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>19 yo Brahmin chad 05/23/2022 (Mon) 08:41:51 ID:24e9d2 No. 207
I have over 50k$ in cryptoooooo farms that i earned flippining Nft's in these 6 months I earn 2000rs daily on it Wby?
>>207 Nazar na Lage pyaare Brahmin
>>207 bhai thoda udhaar dega kya?
>>207 Kill yourself now or give money to me
>>207 You need money to make money, chakke.
>>211 lmao poor earn mor and stop seething
>>208 thank you pyaare anon
>>212 Oye mc mujhe bhi paise chahiye instructions bata mai ye kaise karu
(37.00 KB 720x341 screen_20220524_124330.jpg)
I lost $1600 last week but I'm slowly rebuilding. Should i close my position for today? Or wait for it to fall further
>>207 Madarchod hindi me explain kar poora aur baaki log ki help kar paisa banane me
>>215 Close all your longs and shorts And wait for a clear trend Trading rn is very risky Cause of possible recession and more rate hikes by US
(77.81 KB 1080x1065 20220503_171624.jpg)
>>216 >Hindi mein explain kar Fug off Urdufag
>>215 And follow degen Spartan on twitter He's one of the best traders on ct And also does nice shitposts https://twitter.com/DegenSpartan?t=dyNF_OCvBNThd31T13bpkw&s=09
>>218 To madarchod English me he bata do
Randiyan chodo fir