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Anon 08/03/2022 (Wed) 05:08:13 ID:ebcc3e No. 557
Dad ne Naya dhandho shuru kra tha mop and wiper banane ke. Margin 10-20rs. You have to make all the items by your hand. But even after doing marketing in all the nearby shops we are not getting orders from their side. 50-100rs profit per day. He is now thinking of selling all the machines and getting rid of it.
>>557 Connect with a big company like Tata or reliance My dad recently got a contract in adani
>>558 So if we meet them and if they agreed, we could get a contract to manufacture mops for them under their brand? Is that hiw it works?
>>560 No like you can get a contract to supply the mops for their office in bulk. Go to those big companies' websites and register your company as a contractor/service provider. Some officer may call you. Other big companies are LnT , HMM etc. Our company is related to construction field so I'm recommending those. You can try IT companies too. Give it a try before giving up. Good luck
(31.18 KB 325x362 storefrogs.png)
>>562 Thanks brother. I will update you on how it goes
>>557 I can't stop laughing. This must be a LARP. Kek. Anon is you're Father a Wagie or Berozgar??
>>567 holy fuck how ignorant are you from reality? You are either a teenager or a spoilt rich brat
>>557 Sell on amazon Or contact your local big store non franchise wala