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since most of inch doesnt even have a basic idea of finance, its time someone made a proper general about it starting with stock market stuff, links copypasted from 4chan. read them, ask others if you have any doubts and talk about general stock market stuff here. thats how a general works. >Brokers >Risk management: >Live Streams: >Educational sites: >Options (do not trade these just because you read all these links) >Free charts: >Screeners: >Pre-Market Data and Live data: >Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar: >Boomer Investing 101: >Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator: >Links for green energy Garies/NFT holders >Calendars >Misc: more generals to come soon

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dhanmaxxing as a coomer

>Opened accounts on pixiv and DA >post ai hentai that took 5 mins to make >keep posting hentai of popular characters >start getting more views >finally start gettinf commissions,only charge 5$ for simple ones and 20$ for complex >way cheaper than actual art so people start giving more coms life is good,its the easiest way to make money rn

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Agar mai chorbazar se samaan khareed ke online mehenge mai bechu to Ameer hojaunga na bawaaaaa!!!!!

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Question regarding paise

What is the best way to earn money apart from engi(BTW I am a nigger)ing? I am studying in a tier 1 college, computer science, but I have realised that I neither have the discipline to follow a certain course of action prescribed to me from higher authorities nor do I have the patience to take shit from a bunch of dumb unkils telling me that what I've done is inadequate/insufficient. Basically every boomer I see in a position higher than me giving me aukaat since they occupy a position where they can fuck me over fills me with unspeakable rage. Keeping all of this in mind, how can I earn money assuming that I get some job in the industry? If the same chutiyapa as college awaits me in the future, I'd rather not do this shit anymore and look for other ways to earn money and status. Any suggestions pyaare anyone?

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Hello fraands, I am new to stock marketing and investing. Where should I begin from? I'm completely clueless. Kindly Guide me. °which is the best app for stock exchange ? °At present I have only little amount of money to invest (₹1000) later on after learning I will add more money. Also recommend materials and videos for newbies like me, it will be very helpful. Thank you.

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my father runs 4 canteen in 2 different govt colleges, one of them being an IIT. earns about 7-8 lakhs a month, yesterday he told my that an iit student came and asked me if he could work there, and then went on to laugh and said that 'tujhe bhi seedha canteen me naukri dila deta hu.. iit bhi mil jaayega aur placement bhi ho jaayega.. ye padhne likhne ka koi faayda nhi'. Now i am depressed.

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SMMA mein Faayda hai Kya?

Koi Social media marketing karta hai to bataao thoda kaise karte ho...

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Dream big anons, Never give up.

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I have decided guys. I am gonna buy 2-4 buffaloes, some chickens and start a small poultry farm of my own so i can sell milk and eggs. I don't think i am smart enough for other jobs and i don't have much capital. How much money do you think i need for this humble occupation? I am into crypto, i will set a goal of how much i need to start a puptry farm and then use crypto money one day to start this biz. Whaddya think?

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World Cup inu

I bought this today Dev is from Dubai and i hate dubai because muslims but this is one of best devs I've seen. Possibly lots of oil money will flow into this. Personally this is my gamble of a lifetime. A make it or break it trade. Don't be like me but it doesn't hurt buying a small bag.

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Are betichod log tum log ke pass kitna crypto hai? Mere pass kewal 0.014 btc equivalent hai (₹33.2k)./dhan/ is dead hence asking here :3

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Vaccine took down the prophet of /dhan/

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Sold all my eth shitcoins into eth. Mental health > money

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I am 29 and still doing an internship. To get to my financial goals I would work only on my own goals and contribute to society probono only after turning 50. I have given 30 years to learn everything sincerely but I cannot bring about change and as no one cares, I would be exhausted with my family if efforts are made for public service. Pure and simple I would work on making money alone. I am trained and well educated (not via institutions of repute yet can be better then them at times.). I don't miss anything and I won't change anything. Learning for the sake of it and getting to the truth has been a remarkable experience. I am glad that my parents and extended families (siblings, frens, internet anons and other old people who left writings behind) were there to support me. I will preserve this knowledge by preserving myself. World is not ready to accept great thoughts. I am. Jai shree ram 🙏

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Vitalik pnd shills

I'll post vitalik 's subtle shills ITT Just a personal log. You don't have to buy $7 106k mc . Might go to 1 M and dump

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Bhai mujhe plz koi tareeka bata Paisa kamane ka mujhe fees pay karna hai college ki

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Biz help

I have 7-8 really good friends, all of us are willing to pump together some money and start a business together, any thoughts what we should learn and focus on ?

