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(128.68 KB 1074x1078 FeI-DNQUoAEs52u.jfif)
Anon 10/03/2022 (Mon) 13:02:01 ID:985562 No. 10354 [Reply]
Worst casting in Indian Cinema ever? Why the fuck is a fat dravidian unkil playing an Aryan God? It's just straight up historically innacurate.
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(34.94 KB 441x562 images (18) (30).jpeg)
>>10455 He's not wrong but abobali is still not a correct depiction of Lord Ram. A lore correct Lord Ram will look like this
>>10682 pretty sure that is krishna
>>10684 R and Krishna both looked same
(2.63 MB 640x640 kek-bomb-pepe-the-frog.gif)
>>10354 Gods didn't even exist
>>10689 this. maine apni aankhon se dekha hai donon ko

(159.68 KB 797x1200 FaSD6KMaQAAdro4.jfif)
Anon 10/06/2022 (Thu) 16:21:07 ID:100a18 No. 10650 [Reply]
Any of y'all tamil (BTW I am a nigga)z seen the new mani ratnam film? How is it? And what is this controversy about no hinduism only vaishnavite and shaivite sects existing during chola period?
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>>10668 Dumbass, Tamil Industry Dropped 0 good movies for over a decade. Latest Tamil Movies are nothing but Left Wing movies with shit propoganda
>>10669 And what masterpieces did gulti industry drop exactly? If you say poobali or rrr please kys
>>10669 I watched a highly acclaimed Gult movie called 'Sita Ramam' with very good exceptions. Couldn't watch it for more than 1 hour , the making was amateurish, the so called romantic tropes were so cliched, and the female character is nothing but a barbie doll with zero personality. God knows how I reached 1 hour.
>>10651 kamal hasan is a fucking bhangi convert. will never watch this movie i don't care how good it is.

(40.49 KB 1000x540 Letterboxd_logo_(2018).png)
Mallufag 10/06/2022 (Thu) 11:22:35 ID:8462d3 No. 10626 [Reply]
Are the ratings on Letterboxd any good? Also, recommend some better forums for movie recommendations, should have almost all films, not restricted to hollywood alone.
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nope, everything ruined on internet after jio cheap internet era. fucking gawar loduchands ruined imdb, rotten tomatoes, letterbox etc. it's only good until indians touch and turn it into shit. letterbox is gone case because jiobhangis.
>>10645 Anon, even Westerners are shilling that Gult movie. They ain't any better. But I agree though, Indians ruined Imdb.
>>10644 >>10629 >>10643 >>10645 Wow do you people still look at ratings and reviews before watching a movie? Most of the ratings never make sense. Not every kino movie has high rating and not every high rated movie is a kino. Just watch whatever movie's synopsis, casting, genre etc. looks good to you and judge it yourself. A movie can be maximum 2.5 hours long. If you don't like a movie in the first 30 minutes or so you can always drop it. If you're worried about "correct" ratings you're definitely not someone who lacks free time. So stop relying on finding a "better" rating system that matches your opinion and just watch and decide it for yourself.
>>10648 No anon, I only provided a forum/web link how does that have anything to do with what you've said. Also there are criterion forums for almost every director, even though most are dead.
Ratings are dumb as shit and all your crappy art house shit hipsters care for are boring as hell

(56.54 KB 602x401 images (5).jpeg)
lol at Bangaloreans 10/06/2022 (Thu) 23:31:51 ID:b1425a No. 10696 [Reply]
>Be a kannadiga in Bangalore with girlfriend >Plan a movie for weekend >Have to pay 600 rupees per ticket >Have to pay 500 rupees for 5 mg popcorn >Have to travel for 2 hours in traffic to cover 10 kms >Have to be calm around hindians despite being in your own state >Pays income tax of around 1 lakh only to get ripped off by police in signal and potholes in road How are you guys surviving?
>>10696 No one goes to cinema anymore boomer

(18.19 KB 340x255 joe yabuki.jpeg)
Anon 08/14/2022 (Sun) 03:51:07 ID:9fcdd6 No. 5792 [Reply]
Is Ashita no Joe the best sports manga? It has the most SOVL of any mangas I've read.
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>>9247 >Newspaper comic retard This page is from the late 60s. And the art in the later chapters improves a Lot from this. How's this bad?
>>10236 That art is nice
>>10236 Terrific art
>>10628 You mean terrible
>>10236 Amazing >>10632 Get your eyes checked

