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(1.56 MB 1080x1350 image_2022-08-05_221621157.png)
(3.49 MB 1440x1800 image_2022-08-05_221632588.png)
Pics Thread Anon 08/05/2022 (Fri) 16:48:54 ID:e2a74c No. 121544
post pictures that you took/discovered recently
(3.87 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20190825_173421.jpg)
>>121544 Took this pic a long ago. I want to RETVRN to Nature. I am tired of being a basement dweller.
(339.98 KB 499x462 1659061838509832.png)
>>121555 mujhe bhi suraj ki roshni chahiye yaar hope I will get to visit some cool places soon
>>121560 bhai ye janwar sach mein exist karta hai kya????
(170.40 KB 1024x680 nwt5qu3.jpg)
>>121560 Wtf is that real?
>>121565 Wtf do you watch this shit? Do you get by watching this?
>>121565 tere baap ka gangrape ho jaye
>>121565 Kitne gande jaanwar ho tum log Masoom aur pyare janwar jo bol nhi skte unhe tadhpate ho, or ise dekhne wale bhi utne hi gande hai jitne banane wale
>>121578 thanks for this
(3.28 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_090837626.jpg)
(3.43 MB 4000x2250 IMG_20201119_145451.jpg)
(4.13 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210620_064501780.jpg)
>>121555 Some other pics I took before I became a basement dweller
>>121582 All of these are unedited and taken on my ₹10k phone
>>121578 >>121581 Age ke sath sath gore tolerance kam hota ja raha mera yaar
>>121583 Bura mat maan na bro lekin edited lag bhi nahi rahe
>>121570 >>121562 Tum log andhe ho? Saaf saaf dikhta hai jaanwar exist kar raha hai lekin phir bhi bachkaane sawal karte ho.
>>121586 Haha ik
>>121587 Wtf paani mein bhi? Ground variant hai kya iska? Yeh tho literally pokeman h
>>121573 Are sirf internet pe edgy persona banate, real life me unki maa ka used pad dekh ke fatt jati
>>121588 Randi ke pille ke band kar yeh sab. Maan se srap dita hu tujhe, tu aise hi mare.
>>121587 bhai wtf??? kaha milta hai ye praani
>>121582 3rd one is nice yaar also is that a, nah that cant be a beach only if that coast was clean :( would have been a nice spot with that abandoned yacht
>>121584 I can't stand animal abuse yaar i don't mind watching human gore but animal gore i can't and if i see shit like this happening in front of me i would do something really stupid
>>121584 mera bhi yaara, animal abuse to waise bhi dekha jaata tha
>>121599 *nahi dekha
>>121598 Same man
>>121599 Haan kisi helpless ka abuse karna is such a low bar
>>121597 Yes the 2nd one is from beach but the beach has been abandoned and no one uses it except for fishermen.
>>121599 >>121601 >>121604 I literally jerked off to guro last night par ye sach m dekha nahi jaata what is this phenomenon
randi ke pille bas ghatiya videos store karke rakhte hai. kabhi samne matt dikh jana. kasam paida karne wale ki jail se darr mahi lagta mujhe itni buri tarah maut dunga ki mullo ki bhi rooh kaanp uthegi
>>121612 full sapot vai
>>121620 pls give address anon. tumhe mujhe kuch paise lautane hai
>>121612 Stiletto high heels ka bada fan lagta hai Stiletto chaku se iska sar tan se juda kar denge wo bhi bhagwan ji ke Minecraft world me
>>121620 tujhse bada madarchod nahi dekha chutiye. teri kasam se gaand mein sariya daal ke guts nikal deni chahiye.
>>121630 Are wo aise hi reaction ke liye post karte, best hai unhe ignore karo
>>121620 Jannie se nivedan hai ki iski ip address public ki jaye
(323.82 KB 422x422 catfishe.png)
>>121634 pata hai par ek baddua deni thi mujhe bas
>>121620 meh post something new
>>121620 good, post more. thanks anon
>>121544 No more animal cruelty or animal gore video. Instead of calling for janice just report such shit instantly.
>>121653 i did report janny sahab
>>121653 Janice pls be nice we raabu you 🥺
>>121654 Yeh tho edited hai yaar. Wo billa wala animal asli h sayad
>>121657 That guy evaded the ban and started posting such shit again. I checked the reports and those were empty after I did the first cleaning.
>>121660 -_- is this sarcasm?
>>121665 pagal hai kya, billi wala animal sachchi mein real hai
>>121671 take your meds
>>121653 I almost reported But i felt kind of hopeless You will remove the videos but they are just a representation of the reality You can't reverse the pain felt in those videos You would have removed them sooner or later but it wouldn't have changed much 😭😭😭😭
>>121674 Kya meds bhai.
