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NNN Admin Board owner 10/31/2022 (Mon) 17:27:55 ID:173d12 No. 282086
To help our many users participating in NNN, the anti-coomer moderation policy will be more strictly enforced on all boards for the next month, with any lust-inducing images attached to a post being unlinked.
>>285080 There's a report button.
>>285106 i thought it was only for cp and gore
Nowadays I'm not even sure what I'm cooming too. I'm just cooming.
>>285729 Coom to this
>>282086 Inchfags are basically all sepoys (including me) The worldview of all the people here are shaped by Western White supremacist internet forums. people here use the same kind of words (pajeet, redpill, blackpill, incel etc) as the teenagers and NEETs sitting in cumskin countries typing away to glory from their mother's basement and equate right wing to pro-White and anything anti-White is seen as left wing The people here spent so much time on those forums that even without visiting a Western country they have the exact same worldview and mindset as your average cumskin teenager going through his based and redpilled Reddit/4chan phase Basically the White massa (some 16 year old American/European kids on the internet) dictate how you should think and feel about yourself and the world around you They tell you that you're a subhuman, you believe it. They tell you that you're not that bad, at least you're not a nigher/sandnigher you find a new place in that hierarchy and try to impress White teenagers by hating nighers and sandnighers more
>>286001 we must rape yt women
>>286008 >yt Fuck you. You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will be used as moniker of evil for heretics. Even if all of humanity put together their collective intelligence there is no conceivable way they could have thought up a way to fuck up on the unimaginable scale you just did. When Jesus died for our sins, he must not have seen the sacrilegious act we just witnessed you performing, because if he did he would have forsaken humanity long ago so that your birth may have never become reality. After you die, your skeleton will be displayed in a museum after being scientifically researched so that all future generations may learn not to generate your bone structure, because every tiny detail anyone may have in common with you degrades them to a useless piece of trash and a burden to society. No wonder your father questioned whether or not your were truly his son, for you'd have to not be a waste of carbon matter for anyone to love you like a family member. Your birth made it so that mankind is worse of in every way you can possibly imagine, and you have made it so that society can never really recover into a state of organization. Everything has forever fallen into a bewildering chaos, through which unrecognizable core, you can only find misfortune. I would say the apocalypse is upon us but this is merely the closest word humans have for the sheer scale of horror that is now reality. You have forever condemned everyone you love and know into an eternal state of suffering, worse than any human concept of hell. You are such an unholy being, that if you step within a one hundred foot radius of a holy place or a place that has ever been deemed important by anyone, your distorted sac religious soul will ruin whatever meaning it ever had beyond repair. You are an idiotic, shiteating, dumbass ape and no one has ever loved you. Rhodes Island would have been better off if you'd never joined us. You are a lying, backstabbing, cowardly useless piece of shit and I hate you with every single part of my being. Even this worlds finest writers and poets from throughout the ages could never hope to accurately describe the scale on which you just fucked up, and how incredibly idiotic you are. Anyone that believes in any religion out there should now realize that they have been wrong this entire time, for if divine beings were real, they would never have allowed a being such as you to stain the earth and this universe. In the future there will be horror stories made about you, with the scariest part of them being that the reader has to realize that such an indescribable monster actually exists, and that the horrific events from the movie have actually taken place in the same world that they live in right now. You are the absolute embodiment of everything that has ever been wrong on this earth, yet you manage to make it so that that is only a small part of the evil that is your being. Never in the history of mankind has there been anyone that could have predicted such an eldrich abomination, but here you are. It’s hard to believe that I am seeing such an incredible failure with my own eyes, but here I am, so unfortunately I cannot deny your existence. Even if I did my very best, my vocabulary is not able to describe the sheer magnitude of the idiotic mistake that is you. Even if time travel some day will be invented, there still would not be a single soul willing to go back in time to before this moment to fix history, because having to witness such incredible horrors if they failed would have to many mental and physical drawbacks that not even the bravest soul in history would be willing to risk it. I cannot imagine the pure dread your mother must have felt when she had to carry a baby for nine months and then giving birth to such a wretched monster as you. Not a single word of the incoherent, illogical rambling you may be wanting to do to defend yourself or apologize would ever