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i waited many 2 weeks Anon 03/14/2023 (Tue) 04:43:48 ID:e51b04 No. 1223
i fell for the 4chan meme bros its Monday and nothing happened, all american stocks seem to be doing just fine
>>1223 Me too man. Me too
(132.89 KB 1024x683 1621195298979.jpg)
>>1224 the jews have won, it's truly over for the new brics currency
>>1223 Same yaar. I don't even browse 4chan. I saw dr. Shah videos. Sold all my MF and invested in golld and silver. I feel stupid
>>1226 >>1224 >>1223 Imagine believing imageboard schizos
>>1223 >Its happpennniiiiinnng The financial crashes are all controlled demolitions. Could happen anytime between 2023-2025. 99% of the time, nothing ever happens.
>>1227 But 2 banks crashed brutally yaar. It felt viable
>>1223 Seriously just wait 2 more years, American collapse is imminent
>>1223 Desu it'll happen, if you are an experienced trader you will know that things about to get bad for amerimutts
(84.92 KB 539x827 1582151091816.jpg)
(398.45 KB 1024x768 8618265760_55e1708fe7_b.jpg)
>>1230 i want to see america collapse so badly., Fuck america
>>1233 Too rapey yaar
>>1233 how many days worth of scheisse is that
>>1233 Ye pyari ladki meri gf ho sakti thi
>>1233 janny clean karo bhai
>>1234 megakek omg sariya jaggu
>>1233 /b/ros cumskins ki tatti hamare jaisi peeli kyu nhi hoti?
>>1239 Hum turmeric ka use krte hai kaafi khane mein