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Anon 06/05/2022 (Sun) 11:13:18 ID:36bb91 No. 281
Are betichod log tum log ke pass kitna crypto hai? Mere pass kewal 0.014 btc equivalent hai (₹33.2k)./dhan/ is dead hence asking here :3
/dhan/ is dead because you fags keep posting here. Go back.
>>282 Madarchod last time post kiya tha 2 reply aaye the.
>>283 >2 reply More than enough as inch is majority NEET or students.
>>281 i have 40 lakh rupees in crypto i will become a millionaire and cash out 70% and throw it in a hedge fund and become financially free
mai to stockschad hoon
>>285 >40 lakh rupees in crypto Tell you're story 19yr old anon
>>281 around 47lakh in bnb from buying shitcoins since last year
>>281 I lost everything in last 1 year. my portfoio was $12000 last december and now Im left with my last $15.
10 din pehle mere ftx account me $360 tha. Uske baad short kar kar ke 20x kar liya :3. Anyway $1000 se ek altcoin buy kiya aur $650 se dusra. Rest is going to the moon with me
>>287 Yes I traded nft's during the max hype in September to January
>>281 >(5 months ago) Dhan is really dead
>>281 Crypto wypto scan hain madarjod.. Stonks le stonks...