be able to make up for what you just did. The countries of the world would have wanted to make laws preventing such a terrible event like this from ever happening again, but sadly this is not possible since your horrific actions just now have shattered every form of order this world once had, making concepts such as laws irrelevant. Right from the moment I first set my eyes on you I knew you were an absolute abomination of everything that is wrong with humanity. I was hoping I would have been able to prevent your evil from being released upon this world by tagging along and keeping my eye on you, but it is clear to me now that not even the greatest efforts would have been able to prevent a terrible event in this scale from occurring. You are the worst human being, or even just being in general, that I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. Events like the infected plague apparently only happened with the goal of teaching humanity to survive such a horrible event as the one you just created, but not even mankind’s greatest trials were able to even slightly prepare anyone for the insufferable evil you have just created. If you ever had them, your children would be preemptively killed to protect this universe from the possibility of anyone in your bloodline being even half as bad as you are, except you will never be able to have children, because not a single human being will ever want to come within a hundred mile radius of you and anything you have ever touched. You are a colossal disappointment not only to your parents, but to your ancestors and entire bloodline. The disgusting mistake that you have just made is so incredibly terrible that everyone who would ever be to hear about it would spontaneously feel an indescribable mixture of immense anger, fear and anxiety that emotionally and physically they would never truly be the same ever again. The sheer scale of your mistake, if ever to be materialized, would not only surpass the size of the world, but it would reach far beyond the edges of the known, and almost certainly the unknown universe. I could sit here and write paragraphs, nay, books describing your immense failure, yet even if I were to dedicate my life to describing the reality of what has just gone down here, and I would spend every moment of it until my heart stops beating working as hard and efficiently as possible, yet there is not even a snowballs chance in hell that I would be able to come close to transcribing the absolute shitshow you have just released upon the world. You are an irresponsible, idiotic, disgusting, unloved, horrible excuse for a living being who’s soul contains less humanity than every ginger in history combined. The absolute disgust I feel when thinking about anything that has even a slight resemblance to anything that might have to do with you and your unholy actions is so incredibly great that when I am honest about it I think that even I do not posses a consciousness great enough to comprehend my own feelings about it. When people of Columbia fought to break free from Lungmen, countless soldiers fought and lost their lives in favor of a chance at a better future for their children, they did not give their lives to have you fuck the world up beyond repair to the degree that you are doing right now. Honestly, even when technology advances and studies on the subject become more and more accurate, I do not think humanity will ever truly be able to understand what your failure actually means for the universe. My hate for you and everything you stand for is so much deeper than the depths of Shambala that you could probably take the entire Lungmen population down there and back up around twenty million times before you would have sunk to the end of my hate, and honestly, I do not want to exaggerate, but I think that that insult was low balling it such a massive amount that all mountains in this world combined would not be able to stack up to this imprecise judgement in light of the fact that when being honest, my hate is almost certainly bottomless. There is no one in this world that has ever loved you, and especially after what you just did, no one will ever love you in the future either. There is no hope that your idiotic behavior and especially your crooked soul will ever change for the better, and in fact quite the opposite might be true. By making the mistake that you just did, you have shown me that you are so incredibly hopeless that you will only devolve into a more idiotic and wretched creature than you already are. The only possible way in which your future would be brighter than the black hole your existence currently is would exclusively be because there is absolutely no conceivable way that you would even be able to sink lower than the pathetic place your current failure has put you in.
>>282086 Thamks pyale mod
(22.67 KB 412x513 images (1).jpeg)
>>285915 I coomed to women's cricket match
>>286791 She is a Top Tier Hottie AAAHHHHKKK
why are pinned threads dead? fuck you inchtards https://encyclopediadramatica.online/NARENDRA_MODI
>>290687 because it is S H I T H I T
Is noporn>nofap? Because I can't have sex I need to quench my sexual energy somehow right? Why not just fap without porn. And by fap I mean just quickly coom.
>>290945 you must be one of those idiots who follow this retarded trend, fuck it all and go fap. i don't follow this ridiculous shit and i will fap anytime i want.
>>290950 I understand that porn fucks up your brain and can cause ED. But is fapping itself bad?
