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Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 18:18:53 ID:e06efb No. 419002
Can someone provide me with guide to healthy diet (veg only)? All guides i see include non-veg
>>419002 Drink Milk and Rape Cows.
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>>419002 Veg 🥺🤏
>>419002 Eat protein rich stuff - dal, paneer Avoid all seed oil cooked food and snacks (samosa, jalebi, chips etc) Use Ghee in dal, roti, seasonal snacks Add raw kela in your diet and reduce aaloo. Avoid eating too much rice Eat multigrain aata, wheat is too sugary. Stop consuming all sorts of Cola (softdrink) Use Kacchi ghani, coconut or olive oil
Jaggery (gud) is better than sugar
>>419002 Eat fucking ton of nuts and hard food. Protein rich.
>>419002 As a veg, your only sources of good protein are dal, pulses, paneer and peas, chicken peas and all other kind of seed vegetables
>>419031 And soya bean also
Honestly dude add Egg to your diet, you are a retard if you think egg is not veg. It has no meat in it.
>>419031 Protein powder bhi toh le sakta hai chamar
>>419035 I would definitely eat eggs but i just cant. Parents wont allow.
>>419034 Jaggery is natural, white sugar you buy in market is highly processes and devoid of other vitamins and minerals.
>>419038 In my house we don't cook eggs at home, but we eat it outside, specially during winter.
>>419034 I'm also veg, but I eat egg. If your parents don't allow, then eat egg roll once in a while. I eat it every sunday
>>419037 Nope those products are bad for health, never eat synthetic processed stuff. These products are derived and lack supplementary vitamins and minerals, bad for digestion.
Eat Poha (flattened rice) and reduce rice consumption.
>>419045 > egg roll Don't make mistake of le heckin egg fast food, it's nothing but goober fried shit with sugary (BTW I am a coomer)s and stuff. Eat Boiled eggs with some salt and pepper, fry your omelette in ghee or butter.
>>419002 its gonna be pretty hard if you don't come from an agriculturist family replace dalda with ghee replace sugar with shakkar and jaggery replace water with milk and yogurt (not literally ) replace wheat rotis with ragi, bajra and makka rotis replace junk food with beans and lentils
>>419045 Eat less egg in summer compared to winter, egg is a garishta food, should be consumed in winters mostly
>>419052 I'm telling this for those whose parents don't allow non veg at home. Something is better than nothing
>>419048 Abey chutiye milk se hi Banta hai woh and they also have vitamins too not just protein. Ingredients bhi check kar liya kar anpadh.
>>419053 All this can be found in market yaar. Even if bhangis stop consooming chips and cola, they will be better off than most of people.
Eating healthy is not that complicated. Also fresh Fruits (seasonal) are better than le hecking Juice, specially stuff like tropicana and Real, avoid that shit completely. Drink fresh fruit juice, but not very often.
>>419060 all this can be found in market but your average burger momos jhoomar won't even know that such things exist majority of people still think that veg diet is basically just plants and bread
>>419053 Surprisingly, they do follow more than half of the things you told and im not from agriculturist family
>>419059 Processing se bohot kuch badal jaata hai lodu
>>419064 what's the problem then ?
>>419062 > tropicana and Real, lol, lmao even. only a brainlessfag would consider them healthy
>>419066 idk i just needed to do better.
>>419059 concentrating protein like that requires a lot of chemical processing people don't criticize them for nothing
>>419067 You would be surprised just how many brainless fags exist in this world. Nowadays people buy these juice as le heckin healthy substitute to cola and mirinda. This is the absolute state.
>>419063 >>419063 >veg diet is basically just plants and bread Only some gareebchamar will think this. Actually no gareebchamar in India will think this if he has ever been to sabzi mandi in his life
>>419069 >>419065 Abey chamaron so world class athletes who take them are idiots? You bhangis on this panty stain forum knows more than them?
>>419063 All the healthy stuff is easily available in nearby DMart but the thing is all the shitty stuff is available there too.
>>419068 honestly, learn to cook india has an extremely wide variety of seasonal fruits, spices and vegetables combine this with some foreign staples and you can eat like a bronze age man you would be surprised to know how well some things like honey, bread, fruits, milk and stuff combine with each other to give an absolute monstrous diet
i eat pizza thrice a month. Thats not too bad is it?
>>419072 world class athletes are provided with roids and enhancements of world level they don't eat what they shill for
>>419063 Make fresh chutney at your home, I like the sweet tomato and jaggery one, never consoom "tomato sàuce" from market, it's processed grease nothing else.
>>419076 It isn't bad if you make the pizza youself at home
>>419073 urban quality will never match village quality there is too much milawat in city diet's
>>419080 I too stopped eating this goylsop after 15-16 living in india and still running after city made slop for spices is peak irony
>>419086 It's just preservatives and sugar, there is more sugar in these sàuces than tomato.
>>419075 Everyone wants to eat healthy organic seasonal fruits and vegetables, problem is price and affordability. Do you even know how costly fruits are? Which is why most often end up buying goyslop or the same local vegetables and fruits again
>>419102 skill issue people are not willing to search or work for their food corporations are making people dependent on their shitty slop and normies simply give in because of their hardwiring majority of people buy the slop not because they are poor rather just lazy and ignorant India is the best place for a seeker and a doer
>>419102 One reason poor people remain poor is the shitty food they eat. I didn't realise this until I started buying vegetables and fruits myself, once I realised that apples and anaar cost 200 ₹ kilo, I found out how great of a man my baap is. Vast majority of lundians can't afford these fruits. They can't even afford vegetables like Shimla mirch, Gobhi etc, sometimes even aloo and pyaaz.
>>419116 piss poor people migrating to cities for more gibs but getting a life worse than that of a dog these same people would then create 10 more of their kind and doom them to the same fate a good portion of village wagies should not settle in cities permanently
>>419119 Not really, Indian cities have become fertility blackholes. Literally have lower rates than some of the Western counter parts. Specially lower income majdoors seem to stop breeding like rabbits in cities.
Kolkata has 1.25 fertility, Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad, Bangalore and chennai have 1.5-1.6
>>419132 dead board
>>419002 Your only sources of protein will be milk and soy/beans/etc.... Latter will give you estrogen(I have girls attesting to me that their boobs started to enlarge after they became vegan) so use milk as primary source of protein but you will have to drink lots of it.