]
Kek Mohammed was truly based https://youtu.be/HB7Lk58HGXc
>>431917 >Love triangle Lol.more like grooming triangle
(53.78 KB 711x431 images (27) (3).jpeg)
>>431917 based and nabi asli-pilled
(125.86 KB 1000x500 neko.jpg)

(36.73 KB 467x656 images.jpeg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 07:53:40 ID:e0f18b No. 431766 [Reply]
Competitive exams are the peak of pajeet life. No engineering happens IRL after that, and most jobs are just bullshitting and scamming.
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>>431766 If you are a pcbfag, things just get brootal and brootal over the years, there is no redemption, there is no high point. Imagine being generalfag, cracking pregnancy and then doing mbbs only to work under a chamar senior doc at some village hospital for 30k a month.
>>431766 Kek they even chose the most chutiya looking guy to play the role
>>431966 >threads like these Yet you'll spam equally shitty threads but it's somehow "different" because you agree with it.
>>431969 3 mahine ho gaye hai abhi tak bait karna nahi aaya tujhe. It's over

Today onwards inch is a Brahmi only forum Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 11:08:30 ID:639434 No. 431939 [Reply]
𑀦𑀫𑀲𑁆𑀢𑁂 𑀇𑀁𑀟𑀺𑀬𑀸𑀘𑁃𑀦 𑁇 𑀆𑀚 𑀲𑁂 𑀳𑀫𑀦𑁂 𑀬𑁂 𑀦𑀺𑀭𑁆𑀡𑀬 𑀮𑀺𑀬𑀸 𑀳𑁃 𑀓𑀺 𑀇𑀁𑀘 𑀧𑁂 𑀳𑀫 𑀓𑁂𑀯𑀮 𑀩𑁆𑀭𑀸𑀳𑁆𑀫𑀻 𑀅𑀓𑁆𑀱𑀭𑁄𑀁 𑀫𑁂 𑀯𑀸𑀭𑁆𑀢𑀸𑀮𑀸𑀧 𑀓𑀭𑁂𑀁𑀕𑁂𑁇𑀪𑀯𑀺𑀱𑁆𑀬 𑀫𑁂 𑀩𑁆𑀭𑀸𑀳𑁆𑀫𑀻 𑀏𑀯𑀁 𑀲𑀁𑀲𑁆𑀓𑀾𑀢 𑀫𑁂 𑀳𑀫 𑀯𑀸𑀭𑁆𑀢𑀸𑀮𑀸𑀧 𑀓𑀭𑁂𑀁𑀕𑁂𑁇 𑀚𑀬 𑀰𑁆𑀭𑀻 𑀭𑀸𑀫 𑁇𑁇
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>>431944 Control abdool control
>>431946 Very uncreative imo.
>>431948 I am nog on laptop else would have made a blacked edit of this guy.
>>431948 But it sends the messages
>>431951 Ohhhhh

(167.08 KB 680x566 1626125959091.jpg)
Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 05:45:50 ID:95f8ed No. 431378 [Reply] [Last]
>Lord Indra, god of gods, why won't you answer me..
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>>431816 He drives a richfag car personally and posted his expensive tractor riding. Money mogs me tho.
>>431854 He money mogs everyone here.
>>431816 Aryaman father is an adgp,he mogs every inchcel every born
>>431943 Leanmaxxex aryaman mogs all abdools here. So does PaChad saab. Libchhakko ki maa chodo
>>431813 >Not to forget hes literally crorepati. So is Aryaman

Anon 02/03/2023 (Fri) 07:36:01 ID:b2ca38 No. 431682 [Reply]
Zoomerjeets and jeetas are getting so unfit and fat these days from all the goyslop consumption. Going to to kallej is absolutely brootalll, 70% of foids have high body fat. And 50% of guys are fat fucks, the other half is majorly skellingtons.
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>>431812 Post kar yaar
That's good. You should know that getting rid of fat or being 8-13bf% makes you more attractive that many actually attractive people who have lot of face fat which covers their potential.
>>431926 Br00tal yaar, I keep getting mogged T. Gora fatcel
>>431928 when are you going to lose weight?
>>431929 I have been for about 7 months now, I was just so obese that it has been a difficult and drawn out process. Here's hoping its completed within the next few months