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It's been a while since I visited InCh. I went on to do Options trading for a while. I've lost around 1.38L in last month. I'm done with that shit. No more shortcuts in life. Mera chodo, apna batao...kaise hai sab log?

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Why does everyone believe monero is good? Unlike bitcoin it does not have a fixed supply. So basically unlimited monero can be generated?

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One day I'll be a richfag and enjoy my life while you incels would still rot on here. Of course, not all incels but many of you. Later virgins.

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Can any anon give me some knowledge about mutual fund SIP? I am a codecoolie having 6 months of experience

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Does the average blue collar working class pajeet know about investing and stock market? Or does he just keep his money in an SBI account his whole life?

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My baap gaslighted me into investing the maximum tax exemptable amount in PPF. If I rope, will it be hard for my family to access that money after 14 years?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3 Currently 100k MC. May or May not moon. they have a working product. Do your own research.

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is crypto leverage option is the only way left to make 30k in one month to pay my college fees

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most important thread of your life

since this is a dead board of me and the voices, i'll post this one last time ETHEREUM POW (ETHW) it is old eth at practically 0 transaction fee currently trading at 5.82 USD up from >>778 it may die in 2023 but before that there is high chance it will pump hard >where to buy? basically anywhere every reputable exchange has it except binance

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Ek Royal Enfield bike finance karwane ke liye kitni salary minimum honi chahiye frens? Lena hai.

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How can i earn realistally 2.5lpa through online anyways?

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Ehive. Created 48 hours ago. Listed on CG and CMC. I discovered it within minutes of creation but didn't buy. It has 27x'd and crashed a bit now. Currently sitting at $4.5 million MC (FDV 10 million). FDV 1 billion is possible in the future. Risk is this just two days old. Do what you want

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How do you get your crypto to bank account? Last time I dabbled in crypto , it was BSC shitcoins last year and I used BNB and Wazirx to do the stuff. Now most crypto apps are not closed and wazir x is only allowing p2p selling/buying.

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Risky plays

The other thread is sureshot plays this is for risky plays $S 25.8k marketcap Sell for 10x

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warp finance

idk what this is but check that volume. i'll report back after further research but looks pretty bullish. might cop a bag

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>finally make a good leverage trade >my size is not size anymore because most of it got liquidated in bad trades

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How to dhandomaxx yaar

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I don't buy calls or puts I only sell them

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I could've made it in 3 months

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Is there any money in MF or just in stocks(demat)?

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Best LIC policy for ropers? I want my gareeb family to benefit from my death.

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Crypto Bros how do I find crypto before they pump like this >Inb4 apni ma se puch posters GTFO

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I wanna learn stock market

Guys help me i am on lowest of my life...yrr please someone provide me some free course like 100 hours ... please help me yrr 😭😭😭😭😭

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Moneymaxx general

Has anybody made some money out off YouTube as a side business and can tell how much you grinded. And your experience

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guys how do you make side income as a college student in India I find it difficult to do Internship cause my college starts at 8 A.M and ends at 4 P.M I reach at home around 4:30 P.M then I teach some kids from 4:30 to 6:00 P.M(it doesn't pay that much) what should I do in between 6:00-1:00 AM that will make me money and what you do?

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I have a very strong feeling that I will become rich within next 5 years. I dont know how but these days i have been waking everyday with hunger in my mind and eyes. I think about nothing but money all day, I havent figured everything out yet but man I see nothing but money and hustle. I am ready to cut off every single distractions including friends and family if needed to achieve my goal. /dhan/ bros, WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT!!

