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Anon 11/03/2022 (Thu) 14:34:41 ID:594dcc No. 963
I have decided guys. I am gonna buy 2-4 buffaloes, some chickens and start a small poultry farm of my own so i can sell milk and eggs. I don't think i am smart enough for other jobs and i don't have much capital. How much money do you think i need for this humble occupation? I am into crypto, i will set a goal of how much i need to start a puptry farm and then use crypto money one day to start this biz. Whaddya think?
>>963 Buy cows and harvest and sell gaumutra to quadruple your regular profits
>>964 But gaumutra of only Desi cow is good.
>>963 If it's small it's fine. If it's big you'll need proper management. People who are loyal to you and ensure their subordinates stay loyal to you
>>966 If i get filthy rich then yeah, if not then it will be a humble small piece of land