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(20.13 KB 256x256 communityIcon_azdni16sidg71.png)
r/TwoXIndia Moderation TwoXIndia Moderator 11/24/2022 (Thu) 19:01:49 ID:d800a2 No. 316084
I am the moderator of r/TwoXIndia subreddit. I have been lurking on this forum for some time and have decided to see things from a different viewpoint. I want you guys to provide your viewpoint and share the posts that you think are androgynist and actually represent the toxic side of Indian Feminist Movement.
Proof or larp
>>316084 Rape karduga
>>316084 choot dikha rendi.
>>316084 Write indiachan or 2xindia on in your hand on a paper and post it and your hand should be visible. Do it within next 5 minutes or gtfo.
here you go
>>316094 This thread glows.
>>316084 >toxic side of Indian Feminist Movement. we know who our words get through to and to whom they don't.
just send the posts, thats all I ask for.
Feminism is toxic. There is no good or bad feminism. Men and women can never be equal both physically and emotionally
>>316094 that's not proof retard, we need to see an actual proof that ties you to your reddit account
I am not going to reveal my reddit username on this forum.
>>316094 not enough proof. write d800a2 in the space between, on the same paper. now take a picture with your filthy nails visible and post it
>>316084 hmmm its not like that I hate women nut they're just inferior in an unemotional way. There are no great women or women geniuses or women generals. Women are consensus driven, cowardly baby making machines that bring out the worst in men. If a man acted like a woman we'd rightly call him an utter faggot. Men are specialized problem solvers whereas women are specialized baby makers. Women can only beat men at baby making. Given that humans conquered the world through generalized problem solving abilities its no surprise that men dominate almost everything
>>316084 Too much whining and victim-playing. Apart from that, I don't particularly find twoxindia different from my views.
(180.99 KB 1600x1502 2.jpeg)
I will not be providing anything more than this. So stop demanding more proofs,its creepy
>>316111 nice ring. did your husband give it to you?
I just wear it as an accessory
>>316103 larp+bait+this thread glows don't engage mitro
This isnt helping at all
>>316111 >I want you guys to provide your viewpoint and share the posts that you think are androgynist and actually represent the toxic side of Indian Feminist Movement. and step into leddit cancer. lady please
>>316122 abe chamar sage kar na
>>316108 my god grow some balls. are you 12
>>316115 looks good. wanna have lunch? if you're in ncr we could meet and discuss the viewpoint of this website more
No I am not interested. Just give me the links to the posts
>>316128 Stfu retard. Stop your autism. Project somewhere else.
>>316108 thanks saar but your voice is quite familiar from some voice messages that I heard in a telegram group.
>>316130 >You don know Spoken like a true NlGGER.
>>316131 don't use telegram. welcome.
>>316127 We wuzzz moderators and shit. Bhen ki Lodi sab so gaye iss samay. Bhenchod. Mujhe toh itni dikkatein Hain tumhare movements se ki main kya hi likhun.
>>316084 >Provide my viewpoint Teri demand pe provide karunga kya? Raat ko toh thread banaya hai ab laptop nikaal kar type karun poore poore essays bhenchod. Acchi tarah se lurk karle iss website ko saali chinnal rundi. Aur zara apni body count toh bhonk.
Bhen ke lode chale aate hain yahan par raat mein chudne ke baad. Behenchod.
>>316111 Your hand looks nice. What's your age dear?
>>316114 >>316127 That's how average user of indiachan looks dumb randi. When our time come to rule india,we will ban education for women. Fucking retarded low iq bitch
(649.29 KB 319x178 1663437933522299.gif)
>>316137 >chinnal rundi.
>>316140 Chup ho ja schizo saale poora thread barbaad kar diya tune.
>>316127 Rundi reply karte samhe jisko reply kar rahi hai uske trips Tera baap ayega mention karne. Jo bhosadika itni mehnat karke paise kamata hai toilet saaf kar ke aur Ghar aake apni chudi Hui bacchi ko dekhta hai.
