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Anon 06/01/2022 (Wed) 19:28:59 ID:b465cb No. 251
Maine next cycle ka YFI dhoond liya hai. Pakka 1500x jayega. Main naam to nahi batane waala par ek hint: wo token ek aise chain pe hai jispe LUNA se nikal ke kai log gaye Toh, chaloge mere saath upar? Banoge mere millionaire dost?
Name bta chupchap
It's up from $38 to $70 My original buy was $78 I wish I had more funds to buy at 38 I had, but i got liquidated Anyway
>>251 Luna se nikal ke toh shayad cosmos me Gaye he. BC or hint de
>>390 Ok the coin is neta
(6.30 KB 289x163 sus.jpeg)
>>474 Is it the one with 2 million mcap? Can I trust you?
>>497 Upto you njggercunt Risk hai to isk hai Know that it is a purely community token i. e. any group of holders can form a DAO to decide what they want to do with their tokens. Different DAOs can have different ideas regarding what to do with the project. I chucked 5% of my ftx portfolio onto it last month (later i lost remaining 95% getting liquidated kek)
>>516 It sure is pumping
OP here. Sell karke low pe buy Karu kya? I need funds to mint some NFTs
>171 Muttergucker
(72.00 KB 720x1143 screen_20220813_150456.png)
Should I sell or
>>596 Tere pass kitne paise he ?
>>597 Thoda complicated hai. Sab idhar udhar bikhra hua hai
>>251 Teri maa ke saath jaunga
Holy shit i missed it because it's a pain in the ass to operate Kepler. I just don't like that chain. Could have bought 1 good coin of neta at 40.
>>621 Yes Cosmos is a pain in the ass. Ethereum feels so smooth in comparison. Tho i remember thinking ethereum being complicated after i re-entered crypto in 2017. In 2014 i only used QT wallets for Bitcoin and altcoins.
>>622 It's not just complicated. I have used Kepler but it feels like a pain in the ass. Can't really explain. Anyway, got any more good coins like neta?