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Anon 11/12/2022 (Sat) 06:56:08 ID:326fad No. 975
my father runs 4 canteen in 2 different govt colleges, one of them being an IIT. earns about 7-8 lakhs a month, yesterday he told my that an iit student came and asked me if he could work there, and then went on to laugh and said that 'tujhe bhi seedha canteen me naukri dila deta hu.. iit bhi mil jaayega aur placement bhi ho jaayega.. ye padhne likhne ka koi faayda nhi'. Now i am depressed.
>>975 Based yaar. How to open a canteen in college?
>>980 tenders release hote hai.. and you need to place the lowest bid.. I dont know that well.. but he has these canteens running since last 12-13 years.. and he has even seen politicians and their men eating from his place.
>>981 Ye tenders toh sab Ameer log bid karte hoge or even political affiliated power men. It's over.