>>316084 Pajeetas are too much upity and think of themselves as literal queen. These chamarins treat themselves as literal goddess and expects everyone to comply. They got all the tantrums in this world, too many laws simping for them. Whole lundian judiciary revolves around them and in western countries they are the forst one to hop in white dicks. They suck western culture all day, they won't stop talking about shitty hollywood movies and whatever is currently popular in west. For these raands game of thrones is the best story ever written. They never have even touched hindu scriptures in their lives, yet they are the first one to lecture hindus on ever issue. And these white girls are what these pajeetas randis aspire to be, yet they can never achieve it.
>>316149 thanks yaara
>>316084 >>316150 >>316149 >>316147 >>316146 Stfu chamar ki aulaad. Teri maa ki chut mai sariya behen ke lode. Jaaki kahi aur cope kar and apna ye /x/ wala autism project kar. Saale rape baby saara thread ki maa bhen krra hai. Behen ka lode, teri behen ki gaand aur chut mai 7 saariye daalduga.
>>316142 Picrel is me btw. This is my reddit u/psychotic_cock69 account hit me up for hookup when you are available.
>>316151 This. My Bhai got it right.
>>316127 Unironically speaking, men in India who don't have a 6 figure income, and look hella bad, won't get a wife who will love him for who he is (exceptions don't apply). Women on the other hand will still be able to get married, and pursue their career with financial support from their husbands and in many cases, file for divorce instantly. Indian judicial system as you all know how it acts. This is how most Indian males think and how most of this forum agrees on but on an edgier way. This isn't related to any posts on twoxindia but ig you get the point.
Since you have given your proof and satisfied that this is not a larp, let me tell you what's broadly wrong with the current feminist movement. I don't know if you are going to read this but here we go. Have you ever heard about the MGTOW movement? Men go their own way? Yes, it's the feminist movement but for men. You have to understand that these so called movements are not organic at all. It's not someone being oppressed by a male figure will come up with feminist ideas all of a sudden. Most of these feminist ideas are actually peddled by women who are socially and economically upper class. By the looks of your nails and that diamond ring it seems like you are upper class too. These group of women who do not have something to virtue signal to show how "oppressed" they are and how the society (despite the fact that they are the elites) have wronged them. The elites who know this use these women to plant these ideas about women and men in the opposite genders. They plant them in the news, politics, universities and at all those forums where young people aged 19-27 interact on a daily basis. Why? You might ask. The answer is simple. They hate (the elites) the idea of you having a functional family with a husband and children. Why do they hate? Because they want to depopulate the earth. Inshort they want you to not make babies so that the resources are saved in the future for their generations to exploit. What I said was just the small part of it. The rabbit hole goes deep.
>>316111 Wouldn't even rape you btw
>>316156 nice boobies :)
(832.60 KB 1048x1584 1618254663643.png)
>>316084 please fuck off from here and never come here again thanks
>>316084 Does somebody have the SSs of Suincel's long post on blackpill? Also, that thread of a man being a loser and the bitch achieving everything?
>>316167 Based.
>>316163 Wow… Just… Wow… This is simply amazing… Inspiring even. Not even politicians or speech makers could craft such an influential combination of words. The motivation I felt to just rape, rape, rape, after each word I read was astounding. And rape I shall, for we are all rapists.
>>316084 Kaash yeh thread tu din mein banati Teri statistical evidence se bund maarta. Bach gayi lawdi.
>>316185 "even if you gave them gigabytes of statistics and sources, they would just say "MUH MISOGYNIST MALE PATRIARCHY HOMOPHOBE SEXIST!" and ignore all of it "-🤓
>>316176 why would he because Rape is patient, Rape is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Rape does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
>>316094 As real as amy Anderson's tits. Kys glowniigger
>>316111 Tera sariya hoga randi
>>316084 >>316084 Keep making incels seethe, femanon. Kee doing the good work
>>316084 Bhag ja yaha se randi isse pehle mai tera sar buldozer ke niche laake pichka du
>>316199 Chut dikha randi
>>316185 Yeah, anything that doesn't match the worldview of these rundis is misogynist. And the one thing that bugs me the most is their disloyalty towards their kin under the guise of "Ohhhhh we dont oowe you anything" or "Ohhhhh we will do whatever we want' and absolutely no sense of any responsibility whatsoever.
