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(81.91 KB 1200x1200 giga joker.jpg)
Underground movie thread Anon 10/03/2022 (Mon) 18:50:46 ID:b976cc No. 10404 [Reply]
>>10404 Kek this looks good.
>>10404 cat sticks 2019

(103.21 KB 749x999 FeVO0AlVUAEBX3z.jpeg)
Anon 10/06/2022 (Thu) 06:55:45 ID:f0b12a No. 10615 [Reply]
RRRsisters...our hopes are still alive
>>10615 Couldn't make it past 20 minutes.
>>10615 Yaaaas RRR will win 10 oscar saaar
>>10617 Imajin
>>10615 >Best original song naatu naatu Abe yaar isse ichcha to wo bbeem ka lashings scene wala song tha

Mallufag 10/05/2022 (Wed) 18:34:05 ID:fbb131 No. 10593 [Reply]
Recommend me some Kino Bhangali movies released post 2000.
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>>10600 >released post 2000
>>10593 Land of cards (tasher desh)2013
Peace Haven (Sumon Ghosh), Shyamol Chhaya(Humayun Ahmed), Hanuman.com (Gaurav Pandey), Jamai 420(Ravi Kinagi), Gandu(Qaushiq Mukherjee), Herbert(Suman Mukhopadhyay), Chutir Ghonta(Azizur Rahman)
The Japanese Wife

Anon 10/05/2022 (Wed) 09:52:20 ID:c473b0 No. 10553 [Reply]
Fight Club is not an Anti-Capitalist movie https://youtu.be/XlT5q6EwPZ4
(78.14 KB 800x480 branton-tarrant-graffiti.jpg)
>>10553 I see him as tarrant
>>10553 Didn't David fincher direct Social network glorifying jewburg? Surely a capitalist
>>10553 Fight club is based on Mannerbund concept, it's obviously Right Wing.

(122.48 KB 933x943 IMG-20220806-WA0000.jpg)
Any Indian metalheads here? Anonfag 08/27/2022 (Sat) 15:54:53 ID:819403 No. 7177 [Reply] [Last]
>need heavy deathcore band suggestions, blackmetal works too
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>>10565 Nice. Got some more?

Which south Indian actress do you find hot? Anon 09/28/2022 (Wed) 21:01:22 ID:822f8e No. 10014 [Reply]
Same as above.
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>>10186 >>10183 Aur teri maa chamar raand hai Who are north indian? All of these started their careers as south nig⁤gers. Even anushka sharma is southie. Your chamar brain thinks only nig⁤ger actress can be southie but its not the case pyare anons
>>10279 Niyamma Inka pedda lanja raa
>>10280 I dont understand monkey language Ooga booga ooga ooga english ooga booga Ooga booga elle booga ooga ella english only
>>10374 Your mother is the biggest whore. Kek. Dragging mother's for whores. U should all kys.

(63.19 KB 450x648 ra-one.jpg)
Anon 10/04/2022 (Tue) 10:34:44 ID:f4a782 No. 10430 [Reply]
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>>10430 11 years too late. this movie is actually kino.
>>10461 >>10437 >>10431 Dildara dildara meri ratti bhar ka jagg saara ~
>>10430 I saw this in the theater and absolutley loved it Son of Sardar also came along at the same time and this was getting BTFO'ed by it
>>10430 Literally imagined myself kissing and doing naughty things with prateek after watching this movie. I was probably 12. That's where my love for femboys started
>>10530 Son of Sardaar came a year later and clashed with Jab Tak hai Jaan. Jab Tak hai Jaan btfo'd Son of Sardaar at the box office.

Kino stuff Anon 10/05/2022 (Wed) 05:24:53 ID:9a9145 No. 10526 [Reply]
This movie was kino
>>10526 >was Watched it when i was a kid, don't remember most of it. Is it worth a watch now?
(163.01 KB 512x468 564.png)
>>10526 I found it cringy

Anon 10/05/2022 (Wed) 07:05:55 ID:072721 No. 10536 [Reply]
Is there any good vidya games made by Indians could be indie too and also have that indian touch
>>10536 raji
>>10536 Chupa chups

(7.21 KB 300x168 download.jpg)
Rayalaseema factionism Anon 10/02/2022 (Sun) 07:18:51 ID:163f72 No. 10243 [Reply]
>The faction leaders - as the poligars and the perpetrators of their violent culture came to be called - with their political connections cornered all avenues of revenue-earning. Liquor business, contracts for public works, mining and transport became areas of intense competition, which created new conflict areas. The forcible takeover of rivals' properties and hired, professional killings are just some of the methods used to retain supremacy. https://frontline.thehindu.com/politics/article30203661.ece Why are there no faction kinos in Bollywood? Especially with rising South audience.
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Wtf are y'll talking about?palnadu?rayaleesma?violence? Explain
>>10462 Which castes fight with each other in Palnadu? Is their political support behind these castes?
>>10511 Kamma vs Reddy. >>Is their political support behind these castes? Fighting over there is all about capturing political power.
>>10292 Rayalaseema conflicts were definitely more bloodier than Palnadu or Guntur. Anantapur was the most violent district in the 90s. Famous factionist turned minister Paritala Ravi took rivalry against multiple Reddy factionists like Sane Chenna Reddy, Gangula Narayana Reddy, JC Prabhakar Reddy, and even YS Rajasekhar Reddy. My relatives from Anantapur told me that those factionists were using gelatin bombs instead of country bombs.
>>10521 One place in Palnadu used to have Kodela Siva Prasad family fight with Kasu Brahmanda Reddy family (can't remember name though).