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Me 10/16/2022 (Sun) 01:18:55 ID:05bac0 No. 930
I am 29 and still doing an internship. To get to my financial goals I would work only on my own goals and contribute to society probono only after turning 50. I have given 30 years to learn everything sincerely but I cannot bring about change and as no one cares, I would be exhausted with my family if efforts are made for public service. Pure and simple I would work on making money alone. I am trained and well educated (not via institutions of repute yet can be better then them at times.). I don't miss anything and I won't change anything. Learning for the sake of it and getting to the truth has been a remarkable experience. I am glad that my parents and extended families (siblings, frens, internet anons and other old people who left writings behind) were there to support me. I will preserve this knowledge by preserving myself. World is not ready to accept great thoughts. I am. Jai shree ram 🙏
Happy DIWALI - OP here. It's going rather well. Task completion
>>946 Good to hear, anon. Best of luck.
>>930 greentext your story yaar. seems interesting.