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/crypto/ Anon 05/15/2022 (Sun) 04:37:33 ID:282644 No. 182
Is crypto market about to rebound? Or will it dip more? Anyone is buying the dip? Anyone lost money in luna? What coins are you investing in?
>>182 >Anyone lost money in luna? pic It'll dip and go up again and again and won't recover till the financial shit/inflation in the USA is stable Bought some BTC, wish I had a job so I could've bought a lot more. I only invest in BTC and ETH Keep buying a little BTC every month Don't gamble with shitcoins
>>182 I had 9000 rupees in my WazirX account now its 500 I am not fucking selling crypto to the moon economic system can collapse but crypto cannot
>>182 Buying negros should have no say on crypto I mine my own XMR
>>185 madarchod kon sa CPU hai? Jitne mein mine karoge utne me khareed loge
Buy AVAX (BTW I am a nigger)s
>>189 >Crypto mining is done on CPUs instead of GPUS NGMI brainlet
>>203 londu XMR CPU pe hota hai kahan kahan se madarchod aa jaate hain https://xmrig.com/benchmark
>>204 Idk about that, my mausi's husband from tamil nadu is a crypto millionaire chad and he told me mining is done on gpu
>>234 Yaar ye trading ke bare mein mujhe bhi sikha na pyaare anon🤗🤗🤗💞❤️
>>234 why dont u study blockchain urself rather than listening to some lucky soyjack. most people who invested in crypto before oct 2021 have made decent money off it.