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Gareebi bhi kya cheez hai yaaro Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 19:09:09 ID:b38045 No. 419074
Insaan se kya kya karvati Too grateful to be middleclassfag Post whitepills
>>419074 >Post whitepills >white This is a brown board
>>419079 Blackpill thread lives matter
>>419074 one thing I have seen around myself is that people on both extremes of the economical spectrum are equally degenerate, ignorant, money hungry, unwise and materialist being a middleclass fag can help you see both sides of the spectrum without delving into that life style much
>>419098 So basically MiddleclassFags are Cucks in the middle.
>>419101 we are not cucks rather just balanced enough to observe shit around us
>>419103 >we Average household income?
>>419104 *Annual
>>419101 This. We middleclassfags end up being used by both side of spectrums. Both the spectrum are equally devoid of sense of honour, religion and responsibilities
>>419108 Same.
>>419108 Madarchod ye Middle class nahi hotta Under 5 is Middleclass
>>419110 That's lower middle. 6-8 is middle-middle and 9-12 UMC
>>419140 Middle middle less go
>>419074 60 L per annum upper middle class hota hai ya rich?
>>419325 abe itna paisa kahan se aata hai?
24 L per annum kya hota hai? Middle ya rich ya upper middle?
>>419074 >he thinks strippers are gareeb Lodu they earn more than iit cucks here.
>>419591 >Lodu they earn more than iit cucks here. itna bhi cope nahi karte pyaare kek
>>419595 Jaake dekh le
>>419614 lagrha hai aapka pregancy ka paper accha nahi gaya
>>419625 totally believable source
>>419626 > Another dancer who worked at the Pink Pony said she made $120 on her worst night Not a jeebhangu btw.
>>419628 i dont think you know much degeneracy pays
>>419632 degeneracy khali strip thodi na hota, ek baar woh kr liya uske baad onlyfans fir patreon. tcs working pregnancy aspirant se jyada diverse portfolio
>>419632 Ik but you are cherrypicking kek obviously there are woman who make 50 million dollars on Onlyfans per year and there are high end escorts who make 150k per week in Dubai after getting smeared in shit. Should I compare these exceptional cases to that of how much Sundar Pichai is making.
>>419635 > Another dancer who worked at the Pink Pony said she made $120 on her worst night Tf point you're trying to make?
>>419634 > tcs working pregnancy aspirant se jyada diverse portfolio we are talking about average iitians compare it with average strippers only top 0.1% make good money in Onlyfans
>>419635 >who make 50 million dollars on Onlyfans per year and there are high end escorts who make 150k per week in Dubai after getting smeared in shit. Should I compare these exceptional cases to that of how much Sundar Pichai is making. effort and sustained income from ages 20 to 30 ka graph formulate krlo, kyonki it doesnt take much effort to be an onlyfans model or even a stripper. its an easy way out
>>419636 yup that is what the average stripper makes kek imagine believing that It will be equivalent of me trying to prove a point by saying retarded stuff like "Sundar Pichai's networth is 1.3 billion dollars so that is what average IITians make"
>>419638 >avg iitian They earn not more than 7lpa
>>419640 >>419642 Alright the cope is unreal I will leave.
>>419641 Bus kar yr. Itna cope sehat ke loye hanikarak hai.
>>419644 Haan bhai teri baat sahi hai iitian toh sirf 3 lpa kamata hahahaha stripper toh bill gates se jyada kamata hahahaha
>>419647 Fir backchodi. Iitian kamate honge 15+lpa. Isse zyada avg stripper kamati hai US me. Tu chahe koi bhi data dekhle. You have no idea how much whores earn.
>>419647 bhai bill gates earns that because he has ideas which are being paid for, the average iitian is just a wage cuck like a stripper
>>419650 toh average IITian ko bhi USA mein dekhna country specific dekhega toh vaha ka janitor bhi yaha k tcs employee se jyada kamaega average salary of sde 2 in amazon is 250-300k.
