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/wallpapers general/ Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 12:24:16 ID:845061 No. 205944 [Reply]
post you papes no ss allowed
(2.29 MB 1142x2538 nhh56xcxu2p91.png)

Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 06:40:33 ID:d658c1 No. 205207 [Reply]
I may get laid after 10 days, suggest me something so that I become a sex god >inb4 meri maa se puch
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>>205207 Buy sidenafil 50 mg Break in 4 Take 1 If dick is not like a harf rod take another piece Fuck all night Start by making ,eat her pussy For eating few licks then vaccum her pussy and then vaccum the clit Dont finger like retard ,do it very gently and once in a while fingering put ur smallest finger in ass and then kiss her(it helps to not get bire and maintains mood) Just watch any website on positions and try every sinceon sidenafil u will last long
>>205302 Looks like innocent biamaru hoe who trusted you If you didmt marry her god will make u impotent ,shit man im not even trad but it would be so sad if u leave her
>>205460 He said shes type of a whore. It is enough reason not to marry her. Go be cuck somewhere else.
>>205458 We'll only be meeting for a hour so I don't need it for whole night, also is it safe to take sidenafil? Aur bros is it safe to go into hotel? Police to nhi na aa jayegi
>>205960 Atleast meet for 3 hours Pehli baar to foreplay mein hi 15 20 minute nikal or kissing or baki foreplay roleplay stripping mein Baad mein sab bore hojayega lekim shuru mein to maze lo Or sidenafil theek kaam karegi bas dukaan par 50 mg mangna or aadhi se zyaada mat lena Ek din pehle laake try krlema hilane ke liye ke 1/4 th mein kaam ho raha hai ya nahi, agar erection rod jaisa hai to kaam hogaya

Bros Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 12:34:55 ID:b7711f No. 205954 [Reply]
The fuck man
Finally. It's never really over
>>205954 Fuck India.
(3.39 MB 408x720 Kaun hai madarchod.mp4)
>>205954 >MFW when I see a poopjeeta.
>>205954 man fuck this shit, literal aunties are giving exams now. this meme exam suck ass

(258.15 KB 640x491 4puczh7h24q91.png)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 11:22:18 ID:f227a0 No. 205842 [Reply]
(79.51 KB 1080x1349 jumana khan tik tok.jpeg)
>>205842 This is very funny anon
>>205842 😆😆

(4.34 KB 212x119 images.png)
cyber cell insider Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 11:28:35 ID:fc2af4 No. 205861 [Reply]
cybel cell insider ,look guys from past few days my colleagues at office have been ordered to track this site and log IP's but as it is a site hosted in USA ,they can't do much so heah everything is chill , don't click on any random link tha can give your IP ,because the plan is to just pick two three persons and blame them for everything posted on the site ,so I will recommend to use a vpn . 1.they will look for frequent users and as a ip is unique to a certain device we can crosstrack the ip and ran it through isp's to get your number etc 2.they check how much data you had in your phone from daily quota and how much was left till the time you used the site to check the data uoloaded/downloaded and if you use optical then it's more easy to crosscheck 3. go undercover and frequent users should stop visiting till the heat calm down 4. they are coming after this shit site because now they are targeting sites with niche followers and users because someone told the head that most illegal content is posted on the sites which are not mainstream
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>>205895 Nahi. Just curious
>>205896 Utha le re devaa utha le.
>>205861 Aaj ek mast coom thread bananein ka soch rha tha yaar ab janny larp kark aise bc karega tu
>>205861 Literally 1984 yarr, I will use VPN from now on

(873.29 KB 725x502 nim.PNG)
Interracial Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 10:24:58 ID:c19d10 No. 205662 [Reply]
Fair north indian milf gets dp'ed by two black tamil bulls
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>>205873 Picrel will mog you.
(121.79 KB 908x1280 gx98o6tz7ua91.jpg)
>>205883 too sexy yaar
>>205883 Ek kareena kapoor randi ka bhi banado please anon
>>205932 Kareena to cucktri randi jai

(542.80 KB 474x476 AB.PNG)
Too sexy yaar Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 11:55:09 ID:8d6e55 No. 205907 [Reply]
Ankita bhandari murderes beaten up by pooblic
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>>205941 >>205940 >be a poor good girl >try to support family >get raped and murder by politician sons >politicians party,the ruling party stop the case from coming into media >paid media becomes blind >media wonders why india's freedom indes is getting bad Kill these madarchods.
>>205947 Index*
>>205907 Btw yeh right wale banda ka kaccha ka strap hi bacha hai ya isne pehn hi thongs rakhi hai?
>>205950 Ha lagta hai thong hi pehna hai cuck ne
>>205951 >dad is a politician from right conservative party > son is a pimp and wears thongs Absolute state

(12.42 KB 224x225 images.jpg)
nit nagaland electrical jeefag 09/26/2022 (Mon) 10:37:23 ID:b7aa70 No. 205704 [Reply]
pregnancy rank 71k, nit nagaland me electrical miljayega, lelu kya? waha ka gender ratio kaisa hoga, kya mujhe NE qt gf milegi waha?
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>>205704 >nagaland mr jayega tu
>>205704 Nangaland
>>205704 > nagaland Bhai rape ho jaayega waha, tribals there are literal cannibals who will eat you. placement to bhool hi jaa.
Its not even useful for nit tag Kahi bhi cse lele Warna naa naukri milegi naa kuch

(694.50 KB 1080x1756 IMG_20220926_144455.jpg)
It's over kekda 09/26/2022 (Mon) 09:17:46 ID:813937 No. 205484 [Reply] [Last]
She's a HE
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>>205733 Then tell your fellow Tamils to stop harrassing our women.
>>205807 Mogs every subhuman tamil actor keep coping plumber setupati lovers
>>205807 and he is a muslim chad
(44.54 KB 400x600 Sendhil_Ramamurthy.webp)

(3.27 MB 334x251 1663988244346994.gif)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 08:34:58 ID:250915 No. 205405 [Reply]
I haven't and won't take but my company is asking vaccine certificates should i make a fake one? Any suggestions
>>205405 Behnkelode laga le vaccine. Mar nhi jayega .
>>205405 a. indian vaccines are safu b. use pdf editor websites c. if you are doing all this for some measly 900rs. fuck you.
>>205405 >should i make a fake one? Haven't you already? >inb4 no make one asap and if it's just for your company(which I presume wouldn't validate) then make one at home or else contact someone.
(33.74 KB 211x325 images (4).jpeg)
>>205405 >eh no vaccines eh >vaccines are giving heartattacks man ,just last week my friend charles died of it while ordering his 12th bigmac from burger king man