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Maine next cycle ka YFI dhoond liya hai. Pakka 1500x jayega. Main naam to nahi batane waala par ek hint: wo token ek aise chain pe hai jispe LUNA se nikal ke kai log gaye Toh, chaloge mere saath upar? Banoge mere millionaire dost?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5 Blue chip token easy 10x possible 100x during bull run. Forget everything I've posted and go all in this one and forget about it for 2 years >but but it is already 100 million Don't care

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Next 1000x

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Dipk klal

Guys how do i become rich like deepak kallal and how do i get a prostitute like the one he has

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I just need 5000 to pay some installments how can I accomplish this sirs

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Ghatis deserve to die

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Dad ne Naya dhandho shuru kra tha mop and wiper banane ke. Margin 10-20rs. You have to make all the items by your hand. But even after doing marketing in all the nearby shops we are not getting orders from their side. 50-100rs profit per day. He is now thinking of selling all the machines and getting rid of it.

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Why is running a business in this country so hard dhandho bros? > start business > business make moni > register pvt ltd company > 30k a year in compliance just to keep afloat > book-keeping, accounts costs > 13 types of different ROC mandatory compliance > Audits (even for nill transactions) > Baniya CAs now quoting 50k to close the company What should I do bros? The mandatory compliance costs are more than my business made after crashing in chink flu season.

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What is you guys opinion on dropshiping >Is it profitable >How much investment should I make >And any other tips or insight

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SaaS business ideas brainstorm thread

Bhailog, I wanaa start some SaaS business in Kanneda. Currently PR here, so its legal for me. Lotta $ from gullible cancucks. Any ideas ? Some that come to mind: 1. employee shift scheduling system 2. AI based chatbox in website 3. taking web or mobile development contracts and giving them to indian interns working remotely

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Tell me about the upcoming crypto airdrops yaara

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How do I profit from this see picrel

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What are the ways of making money through online

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Aaj mujhe cosmos network pe ek airdrop mila 11k glto tokens. Main bhavishya mein dhani banne waala hoon

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If you want to learn about dhandho do check him out There is free demo as well

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6000 ka tata mutual fund lia tha, 3 mahina hogaya abhi tak 6000 hi hai. What happened to the blaady compounding and sheet?

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आर्ट से फैशन बनता है फैशन से स्टैट्स स्टैट्स के पीछे लोग भागते हैं जहां लोग वहां पैसा जहां पैसा वहां सिस्टम सिस्टम बदलना है? आर्ट बनाओ आर्ट को फैशन बनाता है बिजनेस फैशन को स्टेटस बनाता है मार्केटिंग स्टेटस के पीछे लोगों को भगाता है एडवरटाइजिंग लोगों से पैसा निकलता है सैल्स पैसे को सिस्टम में बदलता है ऑपरेशन्स CRM सिस्टम बदलना है? बिजनेस बनाओ धन्धा बनता है धन्धे‌ से जो बिक रहा है उसी में कुछ अलग angel देकर अचानक से कुछ नया बेचना मुश्किल है Example देखो अंग्रेज़ बेचे फैक्टरी का माल साइंस based बोलके फिर फैक्टरी मै गंदगी होती है कोन बना रहा है क्या डाल रहा है पता नहीं ऐसा हमने कहा तो उन्होने "सर्टिफाइड" ISO का नया एंगेल डाल के माल बेचा वो certified आए तो हिन्दू trained हिप्पी ब्रिगेड ने "नेचुरल" का ऐंगल use किया नेचुरल आते ही game अपना कोई फैक्टरी स्मॉल scale कि टक्कर में ज्यादा नेचुरल नहीं हो सकती नेचुरल की वजह से फैक्टरी प्रोडक्शन से बाहर निकले लेकिन फैक्टरी केमिकल अभी भी थे तो ऑर्गेनिक का पुश हुआ अभी ऑर्गेनिक पे authentic और इंडिजेनियस या लोकल या homegrown पुश कर सकते हैं अगर "ऑर्गेनिक मिल्क" तो "ऑर्गेनिक मिल्क From देसी काऊ" Than पुश काऊ मेंटेंन विथ लव एंड respect पहुंच गए ultimate सिस्टम change तक? जो product catagory अभी verified और certified का गेम खेल रही है वहां काटो उनका अपने प्रोडक्ट को नेचुरल बोल के सारी कंपनी organic का angle डाल चुकी थी टूथपेस्ट में नमक है नीम वाला वॉशिंग पाउडर ऑर्गेनिक की काट इंडिजनस है पतंजलि ने बोला हम देसी हैं अब पतंजलि से आया लोकल बना हुआ माल Next Step: साबुन made at local गौशाला We win फैक्ट्री प्रोडक्शन आर्ट था लेकिन हमारा देसी प्रोडक्शन better art है प्रोमोट करना जरूरी है नहीं तो pollusion से कुछ नहीं बचेगा Marketing होती है monkey ting से बंदर जैसे नकल जो गुड लुकिंग हो प्रसिद्ध हो जिसकी समृद्धि हो लोग उसके पीछे जाकर अनुकरण करते हैं लोग सब देखते हैं ज्यादातर लोग तो सिर्फ देखते हैं सोचते नहीं आपका टेस्ट जितना aacha है लोग आपको उतना फॉलो करते हैं और आपको पता भी नहीं चलता तो बिजनस ऐंगल push करने के बाद काम है चुप बैठना अपना काम करना Oversocialised लोग काफी observe करते हैं वो power के आगे झुकते हैं सत्य से ज्यादा कुछ लेना देना नहीं होता खुद गाय को पानी रोटी आदि देना चालू करो लोग फॉलो करते हैं सुबह उठो वर्कआउट करो तो follow करते हैं अगर कोई अच्छा काम है तो करना चालु करो और बताओ मत लोग ढूंड के जानना पसंद करते हैं अंदर की बात सीधा बताओ तो सुनते नहीं खुद करते रहो तो राज की बात समझ के पीछे पड़ जाते हैं follow भी करते है यही marketing है Letting customer derive inference अमिताभ ने बोला तो cadbury सच्ची ही होगी आपने तो बोला नहीं वो खुद मतलब निकलता है आप बोलते तो मानता नहीं आप अपनी इज्जत बनाए रखिए आपका फैशन जल्द ही स्टेटस हो जाएगा अब इस स्टेटस को लोग कहां purchase कर सकते हैं वो advertising है Sales में अब doubt क्लियर करना माल क्लियर करना discount offer etc देना एड देखकर लोग दुकान/साइट पर आते हैं सेल्स से झोलि में डाल के सामान, बटुआ खोल देते हैं CRM यानी customer relationship management एक बार के ग्राहक को बंधा हुआ ग्राहक बना देता है जहां customer लौट करके आएं, वहां लोग टिके रहते हैं। बार बार नया आदमी ना पकड़ने की वजह से बढ़ोतरी होती है और कारवां बनता गया.. System बदलना चाहते हो? Business बनाओ

