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I wanna learn stock market ? 08/25/2022 (Thu) 18:26:23 ID:83963e No. 633
Guys help me i am on lowest of my life...yrr please someone provide me some free course like 100 hours ... please help me yrr 😭😭😭😭😭
>>633 Invest in Adani and Ambani stocks and go to gym.
>>634 Unironically this both have hands of illuminati and bigger elites on them just see how adani is growing
>>634 I dont want stock ...i wanna know how to invest
>>633 >>634 How to trade ...
>>637 Madarchod don't trade. Invest long term. Save up money for your children and retirement
>>633 Bhai 100x leverage all your money. Then you will be rich
Invest everything in Adani. Leftists are seething and saying it is overbought but Adani is a memestock. It won't crash. Unless Soros shorts its derivatives in America. But i think indian government blocked the derivatives trade for foreigners. About trading, I'm trading shitcoins using renko charts these days. As long it works it works. Let's see. Add MA10 over renko for less degeneracy.
>>633 Fuck you anon. Learn to make money first. Don't jump in the stock market if you don't make over 30k at the very least.