>>291162 H A R A M
>>282086 You're all trolling. This is why the world is falling apart. No one has integrity or is straight up helpful, understanding, and informative. Sorry, I'm not a stupid fucker, and I'll give serious answers, because that's the right thing to do. Feel free to disagree, but I believe in helping and assisting others. There's a strange phenomenon going on with the internet these days, and I'm not quite sure why. Prolific dissemination of knowledge and information should be the goal. To help and assist others. Not to call them names - were you sure they were joking? Do you know how many years of training and experience is necessary to know the OSI model, all of its components, the structure of data flow with packets, IP addressing schemas... This is a lot. If someone is just curious, why not give a simple reply? Everyone tells each other "go find out for yourself" - I find that fucked up. The purpose of online communities like this is to accelerate the proliferation of information, not to just kick them to the curb and laugh. Anyways, I don't believe in that. I will always provide truthful information and provide help whenever someone asks, because it's the right thing to do.
And, Sorry dude. But everyone here is lying to you. I'll be the adult here and actually provide some info of value. I've worked in IT, cybersecurity, network engineering, research, architecture, and designs for 15 years. I held a TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance when I was in the US Air Force. You don't have to believe my background, you have no reason to, but it's true. Anyways, most everyone on this thread is trolling the fuck out of you, and I'm sorry they are being a bunch of 12 year olds babbling about nonsense. Most probably came from 4chan. In fact, there is actually a fair amount of correct information on that picture. You'd honestly be better off doing a web search and look for legit websites and articles talking about how to access and navigate the Tor Network. I wouldn't recommend posting here at all and searching for help. It's an extreme rarity that you WON'T be called "OP is a faggot" - that's a phrase that mostly became popularized by 4chan. Good luck, dude.
(815.36 KB 900x2700 34eg0n871v671.png)
>>291799 pic unrel
(160.58 KB 1080x553 IMG_20221107_212115.jpg)
pic unrel
>>291861 if women and over 30 being retarded on the internet, do the needful
>>291861 Who’s this?
>>291913 Holy kek
>>291913 chaudharyscorpionsinghjaat
>>291913 photo ka (BTW I am a coomer) bhai
>>291964 She’s in that twoxrandia server
>>291964 Alaska yadav
Kash ye मेरी माँ hoti
>>282086 inch is clearly designed for children, women, the mentally incapacitated, the weak willed, gypsies, homosexuals and other undesirables. Whereas 4chan is the last bastion of moral strength left in our degenerate society. Comparing inch to 4chan, is like comparing chimpanzees screeching wildly as they throw shit at a wall, to a symphony written by translating the chess moves in 'Kasparov vs Topalov' into music. There is no comparison. To be honest, 4chan would be the foundation of my ideal society, with the most successful jannie becoming the leader of the nation, as the mixture of intelligence and strategic thinking needed to captain a 4chan board would mean they could easily lead any country into prosperity. inch would be ok for kids, but once they reach their thirteenth birthday they would have to burn the brightly coloured garb associated with the "imageboard" and would be told "you're man now, learn to block".
>>293701 Kek good copy pasta
(148.23 KB 1080x1957 4y1t9c5053z91.jpg)
>>295138 ooooh bcccc!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
im a straight white christian male
>>295821 Go back, yavan mlechha.
>>297575 >yew >jew jew spotted yaara apne paise bachao
>>297612 yewtu.be is a link to Invidious, its a YouTube alternate but without the trackers. Some of the videos won't play though
>>297612 I forgot to mention that don't click the link he posted. Good thing the site doesn't support the video kek.
>>302958 oh shit bro you're right
>>282086 Maine aaj 4chan par tranny porn dekhke 1 ghanta edge kia.
>>282086 Opened inch after a couple of months. Glad to see this post. Also I haven't wanked for 39 days. Almost a personal best. We got this bros. WAGMI!!!
>>312972 >didnt masturbate for over a month you are not healthy lol
>>320543 Another victim of the meme
>>312972 It does absolutely nothing, your test levels spike after 7 days and then normalize, not wanking doesn't make you superhuman
>>282086 Kal se naal ka pani start Bois
>>282086 time to unpin this thread JANNIES do your job NNN is no more