>>316200 Kinky stuff anon
Jannie saale so Gaya kya?
>>316200 I would like to try
>>316218 >>316221 why are you posting the settings from some game's configuration file?
>>316226 This guy sages
>>316199 rapendra gujjar will wait for you ohh pajeeta
>>316235 That cock is too long anon. I wont be able to take it
(30.31 KB 686x383 photo_2022-11-23_23-54-56.jpg)
>>316237 is it over for rapender gujjar huh pajeeta?
>>316237 Choot dikha rundi. Teri fudi chod kar phail kardunga.
>>316084 Wound dikha tranny
>>316238 Unfortunately yes
>>316241 It's pink if you are asking that
>>316247 Bhangi pink sirf wound hita hai. Chla jaa yahan se faggot
Aww hell naa she aint coming back bros
>>316084 Only if you would've posted this when I had my laptop. >Say they want nice guys and not "nice" guys and constantly fuck fratboy type dudes. >High body counts which are a complete disaster. >Bad mouthing Hinduism while not knowing shit about it. >Absolutely no loyalty towards your nationality, race, and religion. >Constantly supporting muzzies when it was the Muzzied who raped 200,000+ Hindu women very recently. >Absolutely detached from reality. >Reservation and typical enjoyer of aurtein toh Ghar ki bhagwaan hain mentality. >Constant gaslighting about looks not mattering >Blabbering about personality while not realising that personality is based upon how you've been treated and that is based upon your looks and other immutable stuff. This is just from top of my head bhenchod. Abhi aadha soya hua hoon main.
>>316084 also, using arrange marriage as slut rehabilitation system.
>>316250 Also, that raping event happened in Kanglu Genocide of 1971.
>>316247 Stop lying pajeeta you pajeeta even that fair ones have very weird dark pussies. Source: the pajeeta in my basement
if you are a heeendpooo, you should kill yourself, randi pooojeeta all heeeendpoooo randiyas deserve rape and beheading
Stupid whore ran away, as usual
>>316266 I think it was some random chamarina from some sub ir twatter who lurked and acted all this out.
>>316268 All these fucking whores should be crucified to death. The crucifix should enter from their cunts and exit from their mouths with all thier guts spilling at the base, it would be a sight to behold
>>316084 Rape should be legal yaar
(24.00 KB 488x466 20221120_091539.jpg)
tits or gtfo (BTW I am a coomer)
>>316094 Nice try faggot.
>>316084 Androgynists maane hijda, the word you're looking for is misandrist
>>316156 Randikepille meri id hai, kai din ho gye udde hue
>>316084 Randi
>>316100 Based
>>316163 I thought they want to increase the population because of their immigration policies.? Btw you are absolutely right about upper class women promoting feminism
(2.81 MB 640x360 runn.mp4)
>>316084 real id se aa run d
Its possible that this randi is either u/Osweetchildofwine or u/99999thwavefeminist or probably some randia user larping as some mod. They think that after this shitty larp post, we will post on that stinky poojeeta smelling cumskin smelling femcel community and they will be able to get our ips through plebbit admins (CHUDS)
>>316329 Chali gayi randi dar ke, ab kya real id
(309.56 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20220804-094257_Boost.jpg)
Aur saali aake bolti hai we are ready to hear your thoughts, jaise koi authority hai boht badi. Saalo randi chamaran, we will do the needful, you do not have enough brain cells to understand what we speak, you randijeetas are only good at sucking big long cumskin dicks and getting pregnant now then by cheating on your husband/beta provider now get the fuck out.
>>316335 This.
>>316284 No that would take all the fun out of it
>>316084 >>316084 Mai bc yaha se do din gayab kya hota hu yaha toh alag backchodi shuru ho jaati hai. Kyu kyu yaaro kyu? Mai hota toh sab clear karta aur aukat yaad dila deta.
