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Mujhe paise chahiye yaar mobile lena hai Bengali Anon 05/08/2022 (Sun) 12:05:35 ID:78b482 No. 143
I want to buy a good motorola phone under 15k but don't have the money How do I get that much money? I can't steal or ask my parents cause they can't give me anything
>>143 Bpo jobs karlo domestic mai aise hi utha lete hai wolog kisi ko bhi
>>143 Same
Make OF account and jerkoff for Gheys. they throw decent monies.
>>143 Start flipkart pay later. Then buy the phone on EMI. The max emi would be 1400 per month. You can get that much by tutoring kids.
>>143 Motorola kyu acch le phone
>>143 Dont larp as me
>>143 Give handjobs, 100 Rs each. Do it 150 times.
>>143 Konsa hai moto under 15K?
>>187 Chutiya hai kya tu? Old phone hai
>>188 purana ha to kya hua? Sab top notch ha.
>>188 Sale new fones me jada kya hota hai? New android update? Ya fir securtiya updates wo kise chahiye?
>>187 Buy it yaar. Don't go for chinkshit unless you have knowledge about flashing ROMs, and Samsung is just trash at low-medium budgets. >>191 Yaar...
>>143 (BTW I am a nigger)
(BTW I am a nigga)
>>143 Just become a redmi jiobhangi. Go find something on second hand market.
Mujhe 10 hazar ka phone Lena par paise nhi hai :/
Still using my asus Zenfone mpm1 (8.5k rupee ) since past 3 years Wanna switch to moto E40 Paise nahi hai yaar
>>222 Custom rom daal le mai wahi chala raha 2019 se
>>223 Lineage is best so far for me