>>419647 >>419652 To apni college id lga de iitian. You are just a seething jeecel who thinks biotech in iit is better than being non iitian
>>419650 some whores a shit ton but they are top of the food chain like 0.1% of onlyfans girls make good money
>>419653 well who cares about iitians now even if I was a jeecel which I am not you would still say non iitians make less than strippers outside kek
Anon, the middle class is a fabrication created by the elites to keep the poor blind and pacified. No matter how hard you work, it's impossible to even get close to elites which is pretty much a really gated community at this point filled with politicians and industrialists and celebrities who share common capitalistic beliefs while preaching progressive ideas for the sake of virtue signaling to compensate for their greed. The most sad part is that middle class may look like they're speaking for the poor, through media or press or political movements, but they're pretty much just perpetuating the system and making sure a true communist revolution doesn't happen and they just pretty much become a mouthpiece of the elites in a roundabout way. The elites pretty much give a small taste of what it feels like being rich to middle class, but do whatever they can to make sure that the rest of the luxuries they experience get locked behind a massive paywall. Being middle class is painful once you realize the sheer brutality of this lie, but you still end up having to play this rigged game because you can't climb uphill while the slope is too steep and going any lower is considered to be degrading yourself. - Btw I'd always side with a hard working stripper than fucking Sundar Pichai. He's shady as fuck.
>>419657 >non iitians make less than strippers outside kek Yes Only few electrical and cs students make it big Rest end up being collie of different orders
>>419654 Others make goid money as well just not rich. This is a lie redditors and sluts feed yll to be more sympathetic for them. But the reality is that they earn hell lot for just masturbating on camera meanwile a pajeet... .
I earn 24 LPA more than any IIT working in my team its all comes done to skills once you enter in to the job market your college taf doesn't matter
>>419664 idk why you had to mention that coz everyone else itt will say you make less than a stripper kek
>>419103 you're fencesitters. the first casualty in wars, the least opinionated bunch, and the most dull to be around.
>>419667 yeah I may make less money than a stripper in USA but I don't have to satisfy random men's lust to earn money
(9.45 KB 640x363 t4oxg6hfy6y71.webp)
>>419672 They're also comparing dollars with rupees. 24LPA in India is huge, at least for me. You probably come in 1% of Indian population. Same 24LPA is 2k dollars per month or 24k dollars per year which isn't even "middle class" in JewSA. >Pew defines “middle class” as those earning between two-thirds and twice the median American household income, which in 2021 was $70,784, according to the United States Census Bureau. That means American households earning as little as $47,189 and up to $141,568 are technically in the middle class.
>>419679 Correction. 10% of Indian population.
>>419672 Your cope isnt gonna change the fact they live better lifes.
>>419679 Then lets talk about lifestyle then..
>>419688 Lifestyle of strippers vs. a software engineer? They live better lives? Making anal videos at OF is better?
>>419695 Compare yourself. Also shes enjoying it.
>>419695 Yeah, anything that requires no effort is easy.
>>419701 Yeah there's a new wave of women in sports gaining a lottle popularity to build a small fanbase on twitter and soycel media and then they drop their sport completely and start only fans et. al and make 10x more money with 10x less work
>>419705 Any women in porn isnt working. Shes just enjoying
>>419705 Also they don't even show their nipples/asshole/pussy. They just post Instagram tier thirst trap. Only PVZ posted full gash so far. Yet the others make $1mil a month.
>>419707 Straight up porn has a ceiling. Getting famous and then posting raunchy stuff on paywall sites gets more clicks for a long term.
>>419685 >Your cope isnt gonna change the fact they live better lifes. life? you mean having Aids getting sexually assaulted every night? is this your definition of a good life?
>>419708 Why would any men pay for them?
>>419711 You consume a lot of reddit readers on YouTube don't you? >>419712 Simps when horny don't think straight. Besides just the mention of OF and other such sites turns some fans on. There are even scammers who pretend to be these women on twitter and scam 1000s of $ from horny fans. Sports fans are pretty stupid. Most men watch women's sport because it's their fetish.
>>419711 Keep coping.
>>419719 >You consume a lot of reddit readers on YouTube don't you? you belong to reddit don't you? >>419721 keep seething
>>419715 Picrel for example was in wwe developmental and used to make $250k a year, but she was also doing softcore stuff on OF like site on the side which led her to getting fired, right then she posts her nipple and made a million in one month and became the top creator on that site. >>419723 You will forever be an ugly tradcel
>>419733 Aya aya aya seetheshwar aya
>>419108 Kek. That's lower middle class
>>419748 Accha
>>419758 All of these wealth distribution studies in india dont mean jackshit. They go to xyz Bihar shithole village where people livek livestock and publish these studies, painting india like a shithole. In tier 1 cities , most maids make more than 35k monthly
>>419768 Anything under 25lpa is lower middle class. 25l -2.5cr is middle class and above that to marwari baniya business walas is upper middle ass