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SaaS business ideas brainstorm thread Masterji 06/02/2022 (Thu) 01:58:05 ID:5269de No. 254
Bhailog, I wanaa start some SaaS business in Kanneda. Currently PR here, so its legal for me. Lotta $ from gullible cancucks. Any ideas ? Some that come to mind: 1. employee shift scheduling system 2. AI based chatbox in website 3. taking web or mobile development contracts and giving them to indian interns working remotely
1 and 2 already exist here. 3 sounds interesting.
>>255 On the contrary, muje laga 3. is already exist. 3. ke liye clients kaise laau ? Btw, agar tu muje client dega to mai 50% share karta hu. Mera developer ka network hai pehle se. Bol.
Indias i.t personal are fucking garbage better talent in Lithuaina, Czech, Estonia and Finland india is garbage i repeat fucking garbage
>>254 I wanna get btfod so hard by her yaar
>>257 thereko poocha kisiney?
>>257 ok saar if you so, we indians will do the needful and stop working in IT. btw how's your white masta doing ?
>>258 same >>259 >>257 >>260 ideas do yaaro
A website that accumulates resources on how to kys Share it on imageboards Enjoy the profit from ad money
>>254 What's your caste? By the way, all 3 exist.
>>262 nice idea brother
>>254 mujhe aisi ladki ke sath sex karna ha