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(146.36 KB 236x363 jntr.PNG)
Soo handsome Anon 09/15/2022 (Thu) 14:03:11 ID:dfdd55 No. 9112 [Reply]
Yaar jr ntr is sooo handsome! like all the gulti males
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South star very humble saar
(69.23 KB 1080x1088 1661181247000529.jpg)
>>9118 Bhencho yeh abbo madarchod kya sochte hain movie banaye waqt
>>9789 Lungi fans will eat tatti of their stars. That's how cucked they are
>>9789 om deva deva om deva deva namaha hi bol detha
>>9791 And you suck cocks of katuas that's how cuked you are.

(543.72 KB 1508x2048 20220930_081559.jpg)
Anon 09/30/2022 (Fri) 02:46:51 ID:b87208 No. 10089 [Reply]
Yup he looks terrible Absolutely miscast
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>>10089 bimarus should not be allowed to make movies
>>10089 Is uncle ko lord ram banadiya ? It looks like his eyes are going to fall out. TBH as ugly as manlet charan is he looked more convincing as ram than this uncle
>>10090 Better than beef eating chamaar's of mullawood
>>10113 > beef eating chamaar I'd still prefer them over jr ntr, or poobhas. because I'd rather watch hrithik or john on screen
>>10113 pretty sure south india has a higher beef eating population than north

(378.19 KB 1072x605 1664335992639567.png)
Anon 09/28/2022 (Wed) 03:48:22 ID:7d28c3 No. 9934 [Reply]
just watched cyberpunk edgerunners. trigger really outdid themselves on this one. also sing "I Really Want To Stay At Your House" in this thread
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>>9943 Time nhi mil rha tha so I'm gonna binge watch it all of it tonight. Also is dub any good?
>>10065 Every witcher games is a challenge in itself to the creator. Expectations are really really high.
(93.40 KB 1280x720 1664438109948262.jpg)
>>10067 yes
>>10064 The game is considered le bad because it was incomplete and full of glitches when released, but the story is really good anyway. After watching edgerunners, people are actually jumping to cyberpunk 2077 and the old players are coming back too because of the upcoming dlc and new patches.
>>10070 I finished it last night but forgor to post here. Ep6 was KINO and Rebecca best girl 8/10 rating

Anon 09/29/2022 (Thu) 05:20:31 ID:6e1846 No. 10027 [Reply]
know any netflix premium sellers? like 150 for month.
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>>10046 123movies. If I remember correctly.
>>10046 attacker.tv hurawatch.it gomovies.sx movierulz for regional languages, India. dopebox.to And in telegram, you can find anything, just join the correct channels by using the search button.
>>10094 Or better yet, join a decent usenet indexer OR DT+TL, setup radarr,lidarr and plex, and stream literally anyhing you want in 4k
(447.75 KB 914x1333 1663817634696337.jpg)
>>10105 Detail me batao yaar t. Brainlet
>>10108 Teri ma me sariya randike nufag chamar. I ain't going to spoonfeed you, simple duckduckgo searches will lead you in the right direction, I've pointed out the path.

(52.83 KB 640x454 yKpfPJ81.jpg)
Anon 09/30/2022 (Fri) 02:52:50 ID:ff411f No. 10091 [Reply]
Kids: Krish Adults: batman Legends: thor Ultra legends: bisexual Loki

Recommend me some action thriller movies like picrel. Anon 09/29/2022 (Thu) 10:27:04 ID:2202fc No. 10042 [Reply]
Preferably involving intelligence agencies, other's are fine too. No hand-fighting involved I wanna see guns go booooom
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(26.22 KB 300x300 p2497_p_v10_ab.jpg)
(15.92 KB 330x374 dirty harry.jpg)
(11.36 KB 187x269 images.jpg)
(19.14 KB 474x677 cartel land.webp)
(38.32 KB 474x711 hurt locker.webp)
(58.30 KB 1000x563 no country for old men.jpg)
(99.80 KB 1920x1080 american sniper.jpg)
(2.04 MB 3000x2000 narcos.webp)
>>10042 American propaganda consumer. Absolute faggot.
>>10042 Bang bang

ITT - Post music from niche sub-genres of all genres. Mallufag 09/27/2022 (Tue) 13:27:30 ID:97550a No. 9915 [Reply]
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>>10004 Haven't explored the genre enough anon, but yeah I've heard of them aren't they like the most popular of the genre? I love doormouse tho. Check this out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcPppGu-D1c
>>10008 *sub-genre
>>10006 I've heard that album some time back, sounds really unique
I don't have much unique to add to this thread, I have been out of touch of good genre pushing avant garde stuff for a while. A good blog to follow is https://canthisevenbecalledmusic.com/ But >>10007 Their producer Colin Marstorm, you should watch out for anything this man makes. >>10008 I don't honestly know what the current state is, I am kind of a boomer when it comes to how I get my music and source music. Some of my favs are XoXooXo,Ruby my dear and whourkr. But Igorrr is still my top pick. I have some black metal to recommend, but currently not at home.
Also, death grips is for whatever reason popular, which makes no sense to me. These guys are also fun https://open.spotify.com/album/3M166GrcDHdQBuV2ChB2As?si=U47QUuJGQkWmVm3oADlu_A

(137.84 KB 135x90 salman-khan-hysterical.gif)
(616.39 KB 160x90 salman-khan-laugh.gif)
Anon 09/29/2022 (Thu) 17:16:03 ID:8b4be3 No. 10072 [Reply]
All SOUTHIGGERS Actors looks like a Bimaaru or Northie And all SOUTHIGGERS Actresses looks like a Foreigner.
>>10072 Very original and unique observation!

(537.95 KB 680x454 FdwgOQtUcAUbkn3.png)
Anon 09/28/2022 (Wed) 17:07:35 ID:ddff15 No. 9981 [Reply]
Tamil actors with actual tamilians.
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>>9996 You do know cousin marriages and uncle-niece marriages are very common in tamil culture right?
>>9981 >>9999 > their girls are truly hot Lol, what ? show me one hot grill in that image
>>9995 > Average chink does it better Avg pahadi mogs these chink to death
>>9995 they actually do look like insects
>>10001 True. The worse part is their body. Women have no hips/breasts or have long torso or weird long limbs.

(526.98 KB 2160x2880 IMG_20220928_151253.jpg)
Anon 09/28/2022 (Wed) 09:43:41 ID:5f33f2 No. 9948 [Reply]
Favorite East Asian movies? No anime please.
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>>9948 Sad to see no love for my man sion sono. Guilty of romance and Love exposure are timeless masterpieces and suicide club/noriko's dinner table have cult status now. https://youtu.be/dpnumSh9t5A
>>9948 Yoshujiro ozu, amazing director, he has some really good works
survey map of a paradise lost, forest of love, still life, taipei story, millenium mambo, death by hanging, the housemaid(1960), lunch box, ikiru, farewell to the ark (1984), xiao wu, the thieves, tropical malady, 2046, koala kacho
>>10031 This anon speaks the truth.
>>9948 Mother Memories of Murder