>>316084 >asking bitter incels on a matka making forum that has never seen a non relative female their opinion on feminism
>>316084 Saria de dunga
(339.48 KB 1309x1893 20220924_165338.jpg)
>>316429 >t Zra aukat me
>>316434 Proof or larp Neegerjeet
>>316435 Maan na hai toh maan nhi gaand mara. Itna backchodi karne ka mann nhi. Waise bhi ab firse grind pe lag gya hu ruk 2-3 mahine gaand faad dunga inch ki.
>>316436 OK NeegerJeet
(122.37 KB 719x828 FcEFbW9X0AET.jpeg)
>>316084 My unborn sister was 7 month old when she was aborted because my father wanted a boy. 200,000 babies are aborted each year in India because the fetus is female and modern Indian feminists support this infanticide cult in name of liberation. How are you liberating women by killing them in womb? Feminism was hijacked. I don't believe it represents the best interests of women anymore. The unholy alliance of fourth wave feminism and Islam is a proof of it. Now we are told feminism is pro prostitution, pro porn, pro surrogacy, pro trans ideology- all misogynistic issues that feminists have fought against. Mainstream feminism is now reduced to women pandering against men's interests.
(126.26 KB 828x1792 FiIKT-OXoAE-7jN.jpeg)
>>316464 p.s. this is probably the worst place you could have asked that. You would not get honest critique of feminist movement here, because most people here are genuine incels and hate women themselves. Ask that on rw indian twitter ig or any place that doesnt give people an anonymity to hide behind
>>316111 Apni kaali chut dikha randi
>>316464 Just 200k ? Im sure as hell that the real numbers are 10x of that or more. 500k-600k is the number for us.
(502.12 KB 1200x1200 Mematic_20220822_002445.jpg)
>>316200 Arey hizda hai woh tranny ka bacha yeh same ring is chakke ne pehle bhi post ki thi
>>316464 >modern Indian feminists support this infanticide cult What? Why the hell would they do that? What am i missing here?
>>316469 i dont think hes talking about overall abortion numbers but only those abortion that happen solely because the fetus is female
>>316477 >Killing randis before they are even born Based
>>316111 >>316094 >man hands KWAB
>>316472 Hahahaha
>>316298 Daflick bhi gya New id batao yaara
>>316792 Nhi hai new id, bas maa chudane gya reddit aur bhangitards. Ab bas porn ke liye ek id banauga. Saala poora reddit randiyo aur cucks se bhara hai
>>316816 Bhangitards me jhaante bhar ka dhang ka content aagya toh aajkal mods uda dete hai, bas wahi cringey shitter bhangigram memes hai, saala koi us sub pe black pill ki baate bhi nhi kar sakta, poora chamaro ka group aa jayega report karne. Pregnancytards ka aadha traffic toh idm aur randia 2xrandia jaise subs se aata hai, imagine being in a same sub as pajeetas, those very same creatures which hate my existence irl
>>316084 Brooo wrong website. Yaha pe sirf real incels and fake incels milenge?????? You will just get trolled
>>316838 Troll tab karenge jab asli identity malum hogi, aur mai toh anon supremacy me believe karta hu. Ab se yahi apna hang out spot hoga
>>316111 ewww disgusting nails
>>316094 You'll never be a woman
(83.42 KB 1200x502 sp.jpeg)
>>316989 maybe it's not the nails, it's the places they go are disgusting.
>>316094 >>316111 beautiful hands dear 😍
>>316476 Go to r/prolife
>>316464 >Pic related That was bound to happen because the entire theoretical framework of feminism lies in intersectionality. Which places trannies above women. Once you accept intersectionality, instead of accepting that the reason why your identity group is inferior is due to biological reality instead of being a collective societal conspiracy to put you group down, it'll be just a slippery slope towards which group can win the persecution complex olympics. This isn't a bug, but a feature of feminism.
