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Anon 05/02/2022 (Mon) 14:32:32 ID:b9ba15 No. 99
Dream big anons, Never give up.
>>99 Gib more Details like when you started, how much you invested in the beginning and now also what's you're age nigga. Also how you choose Stocks or MFunds (what you prefer)
>>99 I dreamt too big and got shot down. My fate brought me down . I don't want much now. I just want an ordinary married life
>>101 Ngmi. Bengalis are cucks. You're bootyful wife will breed with Bihari Bull.
>>100 Only people who give advice/explanation/details are one who are losers. I am not a loser. >>101 Do you even know what "ordinary marriage" cost now a days?
>>103 Still gib details yaar i am curious pls
>>104 Option trading + Technical analysis.
>>102 >haha bengali cuck Try something new yaar >>103 I don't know yaar. I have read too many blackpill threads here and on Twitter and IncelsWithoutHate but I still hope. I am scared to dream big. At this point I just want a normal grihastya life. If even that isn't possible then I might actually reach out for mathematics as nothing else is to be done
>>99 mujhe bhi paise chaiye yaar mai bohut depressed hu useless feel hota hai cyanide khareed ne ke liye bhi paise nai hai
>>106 3D geometry k formulas kaise yaad rakhu anon
>>108 be chamar isnt it intutive??? just modify 2d geo formulas with a z dimension
Muje bhi
>>99 Share more
>>101 Aa gaya yahan pe larp karne saala fakecel kuch normie cheez Hui hogi ab 2 din sad rahega phir bhag jayega