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(49.59 KB 600x450 images-1.jpg)
Why do cumtrannies like RRR? Anon 02/01/2023 (Wed) 01:47:45 ID:a171f8 No. 17612 [Reply]
Just today I got a video of a jewtoober named Nerdrotic(who is pretty big in Jootoob movie review spheres) seething because RRR didn't get oscar nomination. I really don't get the popularity of RRR among them. Its just your same old physics defying gulti masala movie though admittedly more competently developed than your average such kind of movie. I thought they laughed off and made fun of such movies and found them ridiculous. Is it because of capeshit and anighay shounenshit turning many of them dumber and more accepting of physics defying movies. Or because they've become so tired of hollywood making woke trash that they accept any kind of non-political media from abroad(similar to how anighay is perceived to be "non-woke" by them)?
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I like the fight scenes, especially the NTR animals party scene.
(35.39 KB 679x452 images (1).jpeg)
I though it was good movie
>>17627 rakul aur sunny ke saath 3some is mydream
>>17616 Fun fact, the "unrealistic" scene where the jr ntr use a motorcycle as if its a stick is actually a special ww1 era bike model which is only 50 kilos in weight and meant to be easily carried by a man. That scene would unironically be more realistic than the beginning scene where he manhandles a tiger which is around 500 kilos in weight.
>>17647 Based youtube comment copy paster. But i said the whole sequence, not just one particular 4 second scene that you can make an excuse about

(405.38 KB 1310x2048 gWAAMfBVs.jpg)
Anon 12/12/2022 (Mon) 13:53:45 ID:ee470b No. 14541 [Reply]
>Arya name >Arya aesthetics Dumeel bros is this good
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>>14554 lungi niiggers are so ugly. yuck !
>>14564 l am not a muzzie lmao
>>14558 He's a arab mutt(mapillah) larping as a mallu hindu larping as a dumeel.
(41.90 KB 554x554 images (1).jpeg)
>>14554 Our Aryan pooslim paki bros not like this

(201.63 KB 1080x1248 Fml9p9HagAEzxXh.jpg)
Lord Sid Anand supremacy Anon 01/17/2023 (Tue) 19:34:02 ID:0e9504 No. 16970 [Reply]
The ultimate urban north indian UC man's filmmaker.
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>>16970 >tararumpum Childhood nostalgia kino
>>16970 Bollyjeets made movies like these and then they wonder why pajeetas are turning in to whores once they grew up.
>>17036 It's in their genes to be whore to bwc and other races and cuck pajeets udruwood gotta do nothing with it
>>16970 Based anon, abbos gonna seethe
>>16970 So true yaar. Us Upper Caste men are so based.

(81.81 KB 1200x1808 Hammer_and_Sickle_and_Star.svg.png)
/Left Wing Music- General/ Communist anon##FDS0Eo 01/05/2023 (Thu) 13:13:15 ID:4699c4 No. 16315 [Reply] [Last]
Soldier of the revolution https://youtu.be/buRvvCRdmQM Katyusha https://youtu.be/4E_3lfS3HTo Internationale in mandarin https://youtu.be/h6Q3U4yhV1E The Red army is the strongest https://youtu.be/zgKazTrhXmI https://youtu.be/eZVT_zOBCVY
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MEME COMMUNISTS. SCARED TO POST SOME ACTUAL GOOD MUSIC LMAO. JUST SOME EDGY USSR DICKRIDERS Emptiness Beneath the Emptiness - Dawn Ray'd https://youtu.be/w2wzMJGyZJY Left Wing Path - Marxthrone https://youtu.be/BPJGgEm4kRc Dry Weather - Crass https://youtu.be/h2KN54w84lY Jane wale Sipahi Se Pucho - Parcham Song Squad https://youtu.be/rtqsTvOpoYM
>>17320 Our prosperous soldiers https://youtu.be/fWDwwT6SEdw
>>17609 យើងវាយសម្រុកលើកភ្លឺស្រែសាងជនបទថ្មី we work on the construction of dikes to create a flourishing countryside https://youtu.be/ZpPoc9CRLeA

