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Anon 07/16/2022 (Sat) 09:17:02 ID:2e4612 No. 452
guys how do you make side income as a college student in India I find it difficult to do Internship cause my college starts at 8 A.M and ends at 4 P.M I reach at home around 4:30 P.M then I teach some kids from 4:30 to 6:00 P.M(it doesn't pay that much) what should I do in between 6:00-1:00 AM that will make me money and what you do?
>>452 Unironically beermoneyindia subreddit
>>452 Some Groomcord servers pay you money for joining other Groomcord servers >>453 This subplebbits Groomcord server is one. Ask the guys there for more servers like that. You can make 2-3 dolla daily by just joining Groomcord servers
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>>452 Buy an iPhone from Big Billion Sales and other Big Sales online, don't open anything, sell it to local market with Rs1K below the original price and you can easily make some money this way. Also Investment is High. Kek. But the return is guaranteed.
>>520 paise nahi hai yaar itne invest karne mere pass
>>520 How much is original price how much is big billion price?
>>520 Bhai dukan wale bbd se bhi saste mein phone karidte hain tujhe kuch nahi pata hai
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I have one suggestion which can make you good amt of monies in limited timespan. It's going to need 3 things 1st good android/iOS phone, streaming software and good looking Pajeeta friend. stream some games on youtube for 2-3 hours daily with by pajeeta form your channel,and coomers/simp will throw moneis on you.
>>590 pajeeta friend nahi hai yaar
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>>452 Month late, but find Telegram servers of cryptocurrencies to moderate. Can make a hundred dollars a week, which in India is a wholeass salary. Good luck
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