(95.70 KB 607x857 n2sxmixkeer91.jpg)
(144.92 KB 1200x900 untitled-11.jpg)
Anon 10/03/2022 (Mon) 00:17:00 ID:c9091c No. 10310 [Reply]
Adipurush mogged by more than 30 year old anime by japanese and a tv serial by boomer grandpas. These two kinos are near perfect adaptations.
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>>10627 Yes
>>10640 It's a product of It's time imo, Mahabharat Serial is much more Kino
>>10649 The opening of that show sure is great. Epic channel used to show it every evening 7pm back in 2017. I used to go to that channel just for that
(31.17 KB 640x480 sddefault.jpg)
>>10670 >Mai Samay hoon kino yaara
>>10627 >ramayan good >uttar ramayan bad he didn't even wan't to make uttar ramayan but valmiki samaj started protesting for him to make it. also he was fighting several court cases simultaneously during uttar ramayan

(318.87 KB 2048x1152 FDH3BG1VQAEnbKF.jpg)
Ranking the industries thread Anon 10/06/2022 (Thu) 18:27:58 ID:c7f742 No. 10683 [Reply]
1. Hindi Film Industry (greatest legacy, greatest actors, greatest directors) 2. Bengali just for Ray alone 3. Tamil industry for Mani Ratnam 4. Malayalam 5. Kannada 6. Bhojpuri kino 7. Gulti Trash
>>10683 1. Bollywood 2. Bengali 3. Malayalam 4. Tamil
>>10685 Tried watching a Marathi movie called 'Sairat', an okayish movie, but it looked like a serial, totally destroyed the feel.
>>10683 >Bhojpuri kino Recommend some yaar. Haven't watched a single bhojpuri movie.

Anon 10/06/2022 (Thu) 18:43:58 ID:6de4ed No. 10687 [Reply]
Gult thinks his movies are better than Bollywood
>>10687 Ab abos ko kaun samjhaye yaar. Mein to thak gaya samjhate samjhate >T.khatri

(52.97 KB 495x619 images (1).jpeg)
K I N O Anon 09/30/2022 (Fri) 14:06:08 ID:37c5db No. 10116 [Reply]
Just watched it. Better than the original. Hrithik has completely mogged Sethupathi.
>>10116 Absolutely based movie. I haven't and will never see the abbo version because abbos are subhumans but i can already tell aryan version of Vikram vedha is better
>>10116 Aryan chads can't stop winning
>>10116 Hrithik roshan - Hindu khatri Saif ali khan - half bengali UC x half pathan vs Madhavan - Abbo brahmin Vijay sethupati - Abbo dalit Always aryan chads gonna win
>>10116 Decent watched it yesterday. This movie had the potential of being a cult classic. Such a wasted opportunity. Why can't urduwood mongrels hire a decent dialogue writer and screenplay guys yaar.

(70.53 KB 1280x676 FXesM70VQAAg7Sj.jpg)
Anon 09/29/2022 (Thu) 13:46:50 ID:cfcce9 No. 10050 [Reply]
The reason RRR or Bahubali became global hits while no one outside India or some niche markets in ME/SEA gives a shit about the average Bollywood movie is that RRR/Bahubali gave the world what they *want* from India while Bollywood comes off as discount store Hollywood stories. Literally no one in France or USA or UK give a fuck about some Decoupled tier Indian version of Anglicized couple problems or any other stupid domestic "issues" (caste violence, LGBTQ, patriarchy). They have their movie industries that do this, India is a cheap knockoff. What they want from India is the larger than life orientalized picture of lavish & colorful Hindu kingdoms with Kings riding into war on elephants and spearing a dozen people in one hit from their horses. The extravagant clothing and energy filled dances.
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>>10050 Based and truthpilled. My friends really enjoyed RRR because for them it was something outside their usual white bullshit they usually watch.
No one gives a fuck about RRR. Dangal was the most popular film among non-poos( changs love it).
>>10055 >>10080 >>dangal earned more than 2000 crs Its called money laundering
>>10134 > Its called money laundering give some source that dangal did money laundering. I can also claim poobali did money laundering and posted fake figures
>>10050 >>10136 Bahubali actually was viewed in coomskin cinemahalls and jewflex by cooms. Nobody even knows if chink buglets understand Hindi concepts since ching chongs have no soul