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Share your intraday picks for today

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Has anyone been in the UX/ UI design field. How's the pay and how likely are you to get a job in it

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Kadachit mujhe apna short position close kar dena chaiye

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 7

Suggest me some resources to learn everything about crypto trading

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 7

Riddle me bhangis, where do I read basic finance from? I want to know the terms and about accounting. I want to make trading bots and earn Paisa.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8

I'll soon get 22k per month. What are the best investments I can make?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

Yeh sab choro bhenchod agar kamai kiya bhi toh receive kaise karoge? Current account se his jumla ho sakta hai bada amounts ka. Suppose you're earning money unconventionally and can't accept it in cash off the books. How would you present your regular non crypto gains through a current account without getting fucked by the taxman? Don't you need a registered business to even be eligible for a current account? In endia receiving money is a bigger headache than earning it

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 8

19 yo Brahmin chad what do you do?

I mean how does that crypto stuff works and how you make money??

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 8

Minimum Viable Family Money Figures in Lakh

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TRX Shit

How do I withdraw this shit? A friend of mine sent me money thru USDT and it won't let me withdraw without TRX token. Need $2-3 to withdraw my money(sending it to exchange wallet so I can get my monero). Least purchase amount in Trust Wallet is $50. What do I do

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mujhe paise chahiye yaaro mai pagal ho raha hu broke hoke

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 8

Guys is there any way to earn some cash from mobile I want to come out from my socio economic condition and live a better life Thanks in advance pyaaro