(104.92 KB 918x579 eazy.jpg)
Rate Eazy-E Anon 01/20/2023 (Fri) 06:38:28 ID:a87ab3 No. 17079 [Reply]
HEY YO DOCTOR! HERE'S ANOTHER PROPER TRACK https://youtu.be/LSdBf2k6QCg (and also, I think B.G. Knocc Out could have been good if he wasn't in prison for most of his life)
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>>17220 Because it's trash. Spreading violence and criminality among the populace is not 'art'
>>17229 . To borrow a line from this piece [1], . Am I appreciating the art alone or celebrating the artist as well? . I think youre fine as long as you singularly enjoy the music & dont take everything they say as some guiding principle in life, like religious zealots do. . The line between the two is blurry at best and humans bend & break the rules all the time. We say one thing, do another. . Even if a certain piece of work was very explicitly promoting things that were offensive / belligerent / noxious, I'd make an exception for music especially if said music motivates you to get things done, helps you focus & sates that unexplainable thirst we all have for that right beat for that right mood. . I think music deserves that exception. . [1] Separating the art from the artist By Laxmi Mohan https://pinklungi.com/separating-the-art-from-the-artist/
>>17220 >>17323 Die you absolutely fucking n!gger i wish nazi's genocided blacks instead of jews
>>17079 Hardest rapper in evah
>>17079 this (BTW I am a nigger) had PhD in AIDs and BBC Respect this (BTW I am a nigga) bohot hard bohot hard

Anon 01/19/2023 (Thu) 07:34:55 ID:144584 No. 17039 [Reply]
Bollywood is a bunch of whiteoids and turks larping as Indians as Bimarus thinking literally me after watching it.
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>>17075 >>17076 that's the reason he mogs whole dumeel nadu
I may not be strong but I think I could beat up most Bollywood manlets.
(1.06 MB 498x278 1666944376024964.gif)
Inferior pajeets discussing racial superiority 🤣🤣
>>17062 and yet she is an anti-indian subhuman bitch who deserves to be raped and jihaded by a gang of rabid pisslamists
(51.62 KB 858x402 1669363994994168.jpg)
>>17478 Don't you have to shit in the street homeless vat(BTW I am a nigger).

(132.20 KB 1200x630 kiwi.jpg)
Anon 02/01/2023 (Wed) 14:15:14 ID:dd01c0 No. 17632 [Reply]
Will New Zealand's cricket team meet the fate of the West Indies? Their team seems pretty bad after McCullum left.
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>>17632 They will be scoring in this same pace
>>17632 Gillman shubh ka shatak ho gaya yaaro
>>17637 Mast bhai mazza aagaya. Rahul tripathi bhi accha khela. Issan ki maa chod deni chaiye
>>17638 kishan should be benched forever. Bgt me kisko khilana chahiye? Both iyer and pant are out, our middle order looks fucking weak.also, shaw needs to come in instead of kishan
>>17639 Yes shaw ki baat hui thi lekin dravid madarchod hai na. Bgt ke liye dar lag raha, washington sundar ko khelana chaiye

(16.78 KB 303x283 1670877654978130~5.jpg)
Anon 01/30/2023 (Mon) 13:00:36 ID:14b534 No. 17592 [Reply]
we don' listen to gay ahh metal in da hood. Post raw music that a real (BTW I am a nigga) can F wit namsayn No corny brownboy muzak https://youtu.be/_BfcRjZn6y4
(45.28 KB 680x652 4qnmwvkv7bi41.jpg)

(113.50 KB 1848x952 FmFv4ZBagAAZ8cz.jpg)
this scene Anon 01/29/2023 (Sun) 16:35:04 ID:381bb7 No. 17567 [Reply]
SRKino of the highest order
>>17567 Aur bhaiya kitni dehadi kama lete ho Uber se?
(30.66 KB 452x678 images (5).jpeg)
>>17613 Wrong movie. The bimaru labourer movie is pic related
SRK should play Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Perfect role for him.
>>17567 >dat karen/kiran scene cringed so hard I turned japanese

(48.06 KB 739x415 images (6).jpeg)
Anon 02/01/2023 (Wed) 07:17:34 ID:ac914e No. 17626 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbvkbogYyN0 Chaprichads keeping spirit of Hinduism alive in music industry. If this song was made by a citycuck the lyrics would be >Main Hoon simple Sa soyboy >Hoon depression ka mareez >Shehar Ki Chhori Meri Lele khuda hafeez