>>316084 Feminism has always been a psyop by CIA to destroy workers movement. What do you have to say about that? >>316464 Also to add, pic related is also misleading. >Right to study at 1909 Most people didn't "study" before the 20th century, men or women. Your pic implies otherwise. I would argue compulsory public education is itself is a huge spook, made by the elites for the only goal of brainwashing people and create a loyal slave force not that's a discussion for another thread. >Right to vote in 1919 Most of the world were absolute monarchies and most "democracies", if they did exist, it was provided to a tiny fraction of landed gentry were given the right to vote. Your picture implies most men were voting till 1919 when in fact most of the democratization process around the world only happened after the first World War. Your third image is the most misleading, women have been working since the advent of World War 2 when factories became emptied due to men leaving for war and elites needing a new set of wagies to replace them.
>>316094 Anon apni didi/mummy/dadi ke hand mat post >>316434 Abe ja saale kitne purane pics kab se dol rahen hai is churma making forum pe
>>316142 This ia a larp right yaaro ?
>>317115 make your own conclusions fucking redditchamar, no one will spoonfeed you
>>317115 Every statistics prove that athletic men are the most likely to be right wing, why does this surprise you chamar? Only a culture that believes in strength and beauty can nurture strong men and beautiful women. A culture that rooted in envy, will only create weak infantile men and women who are just lesser men.
>>317116 >>317120 Confirmed that is a larp , I fail to believe someone who looks like that will browse this hate filled Eco chamber
>>317131 Anon, this is what projection looks like.
>>317131 Delusional chamar. You need to go back to plebbit.
>>317131 This shithole of a website had extremely rich and goodlooking chads like cucktri ,aryan was richfag. Also few more richfags who were and are present Genuises like bhangali and many iitian and the previous mid cleared inmo and others Many athletic anons. This is nit r/librandu where chamars seethe
>>317146 Aryanman and 6'2 khatri chad. Both were crorepatis.
>>317149 Aryaman*
>>317149 Tab bhi bsdk pregnancy fagging karta tha? Isse accha bitsat ke liye mehenat karra
>>317149 And Aryaman actually lost weight after being bullied by inchchads. Meanwhile people at reddit meetups only got progressively fatter and fatter.
>>317156 >inch >chads
(944.05 KB 498x498 pepelaughing-pepelaugh.gif)
>>317146 >High IQ geniuses >Bhangali and IIT cucks
>>317161 I remember there are cmifags istchamar iitfags iiitfags nitchakke ca/cma fags 1-2srcc Hindu Xavier's fag we got good amount of decent iq fucks bere
(1.71 MB 2606x3664 IMG_20221124_231830.jpg)
>>316142 Maa chod denge sbki
>>317196 Based , stats anon ?
>>317196 Solid frame anon , what's your height ?
>>317219 >>317231 5'11" 85-86kg current
>>317196 Based chad. I will make sure I look like this after a year
(2.51 MB 498x490 373789.webp)
>>316142 >>317196 Literally in top 1 percent of males in Indian society , how do I even deal with this as a 5'7'' manlet. Even muscle building on me will be regarded as coping for small height Its all over for me yaaro
>>317260 Get lean at least. I know you are a incelchamar obsessed with women so mostly women in pajeetland are less than your height.
>>317260 i need to reduce weight man, doing a good course that'll make me rich but i need to get thin
>>317275 >good course that'll make me rich Actuarial soynces,quant finance ms,ecometrics ms ?
>>317275 > doing a good course that'll make me rich NGMI
>>317196 Bhery masculine, routine?
>>316094 >>316111 You have shit stuck in your nails 🤢🤢🤮
>>316142 Kek I remember this guy from other thread , alpha af >>317196 Mirin' anon , solid gains >>317260 Strong incel energy , height is only one parameter maxxx on others
>>317156 lmao theyre called progressives for a reason
>>317253 Bilkul bhai. Jai shree ram >>317260 Dil chota na kat bhai. Your height is decent.. Don't loose sleep over things which you can't change. Lift heavy and eat a ton of protein >>317310 I'm vegetarian bhai. Have strong weightlifting and wrestling base. Been doing it for arnd 10 years kn and off. Current routine is ppl with some variation.
>>317260 It's over
>>317260 Why are inchards so ominous