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BrahminScion 07/30/2022 (Sat) 13:37:20 ID:a928e8 No. 537
Why is running a business in this country so hard dhandho bros? > start business > business make moni > register pvt ltd company > 30k a year in compliance just to keep afloat > book-keeping, accounts costs > 13 types of different ROC mandatory compliance > Audits (even for nill transactions) > Baniya CAs now quoting 50k to close the company What should I do bros? The mandatory compliance costs are more than my business made after crashing in chink flu season.
>>537 say "maa chudao sab" and go to sleep. dont care
>>548 Me every night after Fapping. Kek.
(101.16 KB 634x768 withered_tired.png)
>>537 India is an anti business cuntREEE Just take a look at the policies of government. They are made just to hassle small scale businesses like yours but not big companies(they are their baaps+ chanda for chunaw) and top of that you encountered chink flu, so naturally your business would have gone down.