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r/TwoXIndia Moderation TwoXIndia Moderator 11/24/2022 (Thu) 19:01:49 ID:d800a2 No. 316084
I am the moderator of r/TwoXIndia subreddit. I have been lurking on this forum for some time and have decided to see things from a different viewpoint. I want you guys to provide your viewpoint and share the posts that you think are androgynist and actually represent the toxic side of Indian Feminist Movement.
>>316200 Arey hizda hai woh tranny ka bacha yeh same ring is chakke ne pehle bhi post ki thi
>>316464 >modern Indian feminists support this infanticide cult What? Why the hell would they do that? What am i missing here?
>>316469 i dont think hes talking about overall abortion numbers but only those abortion that happen solely because the fetus is female
>>316477 >Killing randis before they are even born Based
>>316111 >>316094 >man hands KWAB
>>316472 Hahahaha
>>316298 Daflick bhi gya New id batao yaara
>>316792 Nhi hai new id, bas maa chudane gya reddit aur bhangitards. Ab bas porn ke liye ek id banauga. Saala poora reddit randiyo aur cucks se bhara hai
>>316816 Bhangitards me jhaante bhar ka dhang ka content aagya toh aajkal mods uda dete hai, bas wahi cringey shitter bhangigram memes hai, saala koi us sub pe black pill ki baate bhi nhi kar sakta, poora chamaro ka group aa jayega report karne. Pregnancytards ka aadha traffic toh idm aur randia 2xrandia jaise subs se aata hai, imagine being in a same sub as pajeetas, those very same creatures which hate my existence irl
>>316084 Brooo wrong website. Yaha pe sirf real incels and fake incels milenge?????? You will just get trolled
>>316838 Troll tab karenge jab asli identity malum hogi, aur mai toh anon supremacy me believe karta hu. Ab se yahi apna hang out spot hoga
>>316111 ewww disgusting nails
>>316094 You'll never be a woman
(83.42 KB 1200x502 sp.jpeg)
>>316989 maybe it's not the nails, it's the places they go are disgusting.
>>316094 >>316111 beautiful hands dear 😍
>>316476 Go to r/prolife
>>316464 >Pic related That was bound to happen because the entire theoretical framework of feminism lies in intersectionality. Which places trannies above women. Once you accept intersectionality, instead of accepting that the reason why your identity group is inferior is due to biological reality instead of being a collective societal conspiracy to put you group down, it'll be just a slippery slope towards which group can win the persecution complex olympics. This isn't a bug, but a feature of feminism.
>>316084 Feminism has always been a psyop by CIA to destroy workers movement. What do you have to say about that? >>316464 Also to add, pic related is also misleading. >Right to study at 1909 Most people didn't "study" before the 20th century, men or women. Your pic implies otherwise. I would argue compulsory public education is itself is a huge spook, made by the elites for the only goal of brainwashing people and create a loyal slave force not that's a discussion for another thread. >Right to vote in 1919 Most of the world were absolute monarchies and most "democracies", if they did exist, it was provided to a tiny fraction of landed gentry were given the right to vote. Your picture implies most men were voting till 1919 when in fact most of the democratization process around the world only happened after the first World War. Your third image is the most misleading, women have been working since the advent of World War 2 when factories became emptied due to men leaving for war and elites needing a new set of wagies to replace them.
>>316094 Anon apni didi/mummy/dadi ke hand mat post >>316434 Abe ja saale kitne purane pics kab se dol rahen hai is churma making forum pe
>>316142 This ia a larp right yaaro ?
>>317115 make your own conclusions fucking redditchamar, no one will spoonfeed you
>>317115 Every statistics prove that athletic men are the most likely to be right wing, why does this surprise you chamar? Only a culture that believes in strength and beauty can nurture strong men and beautiful women. A culture that rooted in envy, will only create weak infantile men and women who are just lesser men.
>>317116 >>317120 Confirmed that is a larp , I fail to believe someone who looks like that will browse this hate filled Eco chamber
>>317131 Anon, this is what projection looks like.
>>317131 Delusional chamar. You need to go back to plebbit.
>>317131 This shithole of a website had extremely rich and goodlooking chads like cucktri ,aryan was richfag. Also few more richfags who were and are present Genuises like bhangali and many iitian and the previous mid cleared inmo and others Many athletic anons. This is nit r/librandu where chamars seethe
>>317146 Aryanman and 6'2 khatri chad. Both were crorepatis.
>>317149 Aryaman*
>>317149 Tab bhi bsdk pregnancy fagging karta tha? Isse accha bitsat ke liye mehenat karra
>>317149 And Aryaman actually lost weight after being bullied by inchchads. Meanwhile people at reddit meetups only got progressively fatter and fatter.
>>317156 >inch >chads
(944.05 KB 498x498 pepelaughing-pepelaugh.gif)
>>317146 >High IQ geniuses >Bhangali and IIT cucks
>>317161 I remember there are cmifags istchamar iitfags iiitfags nitchakke ca/cma fags 1-2srcc Hindu Xavier's fag we got good amount of decent iq fucks bere
(1.71 MB 2606x3664 IMG_20221124_231830.jpg)
>>316142 Maa chod denge sbki
>>317196 Based , stats anon ?
>>317196 Solid frame anon , what's your height ?
>>317219 >>317231 5'11" 85-86kg current
>>317196 Based chad. I will make sure I look like this after a year
(2.51 MB 498x490 373789.webp)
>>316142 >>317196 Literally in top 1 percent of males in Indian society , how do I even deal with this as a 5'7'' manlet. Even muscle building on me will be regarded as coping for small height Its all over for me yaaro
>>317260 Get lean at least. I know you are a incelchamar obsessed with women so mostly women in pajeetland are less than your height.
>>317260 i need to reduce weight man, doing a good course that'll make me rich but i need to get thin
>>317275 >good course that'll make me rich Actuarial soynces,quant finance ms,ecometrics ms ?
>>317275 > doing a good course that'll make me rich NGMI
>>317196 Bhery masculine, routine?
>>316094 >>316111 You have shit stuck in your nails 🤢🤢🤮
>>316142 Kek I remember this guy from other thread , alpha af >>317196 Mirin' anon , solid gains >>317260 Strong incel energy , height is only one parameter maxxx on others
>>317156 lmao theyre called progressives for a reason
>>317253 Bilkul bhai. Jai shree ram >>317260 Dil chota na kat bhai. Your height is decent.. Don't loose sleep over things which you can't change. Lift heavy and eat a ton of protein >>317310 I'm vegetarian bhai. Have strong weightlifting and wrestling base. Been doing it for arnd 10 years kn and off. Current routine is ppl with some variation.
>>317260 It's over
>>317260 Why are inchards so ominous