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(42.00 KB 720x391 testicles.png)
Anon 04/28/2022 (Thu) 09:00:57 ID:b37766 No. 88 [Reply]
Last year i shilled you Terra Luna at 87 cents Want to hear my pick for this year?
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$100 pe sell kareena tha na. Maine to $5-$10 ka target diya tha
>>88 sir luna toh crash ho gaya ganda wala
>>177 Aaj to 10x hua bhai ji

(13.20 KB 543x564 Wojack facepalm.jpeg)
(43.53 KB 680x765 Wojack tired.jpg)
(68.39 KB 588x521 Its over .jpeg)
Bhangali Anon 04/21/2022 (Thu) 04:08:51 ID:fd1713 No. 61 [Reply]
I know nothing about stocks. Literally nothing except absolute basics of what a stock is ,what share is and basic terms that i had in my class 10 ICSE board math syllabus. I am coming here to ask my pyaare anons advise. I am a poorfag with very bad financial conditions. My mother has ₹10,000 –₹20,000 saved in all her married life ,things are that bad. How to invest and get a respectable portfolio ,how to start and what should i be careful of Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated
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>>64 >>65 Thanks yaar will learn after jee ends I will earn shekels and escape this shithole and help other anons too
>>61 Field medal chor aur jee karle. India mei research opportunities chutiya hai.
(73.82 KB 501x585 jew.jpg)
bhai, youtube has it all for free, make an account on a platform like zerodha, learn from youtube on what trading actually is, hopefully you know the basic if not feel free to ask here then invest in small amounts, there's also websites that let you copy professional trader portfolios after that's done be patient, and lookout for events like wars, export bans etc. also diversify your portfolio i.e. look into commodity, commodity mathlab gold, silver, oil etc whenever there is a war oil prices will go up and whenever the stock market prices are down gold prices will go up remember this, moving on the crypto space is actually quite proftiable, buy maybe 0.005 eth and hold for a long time, buy and hold nfts (retarded, but trust me it works), agar art thera decent hein tho NFT project heen start kar, again YouTube is a great place to learn anything. all the best anon
>>133 Ok yaar will buy some stocks and crypto after jee gets over
>>129 Lagta hai wahi karna hoga

(11.71 KB 649x405 1489693308022.jpeg)
Anon 05/13/2022 (Fri) 05:22:10 ID:9d4f59 No. 165 [Reply]
Its over
Good rope

(4.13 KB 275x183 LUNA.jpeg)
LUNA Anon 05/12/2022 (Thu) 15:44:45 ID:53d0ce No. 161 [Reply]
Is this the time to make big buxx? Its down -99% rignt now.

(7.16 KB 224x225 download.png)
Investment sikhado Noob 05/01/2022 (Sun) 20:25:28 ID:b6277e No. 98 [Reply]
Please just give me a "wiki" link which has all the necessary books and courses mentioned for learning. I want to start investing now. DHANyawaad
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>>121 are they relevant to india?
it is free
have a look at zerodha varsity
>>140 andhe chamar considering roping

(122.36 KB 377x593 27a.png)
Anon 05/04/2022 (Wed) 17:47:18 ID:ac391b No. 128 [Reply]
(61.73 KB 709x432 1056.jpg)
>>128 Obvious ipgrab
>>128 Cringe. Modiji will win in 2024

(121.80 KB 1280x720 1651335956286.jpg)
Anon 05/03/2022 (Tue) 14:43:04 ID:ff56af No. 111 [Reply]
How can I get a software enginiggering job in lundia which has >9-5 work time and 5 days a week work >1 month vacation without cutting off pay or holidays >decent pay: 50000 pm very least
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>>113 then jump companies, give interviews
>>114 go for management jobs if you want less work
>>115 How do I 'jump' companies? All the ads in naukri and linked in are asking for experience for highly specific shit that I don't really have. Like one year experience in spring boot or flask or shit like that when I am don't really have any specific programming language or framework as my core.
>>117 then get some skills and do projects in your curent company that impart you experience of trending skill sets
>>117 work for two years, learn skills side by side and then jump ship. dont fall for the tier 1 work-life balance meme. know one tier 1 friend who works in gsach, and once called and cried to me that work was too much. dont fall for the package, kalej tag meme that soyciety tries to brainwash you with

(12.30 KB 468x236 paypal.jpg)
Anon 04/18/2022 (Mon) 12:52:38 ID:76622d No. 51 [Reply]
Is this decent income while neeting at home doing nothing? What should I do with it? Help my family out or buy gifts for my potential wife?
>>51 earns 25000 in 3 months and dreams for a wife.
In finance this is expense income mismatch Your expenses are in Protein intake Your income is in pieces of paper It's like having to pay EMI in Dollar and having earning in rupees. If rate of rupee dollar changes (in your case expenses due to investment oppertunities and inflation) your whole calculations go down Think not in finance annuities Think in protein annuities How much protein do you and prospective family with kids require? Do you have number of cows to support these? Run the numbers
>>51 what work you do anon? how much time it took you to earn this amount? what's your caste?
Mujhe $1700 mila kisine mera reflink se account banaya to. ( That is 1/4 now but that's beside the point)
Bhai yeh earn kaise kre please mujhe h bta

(72.78 KB 1169x1067 1641275673261.jpg)
Anon 04/28/2022 (Thu) 20:24:27 ID:c8da93 No. 90 [Reply]
It's almost may and I am still just as broke as I was in 2015. Nothing has changed in past 7 years.
>>90 Suicide is always an option.

(522.25 KB 1440x1699 Screenshot_20220410-170538.jpg)
Anon 04/24/2022 (Sun) 08:03:17 ID:e25486 No. 78 [Reply]
Aaj mujhe pata laga ki mere pitaji ke ek dost hawale ka bijiness chalate hain. I'm worried ki mere pita shree bhi kala dhan rakhte hain. Unhone kaha ki apne dost ke paise ko saaf kraya hai. Is it really possible to generate kala dhan through import/export bijness ?
>>78 yes it is, btw can you tell from which country is your father's friend earning money through Hawala ?
black money is based. why should we give money to the madarhcod chamrian secular republic of lundia
>>81 Buy gold if you hate Rupee
>>78 It is yaar a bhangi baniya randichod madarchod shuttad who trapped my dad in a false money case has accumulated lost sof black money