>>121654 I only save real pics those aren't real
>>121674 you really don't know? mazak kar raha hai kya?
(34.35 KB 612x408 Wut animal yaar.jpg)
>>121682 >>121685 Mujhe bhi ek pic mila par jewgle wale naam nahi dikha rahe iska. They don't want us to know yaar wtf
>>121560 Holy shit they are real!!! They are called meowls!!
>>121690 Saved
>>121766 suck trannice's mutilated cock faggot
(364.33 KB 4032x3024 stargazing.jpg)
(1.69 MB 4160x3120 Christoph tag.jpg)
>>121544 1st - Went stargazing at night, took this when the sun was starting to come up. It was one of those days when the planets were in alignment. 2. Pride celebration at a GDR building.
I will actually go out again tomorrow to some forest. I spent too much time with screens like says >>121555 These rare escapes are all I live for right now.
>>121853 German blondes are so rapable yaar 😋😋😋 No wonder the Soviets invaded their fertile pussies so much in Berlin
>>121853 Those woman are hot af mujhe bhi ek German waifu chahiye bros
>>121858 White women aren't marriage material, they're genetically sluts who like murdering their babies You should use white women as sex toys / rape slaves while marrying a nice Indian woman
>>121853 anon kun, were you the poster who recommended an op to read tartar steppe? I started reading it yesterday and I'm halfway through the book already, it's chilling as fuck. I haven't read so much of a book in one sitting. Do you have any other recommendations? I'd like to see if I can bring myself into books.
>>121861 Yeah that is me. That book is something else. As for recommendations, it depends entorely on what kind of interests you have.
(3.63 MB 550x308 im_a_barby_girl_army.webm)
>>121861 I am glad that you are enjoying this book. The book expresses a very nice deep idea. Another book i can think of is sacred games. The show is not a reflection of the book. The book is much deeper and its messages are more nuanced. Its stories are also very Indian.
(429.11 KB 864x480 Screenshot_20220806-094226.png)
>>121544 Terrace ka mast view
(908.62 KB 864x638 Screenshot_20220806-094530.png)
>>121944 Went /out/ a few months back
(579.78 KB 1280x960 SAVE_20211118_201433.jpg)
(1.94 MB 4000x2250 IMG_20211103_191106.jpg)
(5.26 MB 2250x4000 IMG_20200106_195239.jpg)
>>121544 3rd one is from Goa. Saw It above an SBI ATM
>>121954 Buddha walla accha hai
>>121862 >>121866 idk man, I've never been into books. My last two reads were dotw by Spengler and bronze age mindset but i read them to catch up with twatter bhangis, took me painstakingly long time to finish those two. But I'm genuinely loving this book, always looking forward to continue when I'm busy with work. I dreamt about being in fort bastiani >depends entirely on what kind of interests you have recommend your fav reads or whatever you think is interesting and easy to relate to. also, not sacred games yaar
>>121962 Thank you dear
>>121963 I dreamt about being in fort bastiani last night, and trust me i haven't had such a vivid dream in a v long time. Could see everything through drogo's eyes I have 1984 by George Orwell and the communist manifesto at home, is the former any good?
>>121946 >>121944 Both great pics anon. >>121954 Like the door one. >>121963 >>121967 Starting with non fiction is a bad idea, I can think of Moby dick and Kafka stories, those might interest you. You should try audio books as well, if you have a busy life. 1984 is very based anon. These books are classics for a very good reason. I am glad you are enjoying this. Do tell what you thought of Tartar steppe when done, maybe make a new thread on man.
>>121767 kys as well
>>122457 Beautiful yaar
>>121954 LFMOA which town boasts that door
>>121946 try taking panaromas yaar these hills will look great in that aspect ratio
>>122457 Is this Mizoram ?
>>122424 >Starting with non fiction is a bad idea Makes sense now, there was not much to imagine while reading those books. I could read them but only for a short period w/o getting bored, thought I had a messed up attention span. Kafka looks good, will give it a try. I'll read 1984 first as I have a hardcopy of it, that shouldn't take more than a week >Do tell what you thought of Tartar steppe It's really good so far, I'll make a thread if I get time. I was occupied with work the entire time yesterday, I'll continue it now and possibly finish by night. Have 6 hours at hand, let's see if it's doable.
>>123362 I'll also go through some bookstores tomorrow and try to get my hands on hardcopies of those you recommended. These books are available at dirt cheap rates at my place
>>123367 Paper books are unbeatable. If you have your own place and space, it is worth the investment.