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Anon 09/15/2022 (Thu) 15:51:48 ID:e89552 No. 765
Agar mai chorbazar se samaan khareed ke online mehenge mai bechu to Ameer hojaunga na bawaaaaa!!!!!
>>765 - introduce drugs to a rural area - get money - village fells to the demise of the drugs - ask donations for spreading awareness against drugs use while still selling them - get money - open paid facilities to treat people suffering from drug use - get money - do this until caught
>>766 kar to lu but raat ko neend nhi aayegi na yaara richfags will recover if I just sell them some stuff at a high price
>>771 >neend nahi aaegi it's over for muh feefee people
>>766 >introduce drugs to a rural area Not possible here in south india, not all indian villages are anarchic shitholes
>>779 >South India kek
(772.63 KB 1600x1981 1669985358577120.jpeg)
>>779 i have never been to a real Indian village. North ya South. Like ever. I'm from Mumbai. How is a South Indian village like ?
>>766 you can't remain anonymous in a village like a shitty you dumbfuck and only a handful of retarded teenagers will take your drugs good luck avoiding getting skinned alive by their fathers when they hunt you down with guns
>>1002 why, do rural areas make you cry?
>>1019 skill issue