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(69.03 KB 656x900 FeZaDgnVUAI8gaT.jpeg)
World Cup inu Anon 10/06/2022 (Thu) 18:40:38 ID:7e22b7 No. 831
I bought this today Dev is from Dubai and i hate dubai because muslims but this is one of best devs I've seen. Possibly lots of oil money will flow into this. Personally this is my gamble of a lifetime. A make it or break it trade. Don't be like me but it doesn't hurt buying a small bag.
mooning finally
(67.00 KB 720x813 wxi.jpg)
Any other shitcoin i would've dumped but this one I'm holding till 100 MM marketcap
>>835 saar you are very rich how much did you invest for such returns
>>837 I'm not rich lol. I'm at my lowest currently. I want to be rich. With WCI hopefully. Bas 100k aa jaye mere paas November end tak
(72.00 KB 720x907 ßßß.jpg)
Let's go boys
(77.00 KB 720x594 4k.png)
Finally I'm early Wish i got in at 1/10 of the price though. Abhi iska value 40k hota. Anyway, this is potentially going to 500 million- 1 billion MC so IDC
>>910 Fug it 4x'd since my post (15 minutes since launch) I should've swapped wci for this kek.
7x ho gaya yara
This coin was made for me
(82.00 KB 720x409 wdi.png)
From 20k to 20 M, some people made 1000x off this. I'm holding till 1 billion i guess Will take some profits at 100M
(70.42 KB 1280x640 IMG_20221017_144755_545.jpg)
>>939 Would be at 30M but some dumbass got 5M phised by a (BTW I am a nigger)ian.
Discovered WPI (world peace inu) yesterday. It 20x'd in a day
Alright time to sell. The brazillian monkey dev is a retard
>>948 lol
>>955 Sold it for great profits (12k USD value but withdrew only 9k worth). WCI jumped by 50% in value after i sold. Didn't have any regrets but i parked my profits in ftx to avoid getting tracked and then i got greedy and opened some 20x leverage trades and lost it kek. Started Round 2 today. Got into shinshu inu on eth and twoge inu on BSC. Let's see how far these go
>>962 Got a 2x on shinshu. Will ride till 10x - 20x
shitcoining>>leverage gambling