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help a poorfag Anon 03/01/2023 (Wed) 20:32:45 ID:af0ee5 No. 1185
Mere paas 30L aane waala hai jo papa ghar bech ke hissa denge. Mai ek NEET poorfag hoon. I'll get a 20,000/month job next month. My father has a 30,000/month pension. Should I get a home loan on a 4bhk independent house in outskirts that costs 50L(20L loan). Or should I buy a 30L 2bhk house instead? Kya NEETs ko bank loan deti hai? Kitney ki EMI rahegi aur kitney saal loan bharna padega? Me soch raha tha ke 10,000 rent dene se accha wo paise se emi bhar ke ghar khareed loon. If I buy 50L loan then parents can stay with me as well. Bank interest rate to nahi badhaa denge na?
>>1185 Invest it in some wealth fund and enjoy stable 15% returns compounded annually
>>1186 Sorry bhai I am a brainlet, are you talking about mutual fund?
>>1185 Make a FD And open a Ration ki Dukaan
>>1188 property chahiye bhai, passive income ke liye toh papa ne mere naam ek flat kar hi diya hai
>>1185 >Mere paas 30L aane waala hai >calls himself poorfag >get job next month >calls himself NEET
>>1190 Ohhhh This is a Schizo Thread
>>1190 I technically am a neet and a beggar if not for my parents
bump yaar please advice karo
Put it in savings or fd and live on rent.
>>1186 Separately Managed Accounts or Index funds are a better alternative
>>1190 Yeh Anand sahab dhuki kyu han India ka chess future tho theek thaak hai Not usse level but still decent I would say
>>1196 Yar Anand looks like that lenskart guy in sharktank
>>1197 Truly the signs of time
>>1185 annuity(fixed income aayega agar 7% return rate hai n 10l dala for 10 yrs to 1.33 L yearly milega), 10l corporate bonds mein daal(AAA or AA)(7-11% return hota hai), 5l wealth fund/index fund mein daal, 3L REIT kar & 2L udaa bike/electric scooty kharid(transportation insaan ke lode lga deta hai)
>>1195 >>1199 ghar chahiye pyaaro
>>1200 Lele bhai 60:40 ka slit rakhle 4bhk ka outer mei mile tho Tbh tere pe ek aadh flat ka kiraya ayega tho accha rahega
>>1201 thanks pyaarey, bas bank waley loan approve kardey. 13000 rent aata hai bas. me relatives se 20lakh ka loan le sakta hun par bank me 2 safety rahegi 1. paisa fraud because ill pay bank not buyer 2. document fraud which bank will verify
>>1202 Agar relatives kam byaj pe dede tho dekhle 2-3 percent pe Safety tho kahi nahi hai Aaj kal Is 33k a month enough for you? If not I would recommend using 20 lakhs as down payment and 10 lakhs in index fund or Separate managed account Jiske returns tu nikal sake Research on your own for a little and than update us
>>1200 Location, any other assets u own?
>>1185 Invest in a big company with 8% dividend , you will get about 20000 rupees per months for the rest of your life for doing nothing
>>1185 Even better yould be to never even use the dividend money and reinvest it into as shares and increase your dividends by 8% every year. In 10 years you can live as a neet finally without any job and getting money from a big company.
>>1185 >>1202 credit card khareed aur cibil score badhaa le
>>1206 anon you sound quite insightful! where did you get all this knowledge? Is it from experience or did you get it from informative mediums such books, Internet forums, YouTube videos and etc