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Anon 02/04/2023 (Sat) 17:43:37 ID:0afdf6 No. 1069
Adani will moon on Monday This is financial advice
>>1069 Tell any single reason for beleiving you
>>1070 See bro, I am not sure about Monday, but long time it is going to Moon, unlike illiterate librandus and other heckin habbening fags, Adani has real hard assets (ports, mines, power plants etc).
Adani isn't your Silicon Valley Techbro whose social media app is no longer famous.
>>1069 I will moon on your Mom tonight. This is a Threat.
>>1070 As the infrastructure improves so does demands of population so does supply. Now he have ports, mines(coal is going nowhere), power plants. Even for long term investment he is a good option.
>>1074 Yeah but he is overvalued
>>1075 Not anymore.
>>1076 Nah it needs to go down further
>>1077 Why ? Are you too a short seller ?
Adani will survive and of course rebound These Hindenburg retards earned what they had to . Well there is no such BS as confidence of global investors shaken kek. Adani group is a strategic asset . I only pray, government dosent go retard and let loose it's SEBI and others
>>1078 That doesn't matter
(704.23 KB 600x270 HJCyX9CdaCRvyfu2.mp4)
>>1079 Again old school economics of muh assets, asset growth is of reliance, for adani it was always speculation
>>1082 Pray to elaborate. Anyway Moody's didn't change their ratings for adani stocks So far so good
>>1081 Man this guy seems sad
>>1082 > old school Kneegga its called forever Green school of Economics.
>>1069 monday ko phir maa chudne wali hai pyaare
>>1086 Mujhe bhi bulalio teri maa chodne ke liye blackpiller negro.
>>1086 Lol
>>1074 only 2 out of 7 his 7 business are making money, others are just running on govt subsidies and debt. adani's airport business have not earned him a single rupee of profit since last 3 years. only ports and coal mining business is making him any money, his empire is just illusion created by PR machinery to get him more loan. coal reserves in lundia is diminishing and that's why he paying austrralian politicians to get mining permit for last decade. but environmental activists btfo'd his decade old plan. his coal mining business will die within 15 years. only adani ports is sustainable business, which too he got on a govt. leased. if by chance Rahul Gandhi wins 2029 elections and decides to go after him, his ports will be gone too. for more info watch the video in link below, and remember nothing is permanent. >https://youtube.com/watch?v=DwWp0mgik-A
(93.33 KB 1246x497 stonks.png)
(18.01 KB 948x533 bunty.webp)
>>1069 ekdum chaand pe pahunch gaye lawde
>>1089 I would advise him towards selling his business or re-structure his entire operations
>>1071 Blockbuster had 10000 real hard physical stores. Netflix had 0 dumb fucker.