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

Tips for noobs who don'ts know crypto 1. Sell If you are in 2x 3x profit, cash out the profit and keep your original amount invested 2. Fomo Never buy something you see mass shilled and even if you want to don't go all in and even if you go all in, only go all in with the money you are okay with losing. 3. Greed Don't get greedy if you see a guy bragging about his profits like one fag does on this board. You are not as smart as him. Also no one posts their losses remember that. 4. Win rate Only few market participants make profit. It's a game where money changes hands from gullible newbies to seasoned mature traders. You literally need only an ounce of brain. 5. Day dreaming Don't day dream about becoming millionaire like in one of those crypto success stories. They are few handful stories, there are 1000x more stories of people losing money. 6. Don't chase losses Lost some percent of your money? Let it go, 90% of the fools who lose their entire portfolio lose it because they were trying to make all their losses back. 7. Buy low marketcap legit project early Search for good projects, be early. Being early is the most rewarding thing in crypto. 8. Don't play with leverage If you are a newfag, don't ever touch leverage. Maybe try playing with 5-10 dollars only if you are okay to lose it. You may even get beginner's luck and make some profit but don't try to repeat miracles. Only seasoned, mature, learned traders can make money through leverage trading and even they lose money sometimes. Biggets crypto fund that was respected in crypt got liquidated. If top 1% can get liquidated then we are like flies in this market. 9. Hold It has become a meme at this point. But let's say you buy something at the beginning of a bull run, try to hold on to it.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 8

This is the p&l of my madarchod Italianfag friend One day I want to become a good trader like him

R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 8

If you aren't shorting solana you are wasting your youth

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 9

Morning friends, its a new opportunity to make a better chance. Do your best!!

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 9

Hi poorfags Just made 15 lakh rupees today

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 9

How do I learn crypto leverage trading yaar? Suggest some good tutorials/books/courses

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

How to change the name in pic related on binance? It comes up as my district name for some reason and i can't do p2p trades due to that coz all fags start crying to chinance about names not matching

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 9

is it a good time to buy crypto since it's at an all time low and can only go up when recession is over? ( I know nothing about this pls explain if I'm wrong or right)

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The plot twist in the biggest NFT drama . The hyper racist Neo Nazi white supremacist pedophile suicide inducer who runs milady is actually an indian kid who is friends with Hillary Clinton

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 9

Made $1840 today shorting bitcoin. Can i become crorepati before 30?

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unban sameer from telegram group please

bhaiyo tumlog ne mujhe telegram group se kick kyu kiya mai to waha learning ke liye ayah tha please unban me UwU

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 9

Kek bitcoin baggies

ITT we laugh at bitcoin baggies

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

Forbes - 30 Under 30

Natasha Nath is head of the U.S. rates gamma book at Deutsche Bank, one of Wall Street's larger market-making desks. She took over the desk at age 27 and maintained a top four market share, with volume often surpassing $10 billion in notional value daily. Nath grew up in a small town in India and spent two high school years in Libya before majoring in math at MIT.

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All right gather around everybody because we have a opportunity. When /dhan/ was created in old inch, a telegram group was established, we didn't took new admissions after those first few months but now we are inviting you to join the group. Behave, we banter and stuff but still behave ourselves as we are anons.

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Earning by making soft core nsfw-ish content as a Indian citizen Is it legal?

Hello, Bhai logo. I am a curious individual. Who would like to make content which we all can call "Edgy." The best example would be something little more than that movie 'Great Grand Masti.' (Softcore no nudity/penetration just content which is focus on sexy and hot stuff) I'm thinking of creating Web novels, 3d animations, and video games in the nsfw-ish genre. And monetize it with something like Patreon or sell them for $2-5 My main problem is: Is it legal? Will I be jailed for it? I am not planning on distributing anything targeting India. But, more international markets. Thanks you for reading this weird question of mine. (Note: I still haven't done/make anything.)

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I jerk off to profits.... I'm gonna COOOOOMMM!!!!

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Watch all his videos if you want to learn trading And download binance/ftx/bybit And start to trade(trade in small size for learning) Also watch their podcasts if you wanna learn about cryptoooooo Here is link to: Bybit: FTX: Binance:

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I have ₹5k to invest in crypto, name me some shit coin to invest in.

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Is crypto market about to rebound? Or will it dip more? Anyone is buying the dip? Anyone lost money in luna? What coins are you investing in?

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Hello guys how do I make money using crypto option trading

>> just wanted to become financially free before I graduate >> just some alternative ways to grab some cash if you don't know about option trading

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AVAX chads...

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Discuss -- [21M] crossed 1cr. Redditors downvoted him, but I believe, jpegs are still in bull market.