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Anon 02/18/2023 (Sat) 04:26:29 ID:58b100 No. 1136
The best place to invest is real estate right now. If you have money invest in faridabad nuh sohna noida Gurgaon. Demand for flats and plots is increasing every year in ncr and due to infrastructure projects like delhi mumbai expressway fng expressway rrts there have been a boom in property prices in faridabad sohna nuh ghaziabad. This is what boomers and our parents generation did. They bought land in places which were basically nothing but jungles now they are urban well planned residential areas where land prices are 1 lakh per gaj.
>>1136 >faridabad nuh sohna noida Gurgaon Already peaked and fully populated. Real price boom waiting to happen is in gujrat. Look up the land prices and compare it to ncr, you'll be blown away. The gujjews are building shit silently
>>1137 Not really chud, kerala real estate is crazily underinvested. Check the prices.
>>1137 Yeah I agree. Not much people know about growing IT sector in gujjewrat which is going to increase rents in city.
>>1136 Bought one in palghar
>>1139 >faridabad nuh sohna noida Gurgaon >Kerala Kill yourself right now
>>1136 Sanglo buddhe ke nuskhe kam dekha kar. Wo property dealer hai, uska kaam hai logo ko chutiya banana. You as a investor and first time house owner have to carefully think and plan according to your preference.
>>1163 Urdubhangi gibberish. You don't want to be wealthy.